What is ministry? Two examples

“The ReNew conference, a gathering of 470 clergy and senior lay leaders at a hotel in Leeds, has just finished.

The emphasis of ReNew is to encourage churches and ministers with conservative evangelical convictions, to continue working together for the evangelisation of the nation, through the ‘establishing and securing’ of existing healthy Anglican congregations, and pioneering new ones. …

The Gafcon movement was given prominence throughout, and especially highlighted by guest speaker Archbishop Peter Jensen.”

Anglican Mainstream’s Andrew Symes speaks about the encouragement of the ReNew Conference in the UK.

Church of England should avoid only calling God ‘he’, Bishop says

“The Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, bishop of Gloucester, the Church of England’s first female diocesan bishop, said: ‘I don’t want young girls or young boys to hear us constantly refer to God as he,’ adding that it was important to be ‘mindful of our language’. …”

–Story from The Telegraph.

(Photo: Diocese of Gloucester.)

Eucharistic Signalling

“You may not have heard of a Rainbow Eucharist. But the idea has been around for a while, and is celebrated in the gay press.

Sometimes it might be called a Pride service, and the Lord’s table can be draped in the Pride flag. The associated rhetoric is usually of inclusivity, diversity, and equality (and who wants to argue against those nowadays?).

There is a service like this planned for 22nd September at Wells Cathedral. …”

Church Society Director Lee Gatiss comments on the use of the Lord’s Supper for virtue signalling.


Rainbow revolution progresses as Bishop of Taunton announced as celebrant at Cathedral LGBT Eucharist.

Rainbow revolution progresses as Bishop of Taunton announced as celebrant at Cathedral LGBT Eucharist

“Wells Cathedral in Somerset is the latest to show its allegiance to the cause of LGBT ‘radical inclusion’.

The What’s On section of its website advertises a “Rainbow Church Eucharist”, under the banner of a stylised rainbow coloured cross …”

Andrew Symes at Anglican Mainstream highlights the latest white flag of surrender to the popular culture.

Church of England Bishop gives backing to rainbow eucharist

“A Eucharist to celebrate LGBT Pride has taken place in the Diocese of Oxford with the full backing of the local suffragan Bishop and Archdeacon.

After the service on 30th August, well known LGBT activist and lay member of General Synod Jayne Ozanne tweeted a photo the service in Reading Minster (Oxford Diocese), where the Communion table is covered in the rainbow flag …”

– Report from Anglican Mainstream. Photo: Jayne Ozanne.

Why evangelicals in the Church of England need to talk openly

“One year before WWI broke out, Winston Churchill wrote a memo: ‘Timetable of a Nightmare.’

It predicted details of the coming war. Churchill frequently warned of the danger his country faced – the majority of his fellow leaders merely complained about him. Sir Henry Jackson spoke for many when he wrote that he ‘did not like the style’ of Churchill’s writing.

Churchill’s warnings of danger were ignored and instead his manner, style and motivations were impugned. Trying to prepare the military and nation to defend itself felt like wading through treacle with chains of iron around his neck – because free and open debate about the actual issues was precluded by those in a position to act. …”

– Peter Sanlon writes at Evangelicals Now. (Link via Anglican Mainstream.)

Dean defends cathedral screening films with graphic sex scenes and paganism

“A cathedral is pressing ahead with plans to show two “not for the faint-hearted” horror films and Monty Python’s Life of Brian on an inflatable big screen – despite opposition from some church wardens.

The Dean of Derby, The Very Reverend Dr Stephen Hance, said the decision to host the city’s QUAD cinema’s Fright Club and other films in the nave would not compromise the cathedral’s holiness. … [despite] a graphic nude sex scene and themes of paganism.”

– Story from ITV News. (Photo: Dr Stephen Hance, Derby Cathedral.)

Response to Ely Cathedral’s Support of Pride Festival

Here’s a response to Ely Cathedral’s support of their local Pride Festival, from Lee Gatiss, Director of Church Society. He comments on an item on a Cambridge local news website:

“Why is a Church of England cathedral promoting what is described as “primarily a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender celebration”?

They are not naive, and know what they are doing. The flag will no doubt be a rainbow, but in reality it is a white flag, signalling their surrender of Christianity in favour of a completely different gospel, which is divisive in the church and endangering to the soul.

There are better ways of rejoicing in the diversity of humanity — by proclaiming the joyful news of eternal life for every one of us who repents, turns away from our sin and turns to Jesus instead. Bring back the cross, the symbol of his kingdom. That is the banner under which Christians gather. But God says, ‘pride comes before destruction.’”

– from Church Society.

Lambeth Diary from the First Week of the Lambeth Conference July 18-25, 1998

From Dr. Stephen Noll:

“This is the 20th anniversary of the historic 1998 Lambeth Conference.

I was present there, representing the American Anglican Council (AAC). In this capacity I filed a three-week ‘Diary’ of the Conference. I am posting this diary without revision, except for the final week.”

Here is the first instalment. Fascinating reading.

St Paul’s Cathedral ‘forbids public reading of the Bible’

“Last week Barnabas Fund highlighted a video showing City of London Police arresting a man for reading the Bible in public outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The police officers claimed that cathedral staff had asked them to do so.

Now a further video has emerged from several months ago of a similar event showing police stopping a man publicly reading the Bible in public outside St Paul’s, with what appears to be member of the cathedral management standing close behind the police officers. Ironically, the man was reading from the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ in Matthew chapter 5 which includes the verses…”

– Read it all from Barnabas Fund.

Wanted: A party to stand up for parents

“The row at Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon, south London, caused by the head teacher’s plan to parade pupils as young as four on a homosexual pride march, illustrates a terrible truth: British state education has now become an engine for imposing anti-Christian cultural Marxism to the spiritual and moral harm of children…”

Julian Mann in South Yorkshire wonders which British politicians will stand against the tide.

Further background in this earlier article by Anglican Mainstream’s Andrew Symes.

(Photo: Julian Mann with Archbishop Ben Kwashi.)

Withering on the Vine?

“The Archbishop of Canterbury has assured us that the Church of England is “deeply committed” to the flourishing of conservative evangelicals, many of whose churches are growing and planting. …

But is it credible to claim that this is what the Church of England is really doing? Intentions do not always lead to actions. What is the actual situation on the ground?

According to the latest figures … since the legislation on women in the episcopate came into force in November 2014, no fewer than 14 women have been appointed as Bishops, 3 as Deans and 20 as Archdeacons. But not a single person who is unable for theological reasons to recognise the priestly or episcopal ministry of women has been appointed as an Archdeacon or Dean. And only 2 suffragan bishops who do not ordain women have been appointed (one of which is evangelical)…”

– At Church Society’s blog, Dr Lee Gatiss wonders if the words of senior Church of England leaders are more than just talk.

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