Anglicare opens new community pantries in St George and Sutherland Shire

“Anglicare has opened three new Mobile Community Pantries in St George and Sutherland Shire.

Stocked with household pantry items, Anglicare Sydney’s Mobile Community Pantry… will be arriving at Rockdale, San Souci and Southerland Anglican churches.”

– story from The St. George and Sutherland Shire Leader.

‘Men Praying for Moore’ Breakfast – Saturday 22 September 2018

Here’s an opportunity for men to come together, and to share in breakfast and in prayer. As well, Dr Peter O’Brien, will lead a devotional.

Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God..”

Details from Moore College.

Have we lost evangelism? with Phil Colgan and Craig Schafer

“A good friend tells you when you have something stuck between your teeth just before the photograph is taken.

Scotland’s David Andrew Robertson was a guest on The Pastor’s Heart a few months ago and is a good friend.

In an interview with Australian Church Record, having spent three months in Sydney, he’s had some significant things to say about the Sydney Anglican Church and asks have we gone off the boil on seeking the lost saved? …”

– Take the time to watch Phil Colgan and Craig Schafer discuss the state of evangelism with Dominic Steele at The Pastor’s Heart.

And a response from David Robertson:

“This is a fascinating discussion about evangelism in Sydney – in response to this interview I gave to the Sydney Anglican magazine. This is from an excellent podcast called The Pastors Heart. hosted by Dominic Steele. I found it very encouraging to hear pastors and church leaders take seriously this issue.

I contrast these Sydney Anglican brothers with what I hear from Anglicans here (Rico Tice resigning from the Archbishops commission on evangelism, Kelvin Holdsworth complaining about the roads being closed for a cycle race in Glasgow, the Leeds diocese facing bankruptcy, or the endless attempts to impose LGBT ideology upon the church), and I am heartened by what I hear. (at a personal level it was good to have people take one seriously and not just shrug their shoulders or shake their heads!).

Those of us who are not Sydney Anglicans (or even Australians!) could learn a great deal from this conversation – I loved the line ‘You can’t convert the public square, you can only see people converted’. …”

Alight for the Lord

“With an eye to spreading the blessings God has given, CityAlight – the music ministry of St Paul’s, Castle Hill – has created a series of videos about their most popular songs.

The idea behind this is twofold, explains CityAlight’s music director Tiarne Kleyn. …”

– Encouragement from

Archbishop of Sydney calls for Prayer for the Drought

The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr. Glenn Davies, has today written to all clergy in the Diocese, asking for prayer in this time of drought.

In part, his letter reads:

Dear brothers & sisters

Greetings in the name of Christ.

I am sure that you all are acutely aware of the drought that has stricken NSW, and indeed much of Australia. While we do have some rural parishes, much of Sydney Diocese is urban and suburban, and while fruit and vegetables might increase in price, we still have food to eat and water to drink. Yet so much of those living in rural NSW do not take such basics as food and water for granted. Farmers need water for their crops and graziers need water for their livestock, just to keep them alive.

We welcome the NSW Government’s announcement this week of an additional $500 million in drought relief, but governments cannot do it all alone. We as Christians with the bounty of our resources should show the generosity of Spirit – generosity prompted by the Holy Spirit – to give to those in need. This week the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid has established an appeal for funds to assist those whose livelihood has been seriously jeopardised by the drought in northern and western NSW. These funds will be distributed through Anglican churches across our State, and I would be grateful if rectors could bring this to the attention of their people this coming weekend.

However, we should also pray for rain. Our heavenly Father delights in his children bringing their requests before his throne, so I would also appreciate it if you could offer special prayers for rain this coming Sunday.

You could use such prayers as you will find on page 92 of An Australian Prayer Book or page 205 of A Prayer Book for Australia.

Or you might care to use the following prayer.

Our heavenly Father, we acknowledge our ingratitude when we have taken your goodness for granted, when the heaven has poured forth rain and the earth has produced its fruit.

Yet now we cry to you for help, as the drought in New South Wales deepens.

Have mercy on our land; have mercy on the people of the land. May your bountiful hand send forth rain upon our parched earth.

Fulfil your promises that while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest shall not cease, so that those in remote and rural areas may find relief from their distress and glorify your name for the provision of their needs.

We ask this in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Save the Date for Moore College Sunday

“Moore College Sunday will be held on August 5th this year.

