Nigerian Bishop ‘frees 25 prison inmates’

Nigeria“The Bishop, Diocese of Kaduna Anglican Communion, Most Reverend Josiah Idowu-fearon, yesterday secured the release of 25 prison inmates from Kaduna Central Prison as part of activities marking his 25th anniversary as Bishop of Anglican Communion…

‘The committee decided to pay the fines of N10,000.00 each for 25 inmates with minor offences so that they will be able to regain their freedom.’…”

– report from Leadership (Nigeria). h/t Anglican Communion News Service.

Former SAAB showroom home to Baton Rouge Anglican church

Holy Trinity Baton Rouge“At first glance, a Cadillac dealer’s showroom may not seem like a ‘mission outpost’ of Christianity, but that’s exactly how Holy Cross Anglican Church was described by a visiting bishop when he blessed the congregation last Sunday evening…”

– Story from The Advocate, Baton Rouge. Photo: Gerry Lane Cadillac.

GAFCON — threat, option, or only future?

The Rev Andrew Symes“Two Archbishops walk into a bar for a relaxing drink after a hard day’s work in committee. One of them, in placing his order, starts a conversation with the man serving the drinks. He beckons to his purple shirted companion and over the next few minutes, the two of them share the Gospel with the bartender, and lead him to faith in Christ. Later both prelates testify that for them, this was the highlight of the conference.

Thankfully its not impossible to imagine that this story involved Most Reverends Welby and Sentamu, but in fact it was related by one of the GAFCON Primates who had been told the story by his two fellow Archbishop-evangelists at their meeting last week…”

– Andrew Symes at Anglican Mainstream asks if GAFCON is a threat to the Anglican Communion.

Archbishop of Canterbury visits Cairo

Archbishop WelbyJustin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, visited Cairo earlier this week, to stand with Christians facing persecution.

Here’s a report on the Diocese of Egypt website.

GAFCON Primates Communique 17 April 2015 — We are not leaving the Anglican Communion

GAFCON Primates. London, April 2015Next GAFCON Conference in 2018

“We are not leaving the Anglican Communion.”

“We invite all faithful Anglicans to join us in renewing the Communion…”

“This week, from 13th to 17th April 2015, we have met in London for prayer and fellowship in order to help chart the future of global Anglicanism. We are uniting faithful Anglicans, growing in momentum, structured for the future, and committed to the Anglican Communion. …

We are excited to announce that the next GAFCON conference will be in 2018. This global gathering now serves a critical function in the life of the Anglican Communion as it is an effective instrument of unity which is capable of gathering the majority of the world’s Anglicans. … A further announcement will be made when the details of the venue have been confirmed.

… We continue to encourage and support the efforts of those working to restore the Church of England’s commitment to Biblical truth. Equally, we authenticate and support the work of those Anglicans who are boldly spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and whose circumstances require operating outside the old, institutional structures. …

We are not leaving the Anglican Communion. The members of our churches stand at the heart of the Communion, which is why we are committed to its renewal. We belong to the mainstream, and we are moving forward.”

– The GAFCON Primates Council has released this encouraging Communique after their meeting in London. Full Communique below: Read more

Beginning in Jerusalem: The Theological Significance of the 2008 Global Anglican Future Conference

Abp Peter JensenArchbishop Peter Jensen gave the Richard B. Gaffin Lecture at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia on March 18, 2015.

In “Beginning in Jerusalem: The Theological Significance of the 2008 Global Anglican Future Conference”, he explains the reasons for GAFCON, giving a glimpse of the pain involved, and the hope for the future. Speaking to his Westminster audience, he said, “You perhaps need to enter into our experience so you can prepare yourself for what may come.”

This is a sobering encouragement to watch. Thanks to Church Society for the link.


Lambeth 1998 Resolution 1.10.

GAFCON Final Statement and the Jerusalem Declaration – 29 June 2008.

The Jerusalem Declaration formatted as a PDF file.

Archbishop sends message to Kenya after attack

Archbishop Glenn DaviesAnglican Diocese of Sydney

Public Statement

Friday 3rd April, 2015

Archbishop Glenn Davies this afternoon sent a message of condolence to the Anglican Primate of Kenya, Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, after the attack on Garissa University which killed more than 140 students.

The text of the message reads:

We are shocked and dismayed by this wanton and deliberate attack on Kenyan citizens in Garissa where Christians in particular seem to have been singled out.

The violence and loss of life is sickening.

We grieve with the families of students who have lost loved ones, some of whom were deliberately targeted because they own the name of Jesus.

May God enable you and the church to stand firm in this time of testing.

You may be assured of our prayers for peace in the nation of Kenya, for healing for those injured and bereaved, and for our brothers and sisters to stand firm in the face of persecution and to be filled with a spirit of love, the perfect love which drives out fear (1 John 4:18).

– source

Pakistan bomb attack — March 15 2015

Lahore Hospital: Barnabas Fund“The attacks took place as Christians met together for Sunday morning worship services in the predominantly Christian neighbourhood of Youhanabad in Lahore, capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province. The two churches targeted were separated from each other by about half a kilometre…”

– Barnabas Fund has this summary and appeal for prayer and financial assistance.

And the Primate of The Church of Pakistan, Bishop Samuel Azariah, also asks for prayer. (Anglican Communion News Service.)

Phillip Jensen on Anglican Evangelicalism

Phillip JensenIn the latest Preaching Matters video from St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, Phillip Jensen speaks about what it is to be an Evangelical Anglican.

In doing so, he explores the difference between ‘followers of Calvin’ and ‘followers of Calvinism’. (Mike Ovey responds here.)

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