Marriage Remembrances

Posted on July 11, 2019 
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“As I approach another marriage milestone, it’s worth remembering the journey of family life and the priorities that come with being a family man. I don’t write the ‘Family Matters’ column, but over the weeks ahead I want to offer some insights into family that I hope will prove helpful.

My wife and I, thankfully enjoyed good role models as both my wife’s parents and mine had faithful marriages full of love. We often reflect with thankfulness that we did not experience abuse or violence and we grieve for others for whom abuse and violence was their only experience of home life. In many ways we are products of our up-bringing and we have committed ourselves to walk in the good example of those who raised us. To those less fortunate than us the importance of finding good role models cannot be overemphasised as well as reading good literature on family.

It is why church, among other organisations, can make such a good contribution to family life…”

– Rick Lewers, Bishop of Armidale, begins a series on family for his local newspaper.

The second instalment, on Fathering, has been also been published.