Lambeth Calls

Posted on July 22, 2022 
Filed under Anglican Communion, Church of England

The Archbishop of Canterbury has released this message to bishops attending the Lambeth Conference.


The Limitations of Lambeth – Dr Mark Thompson.

“This year, a sizeable number of bishops will not be attending the conference in protest at what they see as departures from biblical truth and standards of behaviour by a growing number of provinces in the Anglican Communion. They hold little hope that these departures will be addressed by the conference since so many of the bishops who will be attending have promoted them or have refused to speak against them. …”

LAMBETH 1998: Diary from the Last True Lambeth Conference – Dr Stephen Noll.

“Lambeth 1998 was the last Conference convened by the Archbishop of Canterbury to attempt to resolve anything of substance. The 2008 Lambeth Conference left behind a undigested glob of ‘indaba.’ The 2022 Conference promises much of the same with a series of indistinct trumpet ‘calls.’ It may be said that the Conference is already all over but the photo op, which no doubt is exactly what the planners intend.

The mantle of serious Anglican discourse has now passed to the Global Anglican Future Conferences, especially those in 2008 and 2018. …”