With much thanks for Bishop Donald Robinson

“One of the towering figures of Anglicanism in the 20th century and former Archbishop of Sydney Bishop Donald Robinson, has died at the age of 95. …

The first to pay tribute was the current Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, who described the contribution of Bishop Robinson as ‘immeasurable’.

“We have lost a giant in the world of New Testament scholarship” Dr Davies said in a statement.

“Bishop Robinson, who lectured at Moore Theological College for more than 30 years, influenced a generation of future ministers and scholars. His innovative approach to Biblical Theology is one of his many lasting legacies.

While a scholar of great intellect, he was also a man of great humility and grace.” the Archbishop said.”

SydneyAnglicans.net has the first tribute.

Bishop Robinson’s funeral service will be held at 11:00 am next Tuesday, September 11, at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.

(Top photo courtesy Dr Chase Kuhn, via Dr Mark Thompson. Bottom photo from the 1982 Sydney Diocesan Year Book.)

When a Muslim village makes a bid for your daughter …

“When Paul writes to Timothy, ‘Continue in what you have learned … because you know those from whom you learned it’, he’s referring to his grandmother and mother. In Timothy’s childhood, it was the faith that first lived in Lois and Eunice that deeply impressed him. Paul reminds him how from infancy he had known the holy Scriptures.

Today, I’ve witnessed how this works firsthand, but in a setting for which I never thought I’d have the privilege. I walked in my friend Moses’ shoes for a day, sat with his ‘Eunice’, heard stories of his ‘Lois’ and discovered how oral tradition passes on the teachings of holy Scripture.

I’ll never be able to read these verses from Timothy in the same way again. …”

– Take the time to read the latest post from Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, John P. Wilson.

Ambulance staff see a lot of ‘death and dying’ and one man provides different help

“With only a Christian cross on the epaulet of his blue uniform to distinguish him from other paramedics, senior chaplain Paul McFarlane had barely finished parking when he was asked for help. …

‘We can walk right in because we are part of the team,’ said Reverend McFarlane. …”

– A Sydney Morning Herald story today on the value of Ambulance Chaplaincy.

(Photo: NSW Ambulance Service.)

Ramon Williams: a look through the lens – documentary in the works

As mentioned earlier this week, a documentary on Ramon Williams and his media ministry is in the works.

There is also an opportunity for people and organisations who have benefitted from Ramon’s work to help honour him.

Christian Media and Arts Australia have a story – and there is further information from documentary producer Richard Attieh at TV Group.

Ramon Williams on Christian media ministry

Ramon Williams, who retired in February 2018 after fifty years of using his media skills to serve Christ’s church, has been interviewed by Keith Garner on Wesley Mission’s Wesley Impact.

Ramon speaks about how he begin his media work in the 1960s, his coverage of Cyclone Tracy in 1974, and what you need, most of all, to serve in this way.

Watch the interview here. Part 2 begins at 23:30 into the program.

(We gather there are plans to tell Ramon’s story more fully, and will share details when available.)

Jonathan Edwards: Safe beneath his Sovereign God

“In the spring of 1750, the central discussion at Northampton Church in southern Massachusetts was not how to honor their faithful pastor for almost a quarter century of diligent labors among them. Rather, it was how to most expeditiously get rid of him.

In late June, the church held a series of meetings, and they summarily fired their pastor by a vote of 10 to 1 – of the 253 voting members, 230 voted for him to be dismissed, and 23 for him to stay.

Why were the people pointing fingers instead of offering warm handshakes to their pastor, Jonathan Edwards?…”

– At Desiring God, Dane Ortlund brings godly encouragement from the life of Jonathan Edwards.

Related: Johnathan Edwards’ The Religious Affections is the free Audiobook from Christian Audio for August 2018.

Interview with Archbishop Foley Beach

At the end of GAFCON 2018 in Jerusalem, David Ould sat down with Archbishop Foley Beach, Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in North America, and newly-elected Chairman of the GAFCON Primates’ Council.

A great way to learn about Archbishop Beach and his story.

Recorded by Anglican TV. Watch here.

Further surgery for Bishop Ivan Lee

“The Bishop of Western Sydney, Ivan Lee, is to undergo further surgery after a recurrence of cancer.

The news was disclosed in an emailed letter to rectors from Bishop Lee on Wednesday, 18th June. …”

SydneyAnglicans.net has this unwelcome news on Bishop Ivan Lee (one of the ACL’s Vice-Presidents).

Please be do continue to uphold Ivan and Virginia in your prayers.

The Church in Ireland: An interview with Trevor Johnston

The Australian Church Record speaks with Trevor Johnston, Senior Minister at All Saints’ Church, Belfast, in Northern Ireland, about his links with Australia, and with GAFCON –

“My own connection stretches back to 1995 and a Proclamation Trust conference for theological students. Several of us from Ireland travelled to hear Dick Lucas, David Wells, Jim Packer and Peter Jensen.

For me, this was a moment of personal reformation.

The year before, the (charismatic) Toronto Blessing had significantly impacted the youth and church movements in Northern Ireland, causing much confusion. Yet many of us – mostly because of little theological training or thought – were acting on instinct when identifying it as seriously wrong. Peter Jensen spoke on the true ministry of the Holy Spirit. This was revolutionary for us. …”

Read it all here.

Interview with Archbishop Ben Kwashi

“AB Kwashi seemed calm and joyful when he greeted us today. One would never know that just the night before last, his own compound was attacked, all his cows stolen by Fulani raiders, and his neighbor murdered while trying to protect his friend (the Archbishop). The terrorists seemed to be sending the Archbishop a warning. …”

This interview with Archbishop Ben Kwashi was conducted earlier this week, just after the attack on his compound. (Link via Anglican Mainstream. Photo: Patheos.)

Prayers urged for Archbishop Ben Kwashi and Nigeria

“The premises of the Archbishop of Jos was breached overnight by suspected Fulani Herdsmen days after he was appointed General Secretary of GAFCON for the Anglican Church worldwide.

Archbishop Ben Kwashi who was named GS just this week after a meeting in Israel attended by hundreds of Anglican leaders from around the world is believed to have recently returned to Nigeria only for this attack to occur.

The esteemed clergyman posted on his Facebook page decrying  attacks and insecurity inspite of a curfew announced following last weekend’s massacre of at least 238 people …

Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi also lamented the death of a driver during last night’s attack…”

Troubling news from Plateau State in Nigeria.

(Photo: Archbishop Kwashi with Archbishop Foley Beach during GAFCON 2018.)

Related: Christians Slaughtered. Yawn.

John Piper interviewed at Dundonald Church

John Piper spoke at Dundonald Church in London last Sunday (03 June 2018).

Before the sermon, he chatted with Richard Coekin in this encouraging 13 minute video.

You can also listen to his sermon that day, “Enjoying God”.

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