Our King, Abortion and Us

Posted on August 20, 2019 
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“Maybe you have had an abortion. If you haven’t, it’s very likely you know a woman who has and quietly carries the experience around with her every day. She has quite possibly told no one about it. We can easily be oblivious to the sadness that lies behind the faces of those around us, including our Christian sisters. Then of course you’ll also know men, families, friends and health workers who have experienced abortion up close and quietly carry the burden of it too. Abortion is more common than we often realise.

So, it’s important to talk about abortion thoughtfully as Christian women. There are many ways in which God’s Spirit can take up this issue and use it to probe, convict and comfort every one of us through His Word.

In these three short articles, we will let God’s Word talk us through abortion and show us something of ourselves, our King and His Kingdom love at work.  …”

– Earlier this year Equal But Different published three articles by Robyn Bain.

Article 1, Choosing Abortion.

Article 2, Abortion and the Gospel: Love, Guilt & Life Derailed.

Article 3, Kingdom Love at Work.