Pastoral Anglican euthanising

Posted on April 6, 2018 
Filed under Anglican Church of Canada, Culture wars

“I remember a time when for a church to be ‘prophetic’ it had to stand against the tide of the culture, against the immorality of the state, against the prevailing delusions that beguile our impressionable egos.

Not so today. Because same-sex marriage is legal, the church has embraced it and has assigned committees loaded with waffling liberal clergy to contort Scripture to their collective will. It is much the same for abortion. And now euthanasia.…”

– from Anglican Samizdat.

Heatbreaking background from The Globe and Mail includes:

“The Brickendens are at the vanguard of patients and families who are creating new rituals around dying in Canada – the kind of rituals that are only possible when death comes at a previously appointed hour. …

Dean [of St. James’ Anglican Cathedral, Toronto, Andrew] Asbil prayed, while Mozart, Bach and Scottish folk songs wafted through the room.”


A message from Archbishop Colin Johnson [of Toronto] on medically assisted death.