John Chapman Preaching Conference: Bryan Chapell and William Taylor videos

While the Moore College academic year has finished, the college is continuing to make some terrific resource videos available for your edification:

The videos of Bryan Chapell at the John Chapman Preaching Conference in September are now available online:

Talk 1:

Talk 2:

Talk 3:

Talk 4:


Along with William Taylor’s talks given at the John Chapman Preaching Clinic in February 2017, they are grouped in this album:

Gospel Ministry and the “Nowhere” Generation

John Chapman said, “the first 50 years are the hardest” – Phillip Jensen has been at it for more than 50 years!

Now, with Two Ways Ministries and focussing on young adults, his fresh vision connects the permanent gospel with the changing social dynamics of Sydney’s growing “Nowhere Generation”. Few people have such experience or freshness of vision for today and the future.

If you want to be involved in reaching the coming generations with the gospel of Jesus, this is an evening not to be missed.

Moore College, Thursday 30th November 7:00pm – 9:30pm. Book here.

Free online courses from The Gospel Coalition

“In a world that is noisier than ever, we want to be a trusted voice directing you toward the God of the gospel.

We want to be a place where your Sunday school and small group can dig deeper together, a place where you can discover the best lectures and books and essays to enrich your spiritual life. One of the core ways The Gospel Coalition serves the church is by providing biblically faithful web-based content for personal and group use.

So, today, we are excited to introduce you to a brand-new and totally free online learning platform.”

– Check out this new resource from The Gospel Coalition.

The problem with many ads for ministers

“You ought to read and consider this brief excerpt from Derek Thomas’s commentary on Acts in which he shows how our expectations of pastors – and perhaps their expectations for themselves – are often far removed from God’s. …”

– from Tim Challies. Derek Thomas also provides the sort of ‘advertisement’ you should consider.

Using music to cross religious barriers

“Because the nature of mission is to meet people where they are and bring them into a saving relationship with God, when we try to share the gospel with Catholics—who are expecting to experience God more than understand God—engaging their feelings takes on more importance.

That’s where music can help. …”

– At, Mark Gilbert has a simple suggestion.

Remembrance Day resources

Defence Anglicans has some useful resources if you plan to mark Remembrance Day.

The Passion “Translation” of Romans: Problems and questions

“I’ve been asked to review the book by Brian Simmons, Romans: Grace and Glory, Translated from Greek and Aramaic Texts (Racine: BroadStreet, 2017). This is part of Simmons’ wider project known as The Passion Translation (2015).

The following post isn’t designed to be a comprehensive review of the whole Passion translation project; instead I’ve decided to (deliberately) limit myself to this one volume on Romans. I just want to point out a few significant problems with the book, especially with its curious claim to be ‘translated directly from the Greek and Aramaic texts‘…”

– Moore College’s Dr Lionel Windsor looks behind the claim.

(Image courtesy The Passion Translation.)

Freedom for Faith: What’s Next?

“On the 15th of November the same sex marriage survey results wil be released.

We don’t know the outcome but we do know many Australians will be elated, others will be confused, some may be anxious.

What should a Christian response be? Whether yes or no, there are enormous consequences for religious freedom that will not go away. How do we navigate these waters?

Hear Sydney Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies the night the same sex marriage survey results are released. A friendraising & fundraising event for Freedom for Faith.”

– Details from Freedom for Faith, as well as a range of videos and other resources.

The Reformation, Then and Now

“Is the Reformation over? Does it matter today? Michael Reeves unpacks the story and theology of the Reformation and exhorts Christians to study the Reformation for the sake of the gospel.”

– Back in 2010, Mark Dever spoke with Michael Reeves about The Reformation and his book, “The Unquenchable Flame”.

An encouraging conversation.

The heart of modesty

Equal But Different has published parts 1 and 2 of a three-part series by Lesley Ramsay, entitled, ‘The heart of modesty’.

“Having seen in part 1 of this series that modesty is essentially the antidote to grabbing glory and attention for ourselves, let’s turn our attention to see how the Scriptures ought to shape our awareness and convictions. …”

– Read Part 1 and then Part 2 at Equal But Different. Part 3 still to come.

Why were the 95 Theses so revolutionary? — Public Lecture tonight, October 31

Come and hear, ‘Why were the 95 Theses So Revolutionary?’ – a public lecture at Moore College to mark Reformation Day, Tuesday, 31st October.

College Principal Mark Thompson will speak.

Tuesday October 31, 7:00pm – 8:00pm with Supper Following.

At the Marcus Loane Hall, Moore College, 1 King Street, Newtown.

This event is open to the general public.

Free – No registration is required.

It is a great opportunity to see the new building, including the library and the final chance to see the Martin Luther poster exhibition currently being displayed at College.

Click here to download a 1.6MB PDF advertisement.

Christianity and the Dark Side — What about Halloween?

“Over a hundred years ago, the great Dutch theologian Hermann Bavinck predicted that the 20th century would ‘witness a gigantic conflict of spirits’. His prediction turned out to be an understatement, and this great conflict continues into the 21st century.”…

– Albert Mohler addresses the issue of Halloween.

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