Passion play with puppetry

“When Epping rector Bishop Ross Nicholson first raised the idea of a Good Friday passion play centred on a large puppet of Jesus, the response was sceptical. Could this really work?

Given that his previous church in Tasmania had done the play for years, he was able to reply with an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’…”

– Judy Adamson has the story at

Photo: Ross Nicholson.

Praying for 2024 Ordinands

“Please pray for these candidates as they prepare for ordination on February 17, 2024 and for taking up positions at the following parishes …” has the list – for your prayers!

William Ansdell Leech (1842-1895) and the Fresh Air League

“On 25 September 1890, in his parish of Bong Bong in the Southern Highlands of NSW, the Rev William Ansdell Leech, an Anglican clergyman, formed a Ministering Children’s League (MCL) group from which the NSW Fresh Air League (FAL) would arise.

Initially, the activity that gave rise to the FAL was Leech’s particular way of fulfilling the ideals of the MCL. It soon became apparent that providing holiday accommodation for poor children and families in a healthy mountainous environment was a ministry deserving of its own name. …”

– Paul Cooper, Research Fellow at Christ College, Sydney, provides another fascinating window in to the (not-so-distant) past at Philanthropists And Philanthropy In Australian Colonial History.


Moore College farewells The Rev Dr Chase Kuhn

“Moore College’s much-loved lecturer in Christian ethics and theology, The Rev Dr Chase Kuhn, has accepted the Archbishop’s invitation to become the Rector of St Matthias Centennial Park in Sydney. Dr Kuhn’s long-standing love of church-based pastoral ministry means that this move has not surprised any who know him.

While we will be very sad to see him go, we are so glad that he is able to use his very considerable gifts in the service of this community of God’s people. We share the joy of this opportunity with Chase, Amy and the family. …”

News from Moore College.

“Jesus has come to invade the realm of darkness”

“Archbishop Kanishka Raffel has visited the Diocese’s newest Anglican building, Leppington Anglican Church, celebrating ministry to what has become known as the ‘new southwest’. …

The church’s opening was disrupted by COVID and the service was the first opportunity to mark the event. …”

Leppington opens as ‘new SouthWest’ emerges.

Russell Powell writes of Hope Anglican Church at Leppington.

Embedded in the article is the video of the service, including an interview with the Archbishop, and his sermon. The Archbishop reminds us, “Jesus has come to invade the realm of darkness”.

Getting to know CityAlight

Recently, Sol Fenne, Music Coordinator at 20schemes music in Scotland, spent some time with Rich Vassallo to get to know CityAlight, a music ministry which has blessed many people – at St. Paul’s Castle Hill, across Sydney, and right around the world.

A most encouraging video and a great reminder to pray for the team of CityAlight.

Sydney Diocese: Please pray for ordinands

“Please pray for these candidates as they prepare for ordination on November 28, 2020 and taking up positions at the following parishes. …”

Media release from the Diocese of Sydney, and fuel for prayer.

Car wash to become homeless aged care centre

“In the inner-city suburb of Darlinghurst, early work has begun on an aged care centre catering for homeless men and women.

The 42-bed centre will be operated by the charity HammondCare, on a site previously occupied by a car wash. …”

– Story from ABC News.

Artist’s impression of the new centre via St. John’s Darlinghurst.

Rick Smith joins Moore College’s CMD team

Rick SmithNews from Moore College:

Moore College’s Centre for Ministry Development (CMD) has been assisting in the theologically shaped development of ministers for the past four years. The Centre has recognised the need to assist more clergy through mentoring and for developing new Rectors and has appointed Rick Smith to join the team as a consultant…”

Story here.

Related: Centre for Ministry Development.

UNSW Campus Bible Study 40th Anniversary

Campus Bible Study 40thCampus Bible Study at the University of New South Wales held a 40th anniversary thanksgiving and reunion event on October 31st.

There is much cause for thanksgiving to the Lord for a ministry that has been such a blessing to so many around the world.

Video from the day has now been posted at

Ordinands get ready for the big day

Ordinands“A group of 35 men and women will be ordained as deacons on Saturday, taking positions from church planting, indigenous ministry, school chaplaincy to parish work.

Archbishop Dr Glenn Davies has been addressing the group this week at the pre-ordination conference and will ordain them at a service at St Andrew’s Cathedral on Saturday, February 1st,  2014 at 10am.

The number is one more than were ordained at last years service. Sydney Anglican churches are being asked to remember the ordinands in prayer.”

– See the full list at and take the time to pray for these brothers and sisters.

‘Tears & Hope’ – a service of healing for survivors of abuse

Tears & Hope 2013There’s to be a special service of healing for survivors of abuse – at St. John’s Darlinghurst at 7:00pm on Monday 25th November 2013.

Kerrie Newmarch, Chaplain Professional Standards Unit, writes, “Much thought and care is put into the program so that all attendees can feel relaxed and at ease. Previous participants have found the prayers and the words from the Archbishop to be helpful, at times bringing comfort and healing.”

Download a PDF invitation with contact details. Related: Abuse Report Line.

Anglican Aid launches Bushfire appeal

Smoke blankets Western Sydney, 17 October 2013From Eternity Newspaper

“One of the worst hit areas was Springwood-Winmalee, a normally peaceful area in the lower Blue Mountains. Eternity spoke to Senior Pastor at Springwood Anglican Church, Steve Young, who said they were still in the thick of it.

‘There are scores of houses that are burnt down in the community and whole sections like Yellow Rock where there are very few houses left. We know of 10 church families that have lost their houses.‘…” has more.

In response to the fires, the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid has launched an emergency appeal

Anglican Aid has launched an urgent appeal to respond to the needs of people in Sydney affected by the fires. The distribution of funds will be overseen by the Bishop of Western Sydney, Ivan Lee. Working through established networks, Anglican Aid and Bishop Lee will be able to identify and respond to the urgent needs of many.

The Archbishop has said “I am grateful for Anglican Aid launching this appeal. While there are many calls upon our resources and many good causes seeking funds, I commend to your prayerful consideration this urgent appeal in the light of the loss of so many homes in Sydney and NSW on account of these horrific bushfires.”

Please feel free to pass on the link! (Photo: Smoke blankets western Sydney, 17 October 2013.)

Moore Missions 2012 over and out

“Moore College Missions 2012 (held April 29 to May 6) have successfully concluded for another year. It has been a wonderful display of God’s people evangelising…”

– Read it at the Moore College website.