Four Questions for Faithful Anglicans

Posted on May 9, 2024 
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From Anglican Futures:

“Today we tackle four questions relevant to faithful Anglicans:

1) Primates Meeting in Rome – Was it the biggest boycott ever?

2) Primates Meeting in Rome – Is Justin Welby looking to reunite with Rome?

3) CofE – Is the hope of meaningful structural provision fading?

4) Church hurt – How do we lead more loving churches?…”

– In Question 2, they observe,

“It is striking that a meeting which revealed the chasm in the Anglican Community, those who have lost confidence in the word of God are now seeking greater unity with Rome. It seems Articles 19, 22 and 35 no longer have any authority either. …”

Read it all here.


The Thirty Nine Articles.

Different views of the future of the C of E – Gafcon GB & Europe, 29 April 2024.