Christmas in a time of change

Posted on December 24, 2017 
Filed under Encouragement

Christmas and its message have never been more relevant than at this moment in time. 

There have been such rapid changes over the past decade—technological, cultural, social, and political changes—that the current level of nervousness and uncertainty is only to be expected.

There is a growing tone of fear and anxiety in much commentary both here and around the world. …

Change and uncertainty exist at so many points as 2017 draws to a close that it is easy to understand why some are overwhelmed.

Yet it was precisely into a world of change and uncertainty, of military muscle and politically motivated injustice, where long-held verities were under challenge and immorality was endorsed at the highest level, and where economic disadvantage seemed to be permanently entrenched by those with power, that ‘the Word became flesh and dwelt among us’. …”

– Be mightily encouraged by this brief article from Moore College Principal, Dr Mark Thompson. Well worth sharing widely.