Complicating factors for the TEC Diocese of Los Angeles

Posted on July 1, 2015 
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bp-bruno-rec-laThe Diocese of Los Angeles’ proposed sale of St. James’ Episcopal Church property in Newport Beach, California is proving more complicated thna expected…

“It turns out that the original developer of the area, Griffith Company, donated in 1945 the land on which the beautiful St. James building was erected, to the Protestant Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles, upon ‘the condition, covenant and restriction’ that –

The property conveyed shall be used for church purposes exclusively and no building other than a church and appurtenances shall be erected, placed or maintained thereon. The foregoing restriction shall be binding upon the [Bishop], his successors…

story from the Anglican Curmudgeon, A.S. Haley.

(Photo: J. J. Bruno, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.)