Billy Graham in Sydney — and the best decision Phillip Jensen ever made

“I was just 13 when I first heard Billy Graham preach. At his urging, back on that autumn day in 1959, I decided to give my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. It was the best decision I have ever made and so I have remained for ever thankful to God for Billy Graham.

William Franklin Graham was one of the world’s global citizens, but this week, at age 99, he died in his native state of North Carolina. He preached in more countries to more people than any other man in history. Amongst his preaching tours he visited Sydney three times (1959, 1968, 1979). On each occasion the gospel he preached affected thousands – changing individuals, families and communities. His was a global mission that affected local communities. It was a high-profile ministry that transformed the lives of little people.”

– Read Phillip Jensen’s tribute to Billy Graham, and get a sense for the impact on Sydney of this preacher of the gospel.

Phillip Jensen on his long ministry and lessons learned

At Nexus Conference 2016, Dominic Steele interviewed Phillip Jensen on his long ministry and lessons learned.

The video and audio files have now been posted at The Pastor’s Heart.

Take the time to watch or listen, be reminded of what’s really important, and give thanks for faithful servants like Phillip. Much to think about, and lots of wisdom.

My Request — Phillip Jensen


Phillip Jensen on Anglican Evangelicalism

Phillip JensenIn the latest Preaching Matters video from St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, Phillip Jensen speaks about what it is to be an Evangelical Anglican.

In doing so, he explores the difference between ‘followers of Calvin’ and ‘followers of Calvinism’. (Mike Ovey responds here.)

Phillip Jensen’s final sermon as Dean

Phillip JensenPhillip Jensen preached his last sermon as Dean of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, after eleven years in that position, on Christmas morning.

You can listen here. (Link updated.)

Starting small: Phillip Jensen on starting The Briefing

Phillip JensenTony Payne asks Phillip Jensen about how The Briefing was started.

Phillip Jensen to resign as Dean at Christmas

Phillip Jensen“I believe we have reached that stage of development at the Cathedral and it is time for me to resign as Dean. …

As far as my future is concerned, I have a new job lined up in 2015 with ‘Two Ways Ministries’. Being freed from the varied responsibilities of Dean will allow me to serve God’s people outside the confines of one church and without the weight and distractions of being a church pastor…”

– Dean of Sydney Phillip Jensen announces his intention to retire from the position of Dean at Christmas 2014 – and he shares what he plans, Lord willing, to do next.

Related: Dean moves to new ministry (

Archbishop Glenn Davies: “Phillip Jensen has exercised an extraordinary ministry in the Diocese of Sydney for more than 40 years, most notably as Chaplain of the University of New South Wales and rector of St Matthias, Centennial Park.”

Anzac and Easter 2014 — Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen“Easter is a moveable feast. The latest day upon which it can occur is Anzac day. But not till 2038 will Easter and Anzac day coincide. Frequently, as in this year, Easter is close to Anzac Day. Inevitably they cast a shadow upon each other. Both are about paying the supreme sacrifice.

Australians, together with our cousins across the Tasman, remember the sacrifice of so many of our armed forces on Anzac day each year. It is right and proper to do so. …”

– Phillip Jensen writes in his weekly newsletter for the Cathedral.

An Evangelistic Leaflet from Phillip Jensen — for St. Patrick’s Day

Phillip JensenHow can you use St. Patrick’s Day to share the good news of the One whom St. Patrick proclaimed?

Phillip Jensen has written a leaflet for members of the Cathedral congregation to hand out, or to give to friends. You may wish to use it too.

Please pray that this leaflet may be a blessing in pointing many to the Lord Jesus. There’s a PDF download link as well as some material you may find useful at

Phillip Jensen on ‘Singleness, Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage in Ministry’

Phillip JensenVideo files of Phillip Jensen’s talks from the recent Priscilla & Aquila Centre conference at Moore College are now available, courtesy of Audio Advice:

1. Marriage in Ministry.

2. Singleness in Ministry.

3. Divorce and remarriage in ministry.

Phillip Jensen & Kel Richards in The Chat Room — The Bible, Old & New Testaments

Phillip Jensen & Kel RichardsIn the latest edition of The Chat Room, Phillip Jensen & Kel Richards talk about the Big Picture of the Bible, and the perils of reading it without seeing that bigger picture.

33 minutes. Well worth showing in small Bible Study groups, for example.

Related: At The Proclamation Trust, Adrian Reynolds has been blogging about “The New Testament Use of the Old” – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Majoring on the majors: Phillip Jensen on John Chapman

chappo-1980-sueu“God gives different gifts to different people. The important thing is not the gifts we’re given, but what we do with them. Being a godly man, Chappo always used his gifts for the gospel, and always for other people. He could have used them for himself, but he never did. That was his godliness on display. …”

– Phillip Jensen remembers John Chapman. He touches on a good deal of recent history, in both Sydney and Armidale. Edifying and interesting.

Related: John’s interview for AFES in 2012.

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