The Legacy of David Broughton Knox

“David Broughton Knox was one of the most influential Anglican leaders in the second half of the twentieth century.

His long service as principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, had an impact much further afield than that city. Along with this, the unique place Sydney Diocese has in the Anglican Communion has been significantly shaped by Knox’s ministry and theological priorities. …”

– The Latimer Trust has published the papers presented at the Moore College Library Day in 2016.

The Legacy of David Broughton Knox is edited by Ed Loane and is available from The Latimer Trust in the UK, and from several other booksellers (prices in Australian dollars).

Sydney Diocese church use policy passes

“A policy for the use of church property has been passed by the Synod after amendments to clarify the scope and implementation of the policy.

The use of church property has always been governed by various regulations and the latest policy consolidates these into a single document. …

The policy guides churches and Anglican organisations on renting out and leasing properties.”

– Story from Russell Powell at
(Photo of Bishop Michael Stead by Russell Powell.)

National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse — Public Statement

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney
Public Statement

National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

The Anglican Church in the Diocese of Sydney welcomes the decision of the Federal Government to issue a National Apology to the survivors of child sexual abuse. While this apology comes in the wake of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, it is an important step for the healing of survivors, though nothing will ever rid them of the memories of past abuses.

As Archbishop, I recognise and respect the wishes of the survivors to have no leaders of institutions present in Parliament House when the Prime Minister, the Hon. Scott Morrison, delivers the National Apology, nor in the livestreaming of this important event in the Opera House, hosted by the Premier of NSW, the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian.

In respecting survivors’ wishes, I take the opportunity again to offer an apology on behalf of the Anglican Church in Sydney, where such abuses have happened in the past. That our Church was complicit in any way in these events, by ignoring them, disbelieving the testimony of survivors, or allowing sex offenders to continue their horrendous conduct in what should have been the safe environs of a church, is itself a matter of deep shame. While I and my immediate two predecessors have issued apologies in the past, let me reiterate my apology to the survivors of child sexual abuse, for our failure to protect them as children. While we have adopted rigorous processes to ensure the safety of children in the present, I recognise that this will not overcome the trauma that accompanies the sins of the past.

My fervent prayer is that today’s National Apology will in some measure provide healing for these wounds, raise the national consciousness of the seriousness of child sexual abuse, and enable us as a nation, and individually as citizens, to play our part in protecting and giving voice to the most vulnerable among us, for the benefit of future generations of Australians.

Archbishop Glenn Davies
22 October 2018.

– Source: media release.

‘Growing Sydney’ — Synod video 2018

This video from the Diocese of Sydney Mission Property Committee was shown to the Synod on Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks to, you can watch it above – or download it to show your congregation / home groups.

More info at the New Churches for New Communities website.

‘Avoid cheap grace’ says Domestic Abuse task force

“The Archdeacon for Women spoke with sadness and anger in her voice, as she told Synod of the damage wrought by domestic abusers.

Archdeacon Hartley, along with Canon Sandy Grant who chairs the Domestic Abuse Task Force, came to Synod to present the final version of the Sydney Anglican Policy on Responding to Domestic Abuse.

Although the provisional policy has been in force and circulating among churches since the 2017 Synod, the Task Force had left open the policy and guidelines as it gathered further information on the best ways to combat the scourge of Domestic abuse and family violence. …”

– Sydney Synod news from Russell Powell at

Hear the ACL Synod Dinner Address

Canon Phil Colgan gave the address at the ACL’s 2018 Synod Dinner on Monday.

If you missed it (or if you were there and want to hear it again – or if you would like to share the address with others), you can listen below:

A 10 MB mp3 file.

A capacity crowd heard the address.

Archbishop Glenn Davies speaks about the Ruddock Review

Here is an excerpt from the Diocese of Sydney 2018 Presidential Address, by Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies. Courtesy

‘Gay teacher law changes will have to wait: PM’

“The federal parliament will this week remove the power of faith-based schools to discriminate against children on the basis of their sexuality. …”

From SBS. However, note the clip from the Archbishop of Sydney’s Presidential Address in the video file. (Also on page 17 of the printed Printed Presidential Address.)

Related: Hey Fairfax and ABC: Why tell the Truth when an Untruth will do? – commentary from Stephen McAlpine in Perth.

Archbishop Glenn Davies’ Presidential Address, 2018 Synod

Watch Archbishop Glenn Davies deliver his address at the beginning of the 2018 Sydney Synod – Monday 15th October 2018. (Video courtesy

Read the full text. (PDF file – may download to your device.)

See also:

“Archbishop Glenn Davies has rejected what he called the mischievous misrepresentation of the Ruddock Report and given a clear statement that Sydney Anglican Schools do not expel students for being gay. He also promised support for Prime Minister Morrison’s reported legislation, if it were deemed necessary.

Reports of recommendations of the Ruddock Report, leaked last week, were used to accuse church schools of wanting to expel gay students. …”

–  Archbishop rejects ‘mischief making’ over Ruddock Report – (emphasis added.)

Sydney helps Bathurst

“The Synod of the Diocese of Sydney has voted in favour of a six-year plan to help fund the infrastructure of the Diocese of Bathurst, to ensure the continuation of Christian witness in Central Western New South Wales.

The Diocese has been beset with financial problems for the past decade and with shrinking congregations, is approaching the point where it cannot support the office of the Bishop and the Registry, vital to the oversight of ministry in the region. …”

Encouraging news of partnership from Sydney Synod. (

The authority & responsibilities of a senior leader — with Peter Jensen

In this week’s The Pastor’s Heart, Dominic Steele spoke with former Archbishop of Sydney Dr. Peter Jensen.

“In this revealing and frank discussion with Dominic Steele he discusses the particular responsibilities of senior leaders and the pressures that senior leaders are under.

Also … Dr Jensen outlines the ripples in world Anglicanism from the important GAFCON 2018 event and its Letter to the Churches and ponders what happens next.”

Tune in to the ACL’s Synod Briefing Podcast

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It’s produced as a service to Sydney Synod members, but is also relevant for anyone who wants to see the Lord Jesus honoured and churches strengthened through decisions of the Sydney Synod.

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