John Chapman Preaching Conference: Bryan Chapell and William Taylor videos

While the Moore College academic year has finished, the college is continuing to make some terrific resource videos available for your edification:

The videos of Bryan Chapell at the John Chapman Preaching Conference in September are now available online:

Talk 1:

Talk 2:

Talk 3:

Talk 4:


Along with William Taylor’s talks given at the John Chapman Preaching Clinic in February 2017, they are grouped in this album:

John Chapman Preaching Conference, September 23

The next John Chapman Preaching Conference is coming up at Moore College on Saturday 23rd September.

Dr Bryan Chapell is considering the topic Application in Expository Preaching.

Details from the College.

John Chapman, Mark Twain and the Twenty Minute Sermon

David MansfieldJohn Chapman and Mark Twain both had much and little in common.

Both were great communicators and raconteurs with a razor-sharp wit. But Chappo loved his golf while Twain is thought to have said that golf was a good walk ruined. Chappo’s spirituality was biblical and evangelical. Twain’s was anything but.

However, when it came to preaching, they had something very much in common. They had little patience for preaching that was unnecessarily long – or even longer than twenty minutes. …”

– At, David Mansfield would love to hear better preaching.

‘What’s really important’ by John Chapman

Each month the ACL will feature one article from our archives.

The landscape of Sydney has changed drastically since the ACL was formed over 100 years ago, however the core business of Christian ministry remains the same. We hope these articles ‘from the vault’ will encourage and strengthen your faith and ministry.

This first one is written by John Chapman at a time when he sensed local churches may relax their urgency in evangelism.


John Chapman

With the Gospel, there is never time to relax.

I have just returned from the funeral of a friend who was also a clergyman. He is, in every way, Mr. Valiant-for-Truth. He preached with clarity and passion about the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He urged people to ‘turn to God from idols to serve the living and true God and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, Jesus who delivers us from the coming wrath’.

He could be trusted to do this whenever you heard him. However, he also worked hard for the defence of that gospel. He was determined that he would take whatever steps were necessary to see that the gospel was available when another generation came along.

As I thought about his life and witness, I thought about the ACL. Its members are dedicated to see that, to the best of their ability, the gospel will be known and passed on to generations yet to come.

Much of the League’s work could be described as ‘behind the scenes’ work. They help us by finding committed Christians, who know and understand the gospel, to serve on the many councils and committees which comprise the working groups in our Diocesan life.

Have you ever noticed, as you have read the messages which the Glorified Christ gives to the Seven Churches in the Revelation, that by the close of the Apostolic Age many of them have lost or forgotten the gospel message? Some are on the brink of extinction. Some are warned by the Risen Christ that if they do not repent they will be abandoned by Him! It is an easy thing to ‘let the gospel slip through our fingers’.

We are in a period of change. Peter Jensen has become our Archbishop. The ACL has a new President, Zac Veron. This is a time to recommit ourselves to the preaching and preservation of the gospel.

From a denominational point of view we may be happy and have a feeling that ‘all is well’. However it is to the world around us that we need to look.

We need, as never before, to be trying with every means at our disposal to get the gospel out to our city and country. At a time when God has brought the nations to us, our opportunities seem limitless.

There never was a time when gospelling was more important. Freedom of speech and freedom to assemble, unknown in many countries of the world, we take for granted. Do not assume that this will last. It is a great privilege and carries with it a great responsibility.

Nothing matters more than that a person should come to know Christ!

John C Chapman.

ACL News October-November 2001Published in ACL News, October–November 2001.

John Chapman, 1930-2012, was one of Australia’s best-known and loved evangelists.

He was also a long-serving member of the ACL’s Council.

Majoring on the majors: Phillip Jensen on John Chapman

chappo-1980-sueu“God gives different gifts to different people. The important thing is not the gifts we’re given, but what we do with them. Being a godly man, Chappo always used his gifts for the gospel, and always for other people. He could have used them for himself, but he never did. That was his godliness on display. …”

– Phillip Jensen remembers John Chapman. He touches on a good deal of recent history, in both Sydney and Armidale. Edifying and interesting.

Related: John’s interview for AFES in 2012.

