Reflections on Sydney Anglicanism: An interview with David Robertson

Posted on July 20, 2018 
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It’s often very helpful to hear the observations of a visitor.

“The ACR was privileged to hear from David Robertson, author of The Dawkins Letters and blogger at, on his recent visit to Sydney.”

Here’s one excerpt:

“This one kind of shocked me a bit. I came here expecting to learn a great deal about evangelism. I have learnt about church structures, praise, organisation and leadership training—all of which is essential. But in my limited experience I’m not convinced that evangelism is a strong point amongst Sydney Anglicans (or indeed some other Christians). There is a little bit of a sense of living on past glories and seeking to maintain legacies.

I have very much enjoyed reading about Australian Christianity, not least in Meredith Lake’s wonderful book on the Bible in Australia and the memories of ‘Chappo’, whose shadow seems to fall everywhere. It seems to me that he was an extraordinary and wonderful man who had a phenomenal evangelistic impact (along with others). But where are the ‘Chappos’ today?”

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