We can’t know when Jesus’ Return will be — so be ready

Sam Allbery spoke at Moore College chapel last week – on Mark 13:32-37.

Take the time to listen.

Zeal without Burnout – free ebook in September

During September 2018, The Good Book Company is giving away a free ebook of Christopher Ash’s highly regarded Zeal without Burnout (via their UK website).

Even if you don’t feel you need to read the book right now, grab a copy anyway before the end of the month!

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Tim Chester ‘Meet the Author’ – in Sydney this Saturday

Reformers Bookshop in Stanmore is hosting a ‘Meet the Author’ event with Tim Chester on Saturday afternoon (22 September 2018) from 2:30pm.

Details from their blog.

Should we call ourselves Feminists?

“The New York Times magazine labelled 2015 as ‘the year we obsessed about identity’, and it’s an obsession that isn’t finished yet. Answers to questions of personal identity – ‘Who am I’ and ‘What do I identify as’ – are now shaping public discourse, and increasingly the answers are expressed in labels. I even discovered recently you can now ‘identify’ as vegan!

And one of the labels people are obsessing over is whether or not to be a feminist.…”

– Dr. Claire Smith asks, Should we call ourselves Feminists?, in her first article on the topic of ‘The Challenge of Feminism’ – at The Gospel Coalition Australia.

Learning to delight in physical limitations (2 Corinthians 12:7-10)

“The persistent pressure of a physical ailment.

In a passage of intimate personal biography Paul reveals that he was troubled by a physical affliction. He calls it ‘a thorn in the flesh‘ – language which suggests that it was something very painful and unpleasant, something physically agonising, intolerable, exhausting. …”

– In this article, first published in the Australian Church Record in November 1960, Alan Stibbs reflects on what Paul learned in suffering. (Photo: ACR.)

Melanie Phillips in conversation with John Anderson

In seeking to share the gospel, Christians are concerned with objective truth and reasoned argument.

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson recently spoke with British journalist, author and broadcaster Melanie Phillips about the tumultuous changes taking place in western society, including the death of reason and absolute truth.

The interview runs for 56 minutes.

The Slow Killing of Congregational Singing

“Here is a great historical irony.

Fifty years ago choirs ruled the church. Usually, they were supported by a very loud organ. To be frank, many choir members were performers, and when the choir was large they drowned out the singing of the congregation. So, sadly, the very people appointed to help the congregation sing actually smothered congregational singing. Bit by bit, choirs disappeared. I think most churches didn’t mourn the loss.

Here’s the irony: we then replaced the choirs with song leaders (or, what we inaccurately call ‘worship leaders’). Over time the number of song leaders grew and grew until they became as big as a choir. Then …”

There is both challenge and encouragement in this Gospel Coalition Australia post by Mike Raiter.

(Photo courtesy GAFCON.)

The Lydia Project: Conversations with Christian Women

“As a young girl, I just loved to talk. I talked all the way through primary school and high school, and when I became a Christian at fourteen, I loved to talk with my Christian friends and leaders about what it meant to follow Jesus.

Thirty (thirty!?) years on, I still love to be a part of these encouraging Christian conversations.  They spur me on to keep standing firm in Christ, and they open my mind and heart to new ways of thinking about the things of God. …”

– At Equal But Different, Moore College graduate Tori Walker introduces her Lydia Project podcasts (hosted by The Gospel Coalition Australia).

Promoting plagiarism in ministry

“Over the last few weeks there’s been a lot of angst in my denomination’s local circles about evangelism. A visiting friend told us we’re no longer keen on it, and the statistics show that over the last ten years we’ve lost people just as fast as we’ve converted them. …

In the midst of this I thought I’d share what our church is doing. We’re a small, struggling church in the part of Sydney where Anglican churches go to die. We’re not big. We’re not successful. Our senior minister is a bit of an idiot. We haven’t found the evangelism silver bullet. …”

– At GoThereFor.com, Mike Doyle at St. James Berala, reckons you ought to find the best of the best – and “plagiarise the life out of it”.


Reflections on Sydney Anglicanism: An interview with David Robertson – Australian Church Record.

Have we lost evangelism? with Phil Colgan and Craig Schafer.

The Tyranny of the Immediate in Short Attention Span Theatre

“Over the weekend Alan Jacobs, distinguished professor of the humanities in the Honors Program of Baylor University, had an important post on how we process the never-ending influx of information fixated on Now …”

– Read this, rather than just liking on Facebook. From Justin Taylor.

Working alongside men in ministry

“In ‘The value of training women for ministry’, Tracey Gowing shared some of her practical wisdom on how to train women for ministry and why that’s a worthwhile task. But as a ministry staff-worker on various university campuses around Australia, Tracey hasn’t just trained women! Many men will testify that they learned invaluable lessons about leadership and biblical manhood from having Tracey as their co-leader.

What’s her secret? Tracey has no new, radical beliefs—she just trusts the Bible. …”

– At GoThereFor.com, Lauren Driscoll continues her interview with Tracey Gowing.

Jesus never directly said “I’m God!”: Answering our Muslim friends (Part 2)

“But Jesus never directly said he’s God”, says our Muslim friend. How would you answer?

Part 1 of this series had us step forward on the front foot against this specific challenge by rejecting the premise and reframing the issue.

But if we did work within the boundaries imposed by our Muslim friends, how would we defend the deity of Jesus from his own words in the Gospels? …

– Ryan van der Avoort continues to share practical advice, at The Australian Church Record.

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