The Pastor’s Heart – deep interviews with Aussie pastors 2:00pm Tuesdays

Starting today (Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at 2:00pm), Dominic Steele is kicking off a series of interviews with pastors – The Pastor’s Heart.

They will be streamed live on Facebook, and the podcast will also be available on iTunes afterwards.

See all the details at – and hear David Mansfield speak about John Chapman and the new book The Chappo Collection – today at 2:00pm.

Update: Watch the recorded chat here.

A most encouraging and heart-warming tribute to Chappo.

Translation at Chester Hill

“The full script of each sermon is sent to a translator a few days prior to preaching, and a full translation from English to Arabic can take four hours. During the sermon, the translator speaks into a small microphone that is then wirelessly transmitted to the earpieces. …

Buying headsets online has been revolutionary for the Syrian families at Chester Hill.”

– What a good idea from Chester Hill Anglican – reported at

Interview with Richard Chin

Richard Chin, National Director of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, is the main speaker at this year’s NSW/ACT CMS Summer School at Katoomba.

David Ould interviewed him yesterday. A very encouraging 29 minutes. Listen here.

Richard makes reference to the article Thank God for the Gift of Cancerwritten by Bronwyn Chin for Equal but Different’s journal: June 2012.

Also at the Summer School, CMS revealed their new logo – see their website.

(Image: AFES.)

Why we’re using The Word One to One

“We continue to enjoy using Christianity Explored and now Life Explored at our church, but we’re finding that it is increasingly difficult for people to make it every week.

Moreover, people are starting considerably further back, such that we’re finding it’s only they finish the course they are really ready to start it! Some of the fruit we’ve seen in recent years has come from people doing two, even three courses.

That’s why as a church we have been excited to use and promote The Word One to One. We have found it to be a wonderful resource for a number of reasons.

First, it gives Christians a vision. The name says it all – let’s open up the Word one to one with someone!

Secondly, it gives Christians confidence in the Word.

Here is a resource which is the Word of God (John’s gospel) in an accessible form, with questions and answers on the text to help you and the person you’re reading it with understand the meaning. It requires no expertise and no preparation – just the courage to say to a friend, ‘would you be interested in reading John’s gospel together?‘…”

– Something encouraging from the Anglican Communion News Service: Robin Weekes at Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon, shares why his church uses The Word One to One.

Christmas in a time of change

Christmas and its message have never been more relevant than at this moment in time. 

There have been such rapid changes over the past decade—technological, cultural, social, and political changes—that the current level of nervousness and uncertainty is only to be expected.

There is a growing tone of fear and anxiety in much commentary both here and around the world. …

Change and uncertainty exist at so many points as 2017 draws to a close that it is easy to understand why some are overwhelmed.

Yet it was precisely into a world of change and uncertainty, of military muscle and politically motivated injustice, where long-held verities were under challenge and immorality was endorsed at the highest level, and where economic disadvantage seemed to be permanently entrenched by those with power, that ‘the Word became flesh and dwelt among us’. …”

– Be mightily encouraged by this brief article from Moore College Principal, Dr Mark Thompson. Well worth sharing widely.

PrayerMate in 2017: Giving Thanks

Andy Geers at PrayerMate gives thanks for the way the app has been used this year, and foreshadows new content for 2018.

If you don’t use PrayerMate, be encouraged to check it out.

Hoping Christmas is Good News

“The decorations at the stores and shopping malls tell us that Christmas is just around the corner.

We are about to begin again the round of carol Services and Nativity plays. The Christmas card list is dusted off for another year and, in my case, I scan to see if any of my friends who appear there are no longer alive. I debate yet again if I will make my own ‘cards’ or buy those ones that help some good cause. All in all there is quite a bit to be done at Christmas time. …”

– In this article from the vault of The Australian Church Record, dear departed Chappo reminds us that Christmas involves an announcement of news. Will it be good news or bad news for you?

Related: The Chappo Collection.

Still learning how to preach after 50 years preaching!

“In December 1967 I preached my first sermon at St Thomas’ South Richmond, soon to be demolished, to a congregation of 4 people. What a privilege! It was on the cross of Christ, but I forget what Bible text I used to launch my sermon!

I was from a non-Christian family, and had been converted in my last year in school in 1963. I first heard expository preaching in January 1965, when John Stott toured Australia, and gave Bible studies on 2 Corinthians. I thought, ‘That is how you should preach, and that is what I want to do.’…”

– Encouraging personal testimony from Dr. Peter Adam – at The Gospel Coalition Australia.

William Taylor on Preaching at Christmas

“Praise God that, at Christmas time, many people who don’t know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour still willingly walk into churches.

With the incredible news of the incarnation to proclaim – God with us – how do we make the most of the opportunities to preach the gospel?

In this month’s Preaching Matters William Taylor talks with Sam Manchester about Christmas services and Christmas sermons, how he chooses passages, what key truths are important to include.”

Packed with encouragement and  helpful ideas for your Christmas services this year.

Worthy of the Gospel: A Sermon on Philippians 1:27-2:4

Christians, in the face of opposition and strife – “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” – Philippians 1:27.

Here’s an encouraging exposition of Philippians 1:27 – 2:4, preached yesterday by ACL Vice President Dr. Lionel Windsor.

The Chappo Collection

“Introducing a new book on the much loved and respected Bible teacher and evangelist, John Chapman.

This book by David Mansfield is a collection of stories by and about John Chapman.

It gives an insight into a man who loved and proclaimed the gospel throughout his life, and whose ministry greatly impacted many people. The book contains many personal insights by those who know him, great gospel illustrations and excerpts from his sermons amongst other things. …

Proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to support Bible and leadership training in Africa, through GWC and other centres of training.”

– Order The Chappo Collection from Anglican Aid at this link.

David Mansfield writes about the book, which was launched at St. Andrew’s Cathedral last week, at

And Simon Manchester writes,

“Sometimes it is the spontaneous wisdom of a Christian leader which goes beyond a biography to arrest our minds and hearts with great truths… David Mansfield has served us well by collecting much of Chappo’s wisdom and wit so readers will be (almost) in his happy and helpful company again.”

Advent resources and the PrayerMate app

“Advent is traditionally a time when Christians prepare for the arrival of Jesus Christ?—?remembering his first coming at Christmas, but then also looking ahead to his return. It is a wonderful time of expectancy and hope.

This Advent, PrayerMate is delighted to announce our best ever range of devotional resources that you can subscribe to through the app and follow along daily from 1st December 2017. …”

– Andy Geers announces a range of devotional resources (most of them free). Read the details here.

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