Pray for Sri Lanka: Gospel Coalition Australia speaks with Kanishka Raffel

“We know people here who have lost family members. People are distressed and even those not directly affected by the deaths and injuries are deeply concerned about the wider political implications of these attacks. …”

– Dean of Sydney Kanishka Raffel speaks with The Gospel Coalition Australia.


Book Review: Why I Love the Apostle Paul, by John Piper

“If you visit Desiring God online you’ll find over 110 books written by or with attributions from John Piper. Humorously, in a 1999 message Piper confessed, ‘I only have one thing to say. I say to people, “You want to buy a Piper book? Just get one, you don’t need the rest. I say the same thing in every book.”’ For decades John Piper and Desiring God have promoted a single message: ‘God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.’

In many respects, Piper continues to say the same thing in this book. At the same time, this book also stands out among Piper’s other writings and deserves a pastor’s attention. Here are a few reasons why. …”

– A brief book review by Nathan Loudin at 9Marks.

“The Christian Life” — Dr. Joel Beeke speaking in Sydney, Friday 12 July

Reformers Bookshop and Reformation Heritage Books are hosting an evening with Dr. Joel Beeke – in Stanmore, from 6:30pm, on Friday July 12, 2019.

Dr. Beeke will be giving two talks –

Calvin’s Life: Practical Lessons
The Puritan Life: Joyful or Joyless

It’s a free event, but registration is required. Details at Reformers’ blog.

Resources for ANZAC Day

ANZAC ResourcesPlanning a service for ANZAC Day, or something for Sunday?

These resources from Defence Anglicans (including audio of the Last Post) might come in handy.

Five Ways to Pray for Sri Lanka — Ajith Fernando

“While it may seem foolish to spend time praying when there is a crisis around us, this is the most powerful thing God’s people can do in a national crisis (2 Kings 19). We need to mobilize individual and corporate prayer among Christians. …”

– At Desiring God, Ajith Fernando shares five ways to pray for Sri Lanka.

The prisoner lifts his eyes

“Are you a victim?

A few years ago, we discovered someone had stolen the number plate from the front of our car. When we called the police, they told us they were running an official campaign focusing on vehicle-related crime, and so they had certain procedures they had to follow. They sent an officer to meet with us in our home.

When the officer arrived, he asked us to show him the scene of the crime (the street outside). He sat down at our dining table to interview us about the details of the incident (it didn’t take long).

At the end of the interview, with an admirably straight face, he fulfilled his official responsibilities by asking us if we would like to access their program for victim support. …”

– Encouragement from chapter 3 of the Letter to the Ephesians – via Dr. Lionel Windsor. (You can also listen at that link.)

It’s time to break free from the Algorithm-Driven Life

“A recent story from Wired helpfully explains the latest batch of changes Facebook has made to its algorithm – the algorithm that sorts through the billions of available articles, photographs, and videos to determine the few we will actually see as we scroll our news feeds. …

Before we go any farther, we need to consider the fact that what we see on Facebook – and Twitter and Instagram and Google News and Apple News and …  – is determined by algorithms, formulas carefully coded to spread some content and to suppress others. We rarely have access to complete collections of information anymore. Rather, algorithms pre-sort it for us.”

– Tim Challies looks at the benefits and dangers of algorithms, and he suggests a solution.


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Jesus and the Moon Landing — Easter Message 2019

“The leader of Australia’s largest Anglican Diocese, the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, has recalled the Moon Landing and its 50th anniversary, in his Easter Message this year.

Celebrations are being prepared for July when NASA will lead the anniversary of Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 team landing on the surface of the Moon in 1969. …”

Read the media release and watch the video from Archbishop Davies.

Great for sharing – and you could embed the video on your website.

There’s also a media release.

Looking for a church this Easter?

ACR Journal Winter 2019 now out

The Australian Church Record’s ACR Journal for Winter 2019 is just out.

“This issue is packed with articles about ministry: being ordained to the ministry, training for ministry, ministry in the Bathurst diocese, and ministry across the Southern Hemisphere.

As well as these ministry insights, Nathan Walter recounts what exactly was decided concerning the remarriage of divorced people at last year’s Synod.”

The 2019 Federal Election and Religious Freedom issues

Freedom for Faith Executive Director Michael Kellahan writes,

“The long awaited election has been called for 18 May. …

All the parties voice a commitment to religious freedom. What we need to know though is how this stated commitment will find expression at law. We have written to the parties asking a series of specific questions which will help you understand their positions heading into the election. We will publish a table of their responses.”

This article from Freedom for Faith board member Professor Patrick Parkinson discusses the key religious freedom issues. “Religious Freedom after Ruddock”:

“With the federal election campaign just around the corner, it would be understandable if people of faith were confused about the stance the major political parties take on religious issues, particularly given the differing responses of these parties to the Ruddock Report on religious freedom, which was completed in May 2018.”

Religious Free Speech after Ruddock

Neil Foster at Law and Religion Australia writes:

“I am presenting a paper at the ‘Religious Freedom After Ruddock’ conference being held at the University of Queensland on Saturday April 6.

The paper is “‘Religious Free Speech After Ruddock: Implications for Blasphemy and Religious Vilification Laws’.”

A copy is available here.

In defence of Lent

“It was Ash Wednesday when I first preached at our church’s Wednesday service. And truth be told, I’d never given Lent much thought before.

So what were my options? Should I ignore it? Call them all popish fiends? Or should I try to articulate a Reformed, Anglican understanding of the season?

Well, I aimed to do the latter, and here is how I tried. …”

– ACL Council member Dan McKinlay writes at The Australian Church Record.

(Image from the 1552 Prayer Book.)

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