More than 1,000 vicars vow to defy any vaccine passport plans for churches

“In an open letter to the [British] Prime Minister concerning vaccine passport proposals, the church leaders said: ‘To deny people entry to hear this life-giving message and to receive this life-giving ministry would be a fundamental betrayal of Christ and the Gospel.‘…”

Story from The Telegraph (via MSN).

And from the Letter:

Open Letter from Christian Leaders to the Prime Minister Concerning Vaccine Passport Proposals

“Dear Prime Minister,

As Christian leaders across a range of denominations, we continue to pray at this time for your government ‘and all in high positions, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and dignity’ (1 Timothy 2:2).

However, we write to you concerning an area of the most serious concern, namely the potential introduction into our society of so-called ‘vaccine passports’ which have also been referred to as ‘COVID-status certificates’ and ‘freedom passes’. We are wholly opposed to this suggestion and wish to make three points about the potential consideration of any scheme of this type. …“

Read the full letter here. It is signed by a number of UK Christians leaders who would be known to our readers.

Meeting others to worship is a lifeline

“A group of Clergy taking government to court might seem a surprisingly ‘un-Christian’ thing to do, when closing churches is to ‘save lives’. In fact, the reason we have commenced action against Scottish Minsters is born of profound Christian love for our nation.

We all recognise the challenges facing the government. But we believe that, however well-intentioned, criminalising corporate worship is both damaging and dangerous for Scotland…

There is an urgent need for a message beyond that of health and safety: a message of hope and salvation.”

– Dr. William Philip, Minister at The Tron Church in Glasgow, argues why it is so important that churches meet – despite COVID.

Frankin Graham Event and the Glasgow Hydro Arena

“The cancellation by the SSE Hydro in Glasgow of the Franklin Graham event is a deeply disturbing decision that is antithetical to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and to true democratic values. …”

– Members of the West of Scotland Gospel Partnership have signed this letter of support for Franklin Graham, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

St Silas Church, Glasgow to leave the Scottish Episcopal Church

“St Silas Church in the West End of Glasgow has voted to discontinue its status as a licensed private chapel within the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC).  After a process of consultation and prayer, a members vote was held and an emphatic majority of 86% voted to leave. …

‘Recent decisions of the Scottish Episcopal Church have made clear to us that the denomination does not regard the Bible as the authoritative word of God. With deep sadness, we have therefore decided that for reasons of integrity we can no longer continue as part of the Scottish Episcopal Church. We want to leave with goodwill towards those with whom we are parting company, and sincerely pray for God’s blessing for the SEC in the future, and its renewal around God’s word.’…”

– From GAFCON. Doubtless, the members of St. Silas would value your continued prayers.

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(Image: St. Silas Church Glasgow.)

Departing from orthodoxy: what it was like to split from the Church of Scotland

At The Australian Church Record, Matt Baines speaks with Peter Dickson, Scotland Team Leader of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, about his 2011 decision to leave the Church of Scotland.

“Leaving the Church of Scotland was a prolonged process. … there were three years of negotiations, discussions, church courts, decisions meetings and correspondence which led to our leaving, finally, in 2011. …

It was a transition of immense upheaval but one in which people’s ultimate allegiances and beliefs came to the fore.”

You can read the full conversation here – and please do remember to pray for the salvation of many in Scotland.

Aberdeen congregation votes to leave Scottish Episcopal Church

“A congregation in the north-east Scottish coastal city of Aberdeen is preparing to leave the Scottish Episcopal Church. Members of Westhill Community Church voted last night (Thursday) by 83 per cent to 13 per cent to leave the Anglican Communion’s province in Scotland following what they say is the ‘continued liberal trajectory’ of the Church.

Speaking to the Anglican Communion News Service, the Rector of Westhill, Canon Ian Ferguson, said: ‘We have been on a journey for many years – when I say “we” I mean a group of evangelical Episcopal rectors – in talking to bishops about the trajectory the Scottish Episcopal Church has set itself on going. This culminated in a number of decisions that the SEC took which some of us found that we could not accept. …”

– Report from the Anglican Communion News Service.

And from the Westhill newsletter for 20 Jnauary 2019:

“The result of the vote on Thursday 17th January asking whether you agree with the leaders and vestry that Westhill Community Church should leave the Scottish Episcopal Church was 87% Yes and 13% No, with 2 spoiled papers.

There will be no immediate changes. We as a Church need to take time to catch our breath and pray about the way forward.

Thanks to everyone who assisted with the process including everyone who came out on such a cold night to vote and everyone who stayed to pray together.

With every blessing, on behalf of the Leaders and Vestry.”

The evangelical church in Scotland: An interview with Matt Baines

“Matt Baines is originally from Sydney where he has been working as an assistant minister at Minchinbury Anglican Church until August this year, when he and his family moved to Edinburgh.

Here, Matt shares with us some of his early reflections on the evangelical church in Scotland. …”

– Read his initial reflections at The Australian Church Record.

Scottish Anglican Network plans evangelism conference

“Two key figures in the orthodox Anglican movement will take part in a conference on evangelism to be held in Edinburgh on Saturday 20 October 2018. …

The October conference will discuss what the Church is for, why the world needs to hear the Gospel, and how the Church can be better equipped to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus. …

Among those participating will be Archbishop Foley Beach, Primate of the Anglican Church in North America, and Bishop Andy Lines… …”

– Remember to pray for gospel-minded men and women in Scotland.

Edinburgh church votes to split from the Scottish Episcopal Church

“One of the largest churches in Edinburgh has voted to split from the Scottish Episcopal Church amid tensions over its decision to become the first Anglican body in the UK to endorse gay marriage. …

The Rev David McCarthy, Rector at St Thomas’ told The Sunday Telegraph the decision had been a “very painful” one. …

‘… it is the Episcopal Church who are leaving us. They are leaving orthodoxy.’…”

– Report from The Sunday Telegraph.

(Photo of David McCarthy via GAFCON.)

See also: St. Thomas’, Corstorphine, Edinburgh.