Some Best Practices for Public Reading of Scripture

Posted on February 10, 2020 
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“I’m convinced that the public reading of Scripture is an important and too often overlooked aspect of our worship services. We spend considerable time preparing sermons, prayers, and music for our gatherings, but often Scripture reading is reduced to something mechanical. Like most things we do, with some attention, we could improve a bit in how we read the Bible in our churches.

What follows is something I wrote up for our church …”

– At The Gospel Coalition, Erik Raymond shares some helpful thoughts.


The Art of Reading Aloud – Clifford Warne.

“Master communicator and story-teller, Clifford Warne teaches how to read the Bible aloud, sound natural and make the meaning of the text clear.” – from

Image: Clifford Warne and Toto on Anglican Television’s Sing Me a Rainbow, with thanks to Reason for Hope on Vimeo.)