A voice from the womb

Posted on August 17, 2019 
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“You don’t know me. In fact, I have not been named yet, though I expect that names will have been considered. I say, ‘names’, because my brother and I have been forming a unique bond while being prepared for a grand entry. I believe that those in the outside world have studied and know and understand the mystery of the unique bond twins share.

We are, of course, not very familiar with the outside world other than our experience of sounds, touch and a measure of light. While you may not remember the womb, I have to say that our inside experience is like a first class motel. We have our own pool they call the ‘Amniotic’ and there’s food and drink on tap while we swim. The perfect conditions for retreat, exercise and general good health.

Neither of us are religious yet, but the design of our accommodation speaks volumes of the genius of the one who made it. …”

A very sobering must-read story from Rick Lewers, the Bishop of Armidale.