The Once and Future Scriptures

Posted on May 1, 2013 
Filed under Opinion, Theology

The Once and Future Scriptures“Over the past decade or so some really very fine books on the nature and use of Scripture have been produced. My mind immediately runs to Tim Ward’s Words of Life: Scripture as the Living and Active Word of God (Nottingham: IVP, 2009), John Webster’s Holy Scripture: A Dogmatic Sketch (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004), and Graeme Goldsworthy’s Gospel-centred Hermeneutics (Nottingham: IVP, 2006).

Perhaps surprisingly, these have all been written by Anglicans (and other Anglicans could have been added to the list). Even more surprisingly, none of these have been referenced in the collection of essays recently produced by a group of Brisbane Anglicans entitled The Once and Future Scriptures: Exploring the Role of the Bible in the Contemporary Church (Salem: Polebridge, 2013). In fact, a lot of recent serious scholarship on the doctrine of Scripture and its place in the Christian life and the life of the churches is missing from the book…”

– Dr Mark Thompson’s review of a new book gives an insight into what some Australian Anglicans are being taught about the Bible.