The Soft and Hard Intimidation of the Church

Posted on July 18, 2018 
Filed under Culture wars, Opinion

“It’s been an intense but revealing 24 hours. I have learned to an even greater extent just how deep the rot is in the contemporary church, and just how easy it is for us to be intimidated and bullied into silence.

Let me set the background, then explain what happened yesterday, and then offer some analysis of what precisely is going on.

Vicky Beeching brought out her book Undivided a couple of months ago and has been touring the TV studios and doing newspaper interviews ever since, telling everyone how bad and wicked the evangelical church is. I wrote an honest review of that book trying to empathise with her, whilst not agreeing with her theology. …”

– David Robertson at The Wee Flea shares something of the intimidation he has been experiencing after writing his open letter to Vicky Beeching.