Thank you, Lord, for John Richardson

Posted on April 2, 2014 
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The Rev John RichardsonAdrian Reynolds at the Proclamation Trust, adds his thanks to the Lord for John Richardson.

And Canon David Banting has a substantial tribute at Anglican Mainstream.

“I met John first through his writings, while I was a vicar in Oldham. Get into the Bible (1994) was a brilliant overview of the Bible, from first creation to new creation, and introduced many to Biblical theology at its best. It was 1998, when I moved to be an incumbent in Chelmsford diocese, that I first met the lanky John face-to-face. It was the beginning of a lasting friendship and partnership in the ‘proclamation and defence of the gospel’. I can think of few people I have come to respect more than John…

John’s earlier years were shaped in part by Anglo-Catholic traditions, and he never lost his love and passion for the Church’s health and calling. But his theological grounding was evangelical. It was first outlined at St John’s Theological College, Nottingham, and later, after the typically mixed Anglican experience of a confusing curacy and an unhappy foray into incumbency, crucially galvanized and cemented by a ‘first-class’ year at Moore College, Sydney.”

(The talks on marriage David mentions in the full article may be found here – search for ‘Richardson’.)