28 new Deacons ordained in Sydney

“There were too many smiles to count as the ordinands of 2019 filed into a packed St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney to be made deacons by the Archbishop of Sydney. …”

– Russell Powell has the story at SydneyAnglicans.net.

Ordinands 2019

Over at SydneyAnglicans.net, there’s a list of those to be ordained at deacons tomorrow, Saturday 16th February, at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney.

It’d be good to pray for them and their families!

Never mind the naysayers: Franklin Graham’s visit is good news for Australia

“US evangelist, the Rev. Franklin Graham, has begun his Australian tour. From 9-24 February, he is holding a series of evangelistic rallies in Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. Rev. Graham is the son of the late evangelist, the Rev. Billy Graham (1918-2018), and his Australian tour is timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of his father’s epochal 1959 crusades in Australia.

Throughout his public ministry the forthright evangelist has courted controversy for his frank pronouncements on contentious issues. His occasional wading into the political fray has raised the ire of many, both inside and outside the church, yet his visit to Australia this month is good news. …”

– David Furse-Roberts writes at ABC Religion & Ethics.

With thanksgiving for Michael Green (1930-2019)

“‘Share the good news of Jesus at every turn’, thrummed in the heart of every student touched by Michael Green, who died yesterday at the age of 88. Michael was a theologian, Anglican priest, Christian apologist and author of over 50 books.

Although initially a reluctant writer, the volume of Michael’s written works was evidence of indefatigable evangelistic energy that was present right until the day before he went to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for multiple surgeries. Typically for Michael, when not being operated on, he spent the time witnessing to the hospital staff and dispensing a selection of his books, which were never far from hand when a soul needed shepherding to the Lord. …”

– This tribute to Dr. Michael Green was published by Premier Christianity in the UK.

Photo via J. John.

See also this 2010 interview with Premier Radio.

Anglicans honoured on Australia Day 2019

Christian businessman and philanthropist Tim Sims and Anglicare Board member Ian Steward are among those on the Australia Day Honours List for 2019.

Story at SydneyAnglicans.net.

Interview with Gary Millar

This year’s NSW & ACT CMS Summer School at Katoomba has just concluded.

Attendees were blessed by expositions on Jeremiah by Gary Millar, Principal of Queensland Theological College.

During the week, David Ould sat down with Gary and you can hear the 30 minute conversation at this link.

(The first two talks are available here as free downloads, and the rest of the Summer School material will be available for purchase in due course.)

Update on Bishop Lee — 20 December 2018

“The Bishop of Western Sydney, Bishop Ivan Lee has now been diagnosed with cancer in his liver.

Bishop Lee wrote an update on his health, thanking people for prayer support. …”

– SydneyAnglicans.net has published the latest update from Bishop Ivan Lee, Bishop of Western Sydney, and also a Vice-President of the Anglican Church League. Please do continue to uphold in prayer Ivan and Virginia and their family.

Paul Harrington: My Conversion

Paul Harrington shares his story. At The Gospel Coalition.

“By the time I got to university I was an agnostic or an atheist. I had no interest in whether God existed or not and was convinced that spirituality was a waste of time. Fun, sport and a law degree on the side occupied my life for the first three years on campus.

In my third year at uni, the girl I was going out with became a Christian. …”

The evangelical church in Scotland: An interview with Matt Baines

“Matt Baines is originally from Sydney where he has been working as an assistant minister at Minchinbury Anglican Church until August this year, when he and his family moved to Edinburgh.

Here, Matt shares with us some of his early reflections on the evangelical church in Scotland. …”

– Read his initial reflections at The Australian Church Record.

Asia Bibi released from prison — report

“Asia Bibi has been set free from her long-term home under captivity at Multan Jail and we confirmed this with media after news from her family. …

Wilson Chowdhry has spoke with the family of Asia Bibi, at 6am UK time on 8th November and they expressed that is of the utmost importance that there be no further speculation on her whereabouts reported by either concerned groups or international media.”

– Report from the British Pakistani Christian Association.

See also:

Aasia Bibi freed from Multan jail, flown to IslamabadDAWN News, Pakistan.

“After her release from Multan’s women prison… Aasia Bibi was brought to Islamabad onboard a special aircraft on Wednesday night, Dawn learnt through reliable sources.”

No truth in reports of Aasia Bibi leaving Pakistan: Foreign Office  – DAWN News, Pakistan.

Teaching and Learning in the Bible: An Interview with Claire Smith

“Claire Smith is a graduate of Moore Theological College and a well-known speaker and writer.

In 2012 she recently published a detailed and internationally recognised academic monograph on teaching and learning in New Testament churches—the result of her doctoral studies [Pauline Communities as ‘Scholastic Communities’: A Study of the Vocabulary of ‘Teaching’ in 1 Corinthians, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus (Mohr Siebeck, 2012)].

We thought we’d chat to her to see what we can discover about teaching and learning in Christian life and ministry today. …”

– You can read the full interview with Claire at The Australian Church Record.

Pakistan works to stop Asia Bibi leaving after blasphemy protests

“Pakistan’s government has been accused of signing the ‘death warrant’ of Asia Bibi after it said it would begin the process of preventing her leaving the country.

Bibi, a Christian farm labourer, was acquitted of blasphemy on Wednesday. She had spent eight years on death row after she drank from the same cup as a Muslim, prompting false allegations that she insulted the prophet Muhammad.

The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) administration signed an agreement with the anti-blasphemy group Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) on Friday night, giving in to many of its demands in the face of massive, countrywide protests calling for Bibi to be put to death. …”

– News from The Guardian.

See also: Government, TLP reach agreement, state to ‘take measures’ to place Asia on ECL: reports – DAWN News, Pakistan.

“The government and Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) have reached an agreement to conclude the latter’s nationwide protests, *DawnNewsTV* has reported, with the government promising to immediately initiate the legal process to place Asia Bibi’s name on the exit control list (ECL).”

A cause for much continued prayer.

Update: from BBC News

“Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry … clarified that the decision on whether or not to bar Asia Bibi from leaving the country would be made by a court, and added the government would ‘take all steps necessary’ to ensure Asia Bibi’s safety.”

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