Global South Bishops to seek reaffirmation of Lambeth 1.10

In a video posted on the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches website, Chairman Archbishop Justin Badi calls the orthodox bishops at Lambeth to seek the reaffirmation of Lambeth 1.10 as the official teaching of the Anglican Communion on marriage.

This might not go well with the Scottish Episcopal Church.

The Limitations of Lambeth

“In less than a week’s time Anglican bishops from around the world will gather for what is usually a decennial Lambeth Conference in London.

This year, a sizeable number of bishops will not be attending the conference in protest at what they see as departures from biblical truth and standards of behaviour by a growing number of provinces in the Anglican Communion. They hold little hope that these departures will be addressed by the conference since so many of the bishops who will be attending have promoted them or have refused to speak against them.

It is important to manage our expectations as the conference approaches. …”

– Moore College Principal Dr Mark Thompson reminds us where the true authority lies for the churches of the Anglican Communion.

LAMBETH 1998: Diary from the Last True Lambeth Conference

“This is the 24th anniversary of the historic 1998 Lambeth Conference, which is remembered for its Resolution I.10 on Human Sexuality.

I was present there, representing the American Anglican Council (AAC). In this capacity I filed a three-week ‘Diary’ of the Conference. I am posting this diary without revision, except for the final week.

Lambeth 1998 was the last Conference convened by the Archbishop of Canterbury to attempt to resolve anything of substance. The 2008 Lambeth Conference left behind a undigested glob of ‘indaba.’ The 2022 Conference promises much of the same with a series of indistinct trumpet ‘calls.’ It may be said that the Conference is already all over but the photo op, which no doubt is exactly what the planners intend.

The mantle of serious Anglican discourse has now passed to the Global Anglican Future Conferences, especially those in 2008 and 2018. …”

– The Rev Dr Stephen Noll has published his first hand account of Lambeth 1988 – what he calls “the last true Lambeth Conference”.

Fascinating and sobering. And thank God for GAFCON!

“God has called us… to stand for the true gospel witness”

“The Global South grouping of the Anglican Communion is moving away from being based on geography to being founded on doctrinal orthodoxy.

This is a significant move for the group, which – at its first meeting in 1994 –  gathered churches from all parts of the Southern Hemisphere including Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. …”

At, Russell Powell reports on last month’s 8th Global South Conference and its Communiqué (“The Eighth Trumpet”) from the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches.

See also:

A Hope and a Future for Anglicans – Phil Ashey.

A Hope and a Future for Anglicans

“It is an understatement that Anglicanism is not always neat and tidy.  The very nature of our decision making in councils, as ancient as it may be, is messy.  Things don’t always go as planned.  Sometimes people don’t respect what the whole decides together in scripture, prayerful study and discussion, and waiting on the Lord’s timing.  Sometimes a part demands that the whole adjust to it and runs ahead rather than waiting on the counsel of the whole church.

That seems to be at the heart Bishop Michael Nazir Ali’s decision to leave the Church of England to join the Anglican Ordinariate in the Roman Catholic Church. …

We have included a few articles in today’s weekly newsletter responding to his departure, but I want to offer some good news with some cautious optimism.  On Sunday, October 17, the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA) issued their Communique (“The Eighth Trumpet”) after a four-day conference on Zoom attended by 90 delegates from 16 Provinces and one diocese (Sydney), including the Anglican Church in North America.

In the words of the Communique, the purpose of this GSFA gathering was to “address the unchecked spread of revisionism” among all the Churches of the Anglican Communion by enacting a “covenantal structure” that will “enhance ecclesial responsibility” and mutual accountability among the churches of the GSFA …

Now there is an ecclesial body, a Communion to which the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GAFCON) can bring distressed, biblically faithful, orthodox Anglicans from heterodox dioceses and provinces for membership.  GAFCON can authenticate and recognize those in distress and gather them for membership in GSFA—just as St. Paul gathered Gentile converts into churches that enjoyed communion with the established church in Jerusalem under St. Peter.”

In his weekly newsletter from the American Anglican Council, Canon Phil Ashey sees hope for a genuinely orthodox Anglican communion.

He mentions the just-concluded 8th Global South Conference and its Communiqué (“The Eighth Trumpet”) from the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches.

The Seventh Global South Conference held in Cairo, Egypt

“The 7th Global South Conference opened on the 8th of October 2019 with an Eucharist Service followed by a welcome dinner at the All Saints Cathedral, Cairo.

Slightly more than a hundred delegates and observers from 19 Provinces and other parts of the Communion were present for this 4-day Conference. …

Bishop Rennis Ponniah, who chairs the Study Group on Enhancing Ecclesial Responsibility, presented the proposal for an enhanced ecclesial structure to guide the work of Global South. …

A new Steering Committee was appointed:

Chairman: Archbishop Justin Badi (Sudan)
Vice-Chair: Archbishop Tito Zavala (Chile)
Secretary: Archbishop Samuel Manhkin (Bangladesh)
Treasurer: Archbishop Foley Beach (ACNA)

Archbishop Stephen Than Myint Oo (Myanmar)
Archbishop Masimango Katanda Zacharie (Congo)
Archbishop James Richard Wong Yin Song. …”

– From Global South Anglican.

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The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSA) Covenantal Structure. (PDF file)

“This Proposal on Enhancing Ecclesial Responsibility of Global South Churches sets out a clear basis and a coherent structure for constituting The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSA).”

American Anglican Council Canon Phil Ashey’s hopes for the Anglican Communion. – Youtube.

Photo credit: Revd Canon Andrew Gross.

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