Thousands spoke his language in the Amazon. Now he is the only one.

Posted on December 29, 2017 
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“Now Garcia lives alone in a clapboard house behind the town’s water tower, spending many of his final days drinking.

Desperate to speak and hear whatever Taushiro he can, he sits alone on his porch in the morning, reciting the only literature ever written in the language – verses of the Bible translated by missionaries who sought to convert the tribe years ago.

Ine aconahive ite chi yi tua tieya ana na’que I’yo lo’, he reads aloud one morning. It is the story of Lot from the Book of Genesis. …”

The Sydney Morning Herald republishes this article from The New York Times, where the online version is much fuller, and the NYT has a must-watch video.

The story is a sobering reminder that the gospel is for every tribe and every language, and that all need to hear.