The Justification Summit

Coming up in Marcus Loane Hall at Moore College, 1:30pm – 5:00pm on Friday 26th May and 9:30am – 12:00pm on Saturday 27th May 2017 –

“Come along to an in depth look at the central doctrine of the Reformation, justification.

This afternoon and following morning event, held at Moore College, will reflect on the Reformation doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone, and how it bears upon our Christian life today.

Speakers include Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore College, Peter Orr, Will Timmins …

This event is FREE but we ask you to RSVP for catering purposes.”

Details of topics and speakers here.

Luther, his Friends and his Legacy

Luther was a gregarious man. During his regime Wittenberg became thronged with people. Thousands flocked to Wittenberg to hear him preach (he preached 4000 times in thirty years). His home was effectively a combination of an inn and a lodging house. When he travelled from Wittenberg to Worms in 1521 he was greeted like a rock star from town to town. Wherever we see Luther, we see a man surrounded by people. …”

– Dr Paul Barnett shares some reflections on Dr Martin Luther, his friends, and his lasting legacy(Photo via Aquila Press.)

“As it had been the face of an angel”

“The Christian ministry has never been for the faint of heart. The ministry, biblically defined, is combat duty in spiritual warfare. These graduates have been prepared to be front-line officers in that warfare. …

At every Southern Seminary graduation we remind one another of the great and essential fact that the Christian ministry is not a mere profession — it is a divine calling. The ministry is one of Christ’s gifts to his church. it is the most serious and joyous of all callings.

I think often of the venerable words of the old Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England for the ordering of the ministry. These words are spoken to new ministers of the Word:

‘You have heard, brethren, as well in your private examination, as in the exhortation which was now made to you, and in the holy Lessons taken out of the Gospel and the writings of the Apostles, of what dignity and of how great importance this office is, whereunto ye are called. …’ ”

– Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, speaks at the Commencement of Ministry for this year’s SBTS graduates.

Duty to Die? — ‘Australian Presbyterian’ on Euthanasia

In the light of today’s news of a proposed “Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill” to come before NSW Parliament (ABC News story here), the current issue (Winter 2017) of Australian Presbyterian magazine is particularly timely as it addresses the issue of euthanasia.

Article 1: Opening Pandora’s Box. Why Christians must stand firm against euthanasia. An interview with Dr. Scott Rae.

Article 2: A bad move. By Moore College graduate Dr Neil Chambers.

(In addition, Marylynn Rouse from the John Newton Project reflects on John Newton’s experience of God’s amazing grace.)

The issue is available as a PDF file at this link.

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Why do good works?

“The first question that arises when the Doctrine of Justification by faith only is clearly set forth is: What then is the place of good works in the Christian economy?”

The Australian Church Record continues to republish Archdeacon T.C. Hammond’s thoughts on The Thirty Nine Articles.

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Social change and gospel preaching

“How does a disciple-making agenda fit with the need for us to express our love for our neighbours through engagement in social action?

This interview between Kel Richards and Phillip Jensen is full of enormously helpful insights on this question, both for individuals and for churches. It is well worth the investment of 28 minutes.” points us to a conversation between Kel Richards and Phillip Jensen recorded a few years back. As they say, well worth the investment of your time.

Preaching Matters: Gospel Certainty in Luke

More resources from St. Helen’s Bishopsgate:

“How does Luke provide certainty for his readers? Why is it important for the word of God to make sense of the works of Christ? If certainty comes from something other than first-hand experience of physical evidence, what are the implications for the way we do evangelism?

Preaching Matters is back with William Taylor tackling these questions, and more, from Luke’s Gospel.”

Dick Lucas on Mark’s Gospel – volume 2

Back in January, we noted that a series of recordings by Dick Lucas, to help God’s people think through the meaning of Mark’s Gospel, had been published by St. Helen’s Bishopsgate.

“The most recent fruits of his retirement are recordings of his latest reflections on Scripture, aimed primarily at the Bible expositor but suitable for everyone. Recorded in his kitchen, where most of his sermon preparation takes place, they are starting to be published just prior to Christmas 2016.”

At that point, his observations on Mark 1-8 were available. Now Volume two, covering chapters 9-16, is also online.

“This is a significant development because it is the first time ever that Dick has covered the whole of the second half of the gospel in consecutive Bible exposition.”

Our thanks to Dick Lucas, and to St. Helen’s, for making these available.

What Justification means

“The eleventh Article is so crucial that no apology need be offered for dwelling a little upon it.

Luther has been severely criticised for declaring that Justification by Faith only was ‘Articulus aut stantis aut cadentis ecclesiae,’ ‘The Article of a standing or a falling Church.’ But it may confidently be declared that the whole Reformation movement stands or falls according to the interpretation placed on Justification. …”

The Australian Church Record has republished T.C. Hammond’s commentary on Article XI, Of the Justification of Man.

Why we don’t pray for the dead

“Recently I came across an article written on Anglican Pastor by a fellow Anglican Priest entitled Why We Pray for the Dead.

What surprised me was the not only his endorsement of the practice, but the implication behind the title that it is normal Anglican practice to do pray either for the dead or to the dead. …

Here are 10 reasons why we are not to pray for the dead …”

– Joshua Bovis, Vicar of St. John The Evangelist in Tamworth, writes at Thinking of God.

Doctrine and Theology of Two Ways to Live

Phillip Jensen unpacks the doctrine and theology of Two Ways to Live in six lectures – recorded last year, and just posted at A wonderful resource.

Watch it all, but be sure to start with the first lecture.

1 Two Ways To Live: Creation February 2016
2 Two Ways To Live: Sin March 2016
3 Two Ways To Live: Judgement March 2016
4 Two Ways To Live: Atonement March 2016
5 Two Ways To Live: Resurrection March 2016
6 Two Ways To Live: Repentance And Faith March 2016

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