ePetition for Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital

Posted on November 17, 2021 
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Presbyterian Social Services in NSW are seeking help in gaining vital funding for the Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital in Dundas.

The only hospital dedicated to the health of children with disabilities in NSW is Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital. It operates on a $5,500,000 budget to employ 150 staff, mostly nurses, as they meet the health of 120 special children.

While Allowah is grateful for the adhoc MOU with Sydney Children’s Hospital Network to help fund this healthcare, the nature of the agreement means it provides just $5,000 per year.”

– from the ePetition at Jericho Road, the website of Presbyterian Social Services.

Read more background at their website:

“For the longer term, in order to address the financial vulnerability caused by setbacks such as COVID-19, we have been discussing ways that Allowah could better partner with NSW Health to meet the needs of children with complex medical needs and disabilities. We have had several discussions with Senior Policy Officers from the Ministry of Health and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, and hope to progress a number of partnerships with NSW Health.

The reality is though that these longer-term initiatives will not address our immediate and urgent need for funds in 2021 due to COVID-19. We need $1.6M emergency funding to see us through 2021.”

– and do consider signing the petition.