John Chapman classic audio

In July 1979, John Chapman spoke at a one-off evangelistic meeting for the Sydney University Evangelical Union. His topic was “Jesus Claims to be the Only Way to God”.

John had a heavy cold, but that didn’t stop him preaching Christ with his characteristic clarity and humour.

Hear his 40 minute talk here (9.7MB mp3 file). The audio quality is poor, but this recording will bring back many memories of a dear brother.

It’s also a great talk to pass on – and there are many road-tested illustrations which you could use yourself! (1980 Photo: AFES.)

John Chapman — a personal reflection from Mark Thompson

Dr Mark Thompson, immediate past President of the Anglican Church League, shares his thoughts about John Chapman –

“We have lost one of the most effective gospel preachers of the last century. God used his preaching to change lives forever.”

Read it here –    Read more

With thanks for John Chapman 1930–2012

Beloved Australian evangelist John Chapman has fallen asleep in Christ at the age of 82.

And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Blessed indeed,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labours, for their deeds follow them!” – Revelation 14:13.

Russell Powell writes at

Sydney’s leading evangelist for more than 50 years, John Chapman, has passed away in hospital at the age of 82.

‘Chappo’, as he was affectionately known, was converted in his teens and became involved in the Anglican Youth Department and later the Department of Evangelism, where he was director for more than 25 years.

His wide preaching, teaching and writing ministry saw him speaking to groups throughout the Sydney diocese, in Australia and overseas, particularly in England where he was a regular visitor.

In later years he passed on his wisdom on evangelism and preaching to generations of ministry trainees and colleges students. He was also prominent in evangelism in universities, particularly during the 1970’s and 80’s.

His books “A Fresh Start”, “Know and Tell the Gospel” sold in the tens of thousands and helped many Sydney Anglicans with personal evangelism and sharing the gospel.

Mr Chapman never married but was at home in many churches across the diocese.  The single quarters at Moore Theological College was named “John Chapman House” in his honour.

Although he had been ill for some time, Chappo received a stream of visitors from around the world during his retirement in Sydney’s south.

In recent weeks, one of his last duties was a project close to his heart, the newly created John Chapman Foundation, established in October to raise money to recruit and train evangelists.

He was admitted to St George Hospital in late October and had been on the critical list for a week.

On Friday 16th November, several close friends visited to read the bible, pray and say their last farewells to a man who was one of the most loved preachers in the Sydney Diocese in second half of the 20th century.

He finally succumbed to multiple organ failure on Friday night.

Archbishop Peter Jensen immediately paid tribute to his longtime friend and colleague.

“Chappo represented the very essence of what our diocese has always stood for and continues to stand for. A strong affirmation of the authority of the Bible, the importance of preaching and an approach to evangelism which made it central while at the same time respecting the intelligence and integrity of the listeners. He was a man of faith like Joshua of old, and he lived out his faith with clear godliness of life”, Dr Jensen said.

“Like many others, Christine and I feel the loss acutely. When I visited him on his last day, he reminded me once more that he prayed for us daily. His support for me personally for over 40 years has been an incalculable blessing.” he said.

Photo from an interview recorded just a few months ago by AFES.

Other tributes will be posted on our home page.

Update: Thanksgiving service details.

Alister Chapman on John Stott

From Oak Hill College in London: “Dr Alister Chapman teaches history at Westmont College in California. Alister has spent the past 10 years studying the teaching and life of John Stott. He recently came to Oak Hill to talk about John Stott’s role as a leader in evangelical Christianity and was interviewed by Peter Sanlon…”

see the 20 minute interview here.

Preaching the Word, rarer than we think?

There is nothing confusing or surprising about Paul’s dying exhortation to his younger partner in ministry, Timothy : ‘Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction’, 2 Timothy 4:2.

It is not confusing, Timothy is to see that his ministry revolves around the public, open proclamation of the Word, the Word which God breathed out, 2 Timothy 3:16.

Timothy was a Pastor at Ephesus and he would have been very familiar with Paul’s pioneering work there. When Paul rehearses his method in planting the church to the elders of the Ephesian church, he speaks of preaching, teaching, declaring, testifying and proclaiming, all Word proclaiming words.

The explanation and declaration of God’s revealed Word was at the heart of first century apostolic ministry and must be at the heart of twenty first century apostolic ministry.

