Kel Richards calls on Australians to ‘refuse to walk backwards’ in the fight against the evils of anti-Semitism

Posted on December 3, 2023 
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“A new expression was coined at the recent Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (or ARC for short) conference in London: ‘civilisational moment’.

The 1,500 delegates were warned that Australia, Britain the United States and all of the western world is facing a ‘civilisational moment’  – a tipping point in which we could lose the civilised values that have guided us for well over than a thousand years, and which have given us the freedoms we enjoy. …

The warning sign of our ‘civilisational moment’ is the epidemic of anti-Semitism sweeping the western world – what we thought was the civilised world. …”

– Kel Richards writes this opinion-piece at Sky News Australia.


Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s statement on antisemitism — 13 October 2023.

Image: ABC.