This is a very important day in the life of our College, when we partner with churches all over Sydney and beyond, inviting them to pray for the College, its gospel work, graduates, students, faculty and staff…”

– More from Moore. And further.

Reflections on Sydney Anglicanism: An interview with David Robertson

It’s often very helpful to hear the observations of a visitor.

“The ACR was privileged to hear from David Robertson, author of The Dawkins Letters and blogger at, on his recent visit to Sydney.”

Here’s one excerpt:

“This one kind of shocked me a bit. I came here expecting to learn a great deal about evangelism. I have learnt about church structures, praise, organisation and leadership training—all of which is essential. But in my limited experience I’m not convinced that evangelism is a strong point amongst Sydney Anglicans (or indeed some other Christians). There is a little bit of a sense of living on past glories and seeking to maintain legacies.

I have very much enjoyed reading about Australian Christianity, not least in Meredith Lake’s wonderful book on the Bible in Australia and the memories of ‘Chappo’, whose shadow seems to fall everywhere. It seems to me that he was an extraordinary and wonderful man who had a phenomenal evangelistic impact (along with others). But where are the ‘Chappos’ today?”

– Read it all at The Australian Church Record.

Societas 2018 now out — available in print and online

The Moore College annual student magazine is out now! The theme of Societas this year is ‘Resilience in Christian ministry – discovering your hidden reserves’. You will find articles on resilience and endurance in ministry, student stories and profiles as well as Christian reading recommendations from the College faculty. …”

– Details from Moore College.

Further surgery for Bishop Ivan Lee

“The Bishop of Western Sydney, Ivan Lee, is to undergo further surgery after a recurrence of cancer.

The news was disclosed in an emailed letter to rectors from Bishop Lee on Wednesday, 18th June. …” has this unwelcome news on Bishop Ivan Lee (one of the ACL’s Vice-Presidents).

Please be do continue to uphold Ivan and Virginia in your prayers.

Anglicans joining Federal redress

“The Diocese of Sydney has agreed to participate in the Commonwealth Government’s Redress Scheme for survivors of child sexual abuse.

In March, the Diocese welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of the scheme and reiterated its commitment to ‘meeting its responsibilities towards those who have suffered because of the appalling acts which have been perpetrated on vulnerable children in our care’.

A Diocesan redress policy has provided care and assistance payments for survivors of child sexual abuse since 2004 but the Standing Committee of the Diocese has now officially confirmed its participation in the Commonwealth Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.

The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, welcomed the decision and commended the Federal Government for establishing the scheme, the legislation for which is currently before the Senate.

‘The suffering of those who have been abused can never be overestimated. We must face any failures of the past with integrity, honour, repentance and compassion.’ Dr Davies said.

As further details of arrangements become known, the Diocese will work in conjunction with the Federal Government, through the new company being established by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia.”

– Source: (Image: Crest of the Anglican Church of Australia.)

NZ move prompts ‘deep regret’ in Sydney

“A move by the Anglican Church in New Zealand to allow for the blessing of same-sex unions has led to a strong statement from the Diocese of Sydney. …

At its first meeting since the decision, the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Sydney passed a motion which ‘notes with deep regret that the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia has amended its Canons to allow bishops to authorise clergy to bless same-sex unions’…”

– Read the full story at

Here’s the resolution in full:

Standing Committee conveys to the Primates of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia that it:

a.     notes with deep regret that the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia has amended its Canons to allow bishops to authorise clergy to bless same-sex unions;

b.     notes with regret that this step is contrary to the teaching of Christ (Matt 19:1-12) and is contrary to Resolution I.10 of the 1998 Lambeth Conference;

c.      expresses our support for those Anglicans who have left or will need to leave the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia because of its abandonment of biblical teaching, and those who struggle and remain; and

d.     prays that the ACANZP will return to the doctrine of Christ in this matter and that impaired relationships will be restored.

– Source,

Moore College comes up well in student survey

“Moore College participated in the National Course Experience Survey this year for the first time. This tool allows graduating students at Australian universities and private higher education providers to evaluate their experience.

The Australian Government Department of Education runs the survey, and publishes the results on the Quality Indicators in Learning and Teaching (QILT) website. …”

Good news from Moore College, as their Open Week (21-25 May 2018) begins.

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