This is not confusing, a pastor today exercises his pastoral role by preaching the Scriptures, by correcting, rebuking and encouraging the flock with this Word.

Cut the modern day Pastor and he must bleed Bible!

Neither is this surprising, because Paul has already reminded Timothy that it was this breathed out Word of God which, ‘gave him wisdom for salvation’ and is ‘useful for teaching rebuking correcting and training in righteousness’, 2 Timothy 3:15-16. The Bible is God’s word, it’s origin is God Himself, not to preach it therefore and preach our own ideas is perverse.

The faithful preacher must set about the task of explaining and applying a passage of Scripture, be it a verse, a paragraph, a chapter or a whole book, it will always be the Biblical text which is the focus of the preacher’s attention. This is unfortunately, rarer than we think!

Instead we may have preaching which takes the idea of the text and preaches the idea in isolation from the text. We may have sermons which are addressed to all sorts of contemporary issues, which tell much more about the issue than what God says in the Bible. We may have sermons about a theme which follows the theme through the Bible in a doctrinal way, ‘flipping preaching’, which does not settle down in one passage and explain and apply that passage to hearers.

One Pastor said recently, does this mean I have to expound a passage every week? No, but realise that the week you don’t expound a passage is the week the sheep will go home hungry.

Does this mean we never preach on topics? No, it does not mean that, it means that we will never take a topic and not expound a section of Scripture in relation to that topic.

Let me give an example. Recently in the light of that very emotional confession of Australia’s cricket captain Steve Smith, I might have preached a sermon on the topic of, Why the world is in such a mess.

I would preach on the dynamics of Genesis 3, Adam and Eve receiving God’s word, but the contrary voice of the Serpent tells the lie and the lie is believed. The reason the world is the way it is, is because a lie has been believed.

I would cross reference just once, to Jesus’ description of the Devil as a liar and murderer, John 8:44, to show that the contrary voice is always the voice of the Serpent. I would warn the church to always be aware of two voices, one which speaks truth the other the lie, don’t follow the lie! Steve Smith listened to the lie that, the end justifies the means, don’t you listen to the lie, which always causes us to doubt that the Word of the loving God, cannot be trusted.

I have thus preached on a contemporary topic of why the world is the way it is, I have done it from Genesis 3, probably in a series on these early chapters. The Devil speaks the crafty lie; our parents believe the lie; God judges the serpent, the woman, the man and the earth. Therefore trust the Word of God, rightly understood and don’t believe the Devil’s lies.

John Chapman would often say in critiquing a sermon, ‘the authority is in the text brother, preach the text!’

Do you make the text of Scripture the object of your explanation and application, thus feeding your sheep?

David Robertson is quoted as saying, ‘A preacher who does not preach the Bible is like a comedian who is not funny, you wonder, what is the point’.

– David Cook.

The Pastor’s Heart – deep interviews with Aussie pastors 2:00pm Tuesdays

Starting today (Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at 2:00pm), Dominic Steele is kicking off a series of interviews with pastors – The Pastor’s Heart.

They will be streamed live on Facebook, and the podcast will also be available on iTunes afterwards.

See all the details at – and hear David Mansfield speak about John Chapman and the new book The Chappo Collection – today at 2:00pm.

Update: Watch the recorded chat here.

A most encouraging and heart-warming tribute to Chappo.

The Chappo Collection

“Introducing a new book on the much loved and respected Bible teacher and evangelist, John Chapman.

This book by David Mansfield is a collection of stories by and about John Chapman.

It gives an insight into a man who loved and proclaimed the gospel throughout his life, and whose ministry greatly impacted many people. The book contains many personal insights by those who know him, great gospel illustrations and excerpts from his sermons amongst other things. …

Proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to support Bible and leadership training in Africa, through GWC and other centres of training.”

– Order The Chappo Collection from Anglican Aid at this link.

David Mansfield writes about the book, which was launched at St. Andrew’s Cathedral last week, at

And Simon Manchester writes,

“Sometimes it is the spontaneous wisdom of a Christian leader which goes beyond a biography to arrest our minds and hearts with great truths… David Mansfield has served us well by collecting much of Chappo’s wisdom and wit so readers will be (almost) in his happy and helpful company again.”

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