Larry Crabb, 1944 – 2021

Christian Counsellor Dr Larry Crabb has been called home.

He was perhaps best known for reminding Christians that their significance and security lie in Christ.

He visited Sydney in the mid 1980s, and his books and videocassettes had a widespread influence at the time.

Photo: Kgamble6, Wikipedia.

Discovering the Holiness of God

This 14 minute documentary from Crossway shares something of R.C. Sproul’s conviction of the centrality of the holiness of God.

God blesses with rain and new bishop

“After years of drought in North West News South Wales, pouring rain seemed an appropriate gift from God and an appropriate welcome for the new Bishop of Armidale, consecrated at the weekend.

No-one complained about the downpour, in fact Archbishop Glenn Davies described it as a ‘wonderful start’. …”

– Russell Powell at Anglican Media Sydney has this report on Bishop Rod Chiswell’s consecration in Armidale on Saturday.

Peter Grice consecrated as Bishop for Rockhampton

Peter Grice, until recently the Dean of Geraldton Cathedral in the Diocese of North West Australia, was consecrated in St John’s Cathedral Brisbane this evening.

He will be installed as the 13th Bishop of Rockhampton at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Rockhampton on Saturday 27th February 2021 at 11:00am (AEST, Noon AEDT). That service will be streamed live.

(The consecration service was streamed live, and a recording may be viewed here.)

Please uphold Peter and Virginia in prayer in this new phase of their service of the Lord Jesus.

Top image: Bishop Grice (back to camera) is greeting by Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies as Brisbane Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, seated, looks on.

Second group of Deacons ordained in Sydney

“The second group of new Deacons was ordained at St Andrew’s Cathedral, in a smaller service because of COVID restrictions, but with the same scriptural charge to follow their Lord’s example.

The Making of Deacons service is held annually in February following the completion of the ordinands’ theological studies the year prior. Due to COVID and subsequent reduced capacity in the cathedral, an additional service was held last November for half of the ordinands, who had already been working in parish ministry.  This decision allowed the Cathedral to enable more family and friends to attend in support of the ordinands and encourage them as they commence their ministry. …”

– Full story at

Love, grief and identity

“You learn a lot about what a person meant to you when they’re taken away. Separation magnifies all the intricate and beautiful nuances of what you had, and absence pries open memories that may have lain dormant for years. Songs, sights, smells. The faintest hint evokes a cascade of reminiscence. …”

– At The Australian Church Record, Scott Millar has been sharing some very personal reflections on grief and the Christian. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Blayney’s new Anglican minister

“Reverend Wally Cox is the iteration of Bishop Calder’s plans to bring new life and energy into the Bathurst diocese parishes, and Reverend Cox is under no delusions as to the difficulty of the task in front of him as he begins his life as Blayney’s new Anglican minister…”

– Report and photo Mark Logan, The Blayney Chronicle.

Moore College Library Day 2021 – H.W.K. and Dorothy Mowll

From Moore College:

“H.W.K. Mowll (Archbishop of Sydney) and his wife Dorothy are two of the most significant figures in 20th century Australian church history, and had a lasting and godly influence on Moore College, the Diocese of Sydney and beyond.

Our Library Day for 2021 features Moore College faculty and guest speakers who will explore important aspects of the Mowlls’ life and ministry, onsite and via livestream.”

Details from the College.

John Anderson speaks with John Lennox

John Anderson speaks with Professor John Lennox in Oxford.

They discuss Christ’s birth and life as one of historical truth, the Christian foundations of the modern scientific method, and the current religious climate.

Fascinating and helpful.

Armidale’s The Link introduces their new Bishop

The latest edition of The Link from the Diocese of Armidale leads with an article about Bishop-elect Rod Chiswell and his wife Jenni.

Most encouraging.

Read online or download your copy here.

Rod Chiswell elected Bishop of Armidale

The Rev. Rod Chiswell has been elected as the next Bishop of Armidale at today’s election Synod.

Rod is the Minister of St. Peter’s South Tamworth.

Archbishop of Sydney, Dr. Glenn Davies, says in a statement:

“I welcome the news that the Rev Rod Chiswell has been elected as the next Bishop of Armidale. Rod is a faithful pastor, a fine preacher and one who will hold fast to the faith once for all delivered to the saints. He is an answer to many prayers.”

(Image from the St. Peter’s South Tamworth online service for 6th December 2020.)

Update from the Diocese of Armidale.

All good things come to an end

“ ‘All good things come to an end’ is an expression of an earthly truth.  At the end of this week I leave my position as the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Armidale. Sadly I must also lay down my pen as the writer of articles for the Extra and Express. My guess is that this news will be greeted with a range of responses.

Over nearly a decade I have written many articles, some controversial, some fun, some just expressing disappointment or a communal grief. Whether you have appreciated the articles or not, it is interesting to consider the past decade of Australian history as captured in some of the ‘Faith Matters’ articles. …”

– Bishop Rick Lewers, shortly to leave Armidale to become Rector of Shoalhaven Heads, writes his last article for the local papers.

Please continue to pray for Rick and Janene, and also for the saints in the Diocese of Armidale as they begin to seek a new bishop.

Charlie Skrine to be Rector of All Souls Langham Place

News from Anglican Mainstream:

“It was announced on the St Helen’s Church Bishopsgate Sunday morning service today that Rev Charlie Skrine, the Associate Rector at St Helen’s is to be the new rector of All Souls’ Langham Place in succession to the Rev Hugh Palmer.

Mr Skrine is 45, studied at Queen’s College, Oxford and Oak Hill College, and is a member of General Synod.”

(Image from The Beautiful Story, CEEC.)

And from All Souls Langham Place on Twitter:

“We are pleased to announce that Her Majesty the Queen has approved the interview panel’s unanimous recommendation to appoint Charlie Skrine as the next Rector of All Souls. We are very much looking forward to Charlie and his family joining us in 2021.”


This announcement from William Taylor at St. Helen’s Bishopsgate also reveals that Mickey Mantle (pictured) has been appointed as Rector of St. Thomas’ North Sydney from the end of July 2021.

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