Diocese of Recife membership doubles

Posted on January 10, 2010 
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Bishop Robinson CavalcantiEncouraging news from the Diocese of Recife

“Recent statistics show that the Diocese of Recife, under the Primatial Authority of the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America, continues to grow. The number of confirmed members and regular communicants has more than doubled since its traumatic axing from the liberal Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil (IEAB) five years ago. 

In 2005 the diocese had 1,488 communicants, today there are 3,240. The number of baptized members is 2,010 and the total membership of the community stands at 5,250 members.

Over the past 5 years Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti has confirmed 2,025 people (407 in 2009), 90% of whom were newcomers to the Anglican church.

In 2005, 32 clergy were excommunicated by the Brazilian Province, today, thanks to the hard work of 6 diocesan training institutions the number of clergy in the diocese stands at 60, in whose care are 46 congregations and social projects in 9 Brazilian States. Despite the fact that the Diocese of Recife is currently facing l awsuits brought to bear by the Brazilian Province (which is demanding property), its story has been one of growth in the face of material uncertainty.

Recently an Archdeanery was created in the South and South Eastern reaches of the country where various congregations have already been established. In view of this exciting growth and expansion, the diocesan General Convention is looking to 2010 as a “Year of Vocations”.

The Right Reverend Robinson Cavalcanti
Diocese of Recife, Anglican Communion

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