Interview with John Yates

Dr John YatesDavid Ould has recorded an interview with Dr John Yates, who has been speaking at the CMS NSW Summer School. It’s a 16MB mp3 file.

“John was good enough to sit down with me and talk about ministry, the evangelical church in Sydney, GAFCON, and plenty more.”

Most encouraging.

Interview with Bishop Gary Nelson, Diocese of North West Australia

Bishop Gary Nelson DNWADavid Ould is at the NSW CMS Summer School this week – as is Bishop Gary Nelson of the Diocese of North West Australia.

David recorded this 15 minute interview with Gary.

Bishop Nelson describes ministry in the North West, and the challenges facing churches in small mining towns with transient populations. He also speaks about his diocesan synod’s decision to declare themselves to be in full communion with the Anglican Church in North America and to recognise them as a member of the Anglican Communion.

Have a listen, and be prompted to pray for the ministry of the churches in that far-flung diocese.

To learn more, you can download the December 2014 issue of The North West Network here as a 750kb PDF file. On page 4 of that newsletter, there’s information on how you can support the ministry in the North West through prayer and finances.


Abp Justin Welby“The Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent remarks are once again somewhat puzzling. One question that comes to mind is whether he really believes this statement that he made: ‘I could see circumstances in which there could be people moving apart and then coming back together.’ …

The problem with looking at tertiary issues is they are often the result of more basic disagreements which in the final analysis have far more leverage on the Anglican Communion. It is my contention that the authority of Holy Scripture as noted in 2 Timothy 3:16 and the person and work of Jesus Christ are actually the primary points of disagreement, though the so-called progressive wing of the Anglican Communion, and indeed the leadership of much of the Western church will not acknowledge it. …

If Archbishop Justin Welby actually thinks that the tertiary issues ARE the issues and in the fullness of time we can all come back together, forgetting the punishment that the Episcopal Church inflicted on those members who chose to depart, and all drink tea and sing Kumbaya together, he is at best naive.”

– Bishop David C. Anderson, President and Chairman of the American Anglican Council, writes in his weekly commentary.

Archbishop Welby interviewed for The Times

Archbishop Justin Welby, General Synod, 18 Nov 2013An interview with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was published in The Times on Saturday.

The full article is behind a paywall, however, Anglican Mainstream has some excerpts.

GAFCON Chairman’s Advent Letter 2014

Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, Chairman of the FCA Primates Council“Despite these challenges, I am confident that our efforts are not in vain.

The crucial contribution of GAFCON to the future is that in an increasingly confused Communion it has a clear confessional basis in the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration which keeps the gospel at its heart. And where the gospel is, there will be life.”

– Chairman of the GAFCON Primates Council, Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, writes this in response to very great challenges. Read his whole Pastoral Letter for Advent 2014 on the GAFCON website.

Canon Andrew White ‘ordered back to UK’

Canon Andrew White at St George's BaghdadCanon Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad’, is returning to the UK, at least for now, according to ‘Cranmer’ (h/t Anglican Mainstream.).

See also ‘Canon Andrew White is Interviewed by The Huffington Post’.

Life and Ministry with Peter Jensen

Dr Peter JensenGeoff Robson has conducted a “sweeping conversation with Peter Jensen, former Archbishop of Sydney, about life and ministry – including his favourite book of all-time, how he became a Christian, why he wanted to be a stand-up comedian, why he tries to emulate Billy Graham, and how he has found spiritual refreshment for the last five decades.”

Take the time to read it here – and please remember to pray for Peter as he continues to serve Christ.

“We want your thoughts on the next Anglican Communion Secretary General”

anglican-communion“Anglicans and Episcopalians from Communion provinces worldwide are being invited to share their thoughts on the ministry priorities and qualities of the next Secretary General of the Anglican Communion. …”

– Any thoughts? The deadline is 27 November 2014.

Archbishop Welby: the Communion’s challenges

Archbishop WelbyIn his Presidential address to the Church of England’s General Synod, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby  spoke about the issues faced by the Anglican Communion and possible ways forward.

While emphasising that “the Anglican Communion exists and is flourishing in roughly 165 countries”, he also conceded,

“There are enormous problems. We have deep divisions in many areas, not only sexuality. There are areas of corruption, other areas where the power of the surrounding culture seems to overwhelm almost everyone at one point or another.

Our divisions may be too much to manage.

In many parts of the Communion, including here, there is a belief that opponents are either faithless to the tradition, or by contrast that they are cruel, judgemental, inhuman. I have to say that we are in a state so delicate that without prayer and repentance, it is hard to see how we can avoid some serious fractures.”

Read or watch it here.

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