South Carolina Supreme Court rebuffs ECUSA again

Posted on April 4, 2020 
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“On Tuesday, March 31, the South Carolina Supreme Court entered an order that denied without comment the petition filed the previous month by ECUSA and its ersatz diocese in South Carolina seeking a ‘writ of prohibition’ (that is, an order to halt proceedings) directed to the Circuit Court of Dorchester County (Hon. Edgar Dickson, Judge) in an effort to prevent him from interpreting or clarifying the August 2, 2017 splintered decision of that same Supreme Court.

This was the second attempt by ECUSA’s attorneys to derail the proceedings on remand before Judge Dickson, who was assigned to the case by the Court after three of the Justices (one of whom belatedly recognized she was disqualified) voted to reverse the judgment of Circuit Judge Diane Goodstein. …”

– A S Haley (The Anglican Curmudgeon) reports on the latest knockback of the The Episcopal Church (ECUSA) in its attempts to claim property from the Diocese of South Carolina.