Why I left the Brisbane Anglicans to join the Diocese of the Southern Cross

“My big story started in 2013. I was in Nairobi at Gafcon, and Mike Ovey [the late principal of London’s Oak Hull College] Mike spoke on Ephesians chapter five.

[The passage says] that there were those who would deceive us into thinking that the wrath of God is not coming because of, as Paul puts these things, the extent of their immorality. And the encouragement of the Apostle Paul, ‘Do not become partners with them’.

And that started me thinking, well, here I am in the Brisbane diocese; what does it mean to be partners? What does that mean in terms of my relationship with the diocese? …”

– At Anglican Ink, John Sandeman has Peter Judge-Mears’ story.

And a good reminder to be in prayer for the members of Southside Anglican, St John’s Wishart, and others seeking to honour Christ in their respective situations.

Photo: Peter Judge-Mears announces he is leaving St Johns, Wishart, September 2022.


Diocese of the Southern Cross.

“We are the Anglican Communion; we represent 85% of all church-going Anglicans” — Bishop Glenn Davies

“We have a de facto re-ordered Communion now. We are not leaving the Anglican Communion, but reforming it along Cranmerian lines, where the Scripture is supreme and obedience to Scripture is essential; we represent 85% of Anglicans worldwide and are moving forward. …”

– David Virtue at VirtueOnline has published an interview with Bishop Glenn Davies.

Photo: Bishop Davies speaks at GAFCON IV in Kigali.

Former Uniting Church congregation affiliates with Diocese of the Southern Cross

“At least a couple of ex-Uniting Churches have been pondering whether to join the new Diocese of the Southern Cross, an Anglican lifeboat set up to look after conservative churches in progressive dioceses (church regions).

Now the first ex-Uniting Church has crossed the denominational boundary and become conservative Anglican. Others will follow.…”

– At The Other Cheek, John Sandeman reports that Faith Church in Mooloolaba, led by Rev. Dr. Hedley Fihaki (former head of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations) has ‘joined’ the Diocese of the Southern Cross.

Rather than stating that the church joined the Diocese, the Faith Church website says it is now ‘an affiliate member’ of Diocese of the Southern Cross:

“At Faith Church, we are proud to share a strong connection with the Diocese of the Southern Cross as an affiliate member, an organisation of like-minded churches that shares our commitment to the gospel, biblical teachings, and Christ-centered living. Through this partnership, we foster unity and collaboration among our congregations and ministries, strengthening our collective impact on our local and global communities.

Our relationship with the Diocese of the Southern Cross provides our congregation with valuable resources, guidance, and support as we work together to advance the Kingdom of God. We benefit from the exchange of ideas, shared experiences, and joint initiatives that enrich our faith and enhance our ministries.

Together with the Diocese of the Southern Cross, we are dedicated to upholding our core values and beliefs, fostering spiritual growth, and serving our communities with compassion and love. By partnering with like-minded churches and leaders, we can accomplish more and inspire lasting change, united in our mission to spread the Gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ to the world.”


Uniting Church: Post 15th Assembly Pastoral Letter from the Assembly of Confessing Congregations – July 2018.

Photo: Rev. Dr. Hedley & Mia Fihaki.

Christ our Refuge, Brisbane — new church in Diocese of the Southern Cross

“On Wednesday, 22 February, Bishop Glenn Davies formally commissioned Rev Dave Miers as the Pastor of Christ our Refuge – the fifth church in the new Diocese of the Southern Cross

Christ our Refuge is a new church launching later this year in Brisbane’s Inner North.
Our dream is to be a city of refuge within the city of Brisbane, where many people have found refuge, security, and hope in Christ.

We see a mature, generous, and kingdom-minded community with a prayer to plant four new gospel-centred Anglican churches in Brisbane by 2032.

Find out more about our weekly gatherings, joining our team, prayer updates, and financial partnership here: christrefuge.co

– News as well as photos of the Commissioning service can bee seen on their Facebook page.

See also the Diocese of the Southern Cross church directory.

Give thanks for all who are stepping out in faith to make Christ known – and especially Dave Miers and the members of this new church in Brisbane.

New Beginnings Church, Lakelands — latest to join Diocese of the Southern Cross

Today’s prayer request from GAFCON:

“The Diocese of the Southern Cross (Australia) welcomed another new church recently: New Beginnings Church, Lakelands, Western Australia.

Thank God for the courage and conviction of the congregation. Their rented building is already too small: please pray for a suitable space that will enable growth and service in the community.”

Northern Hope Anglican Church joins Diocese of the Southern Cross

As of 8th January 2023, Northern Hope Anglican Church in Cairns is the third church to join the Diocese of the Southern Cross. Northern Hope is meeting under the pastoral leadership of the Rev. Trevor Saggers.

Please uphold these churches, and Bishop Glenn Davies, bishop of the diocese, in your prayers.

Hear the sermon by Bishop Davies, as well as interviews on local radio.

Further from GAFCON:

Northern Hope Anglican Church Launched in Queensland

After 23 years of ministry at a parish church in Cairns, Australia, the Reverend Trevor Saggers decided enough was enough, when his bishop, among other things, was unable to support the Bible’s teaching on same-sex relationships.

When a motion was put to the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia in May 2022 affirming the Bible’s teaching on marriage and declaring the blessing of same-sex marriages to be contrary to the Bible’s teaching, the Bishop of North Queensland could not vote in favour of such a statement. Sadly, he was not alone among the House of Bishops, as a majority of 12 bishops voted against the motion, thus preventing the adoption of the statement addressing the faith of the Church, despite a majority of lay and clerical members of the General Synod voting in favour.

This action precipitated, in part, the formation of the Diocese of the Southern Cross, an extra provincial diocese within Australia, as a lifeboat for faithful Anglicans to join, when they felt they could no longer serve under the jurisdiction of a bishop who did not faithfully teach the doctrine of Christ and his apostles.

On Sunday, 8th January 2023, Bishop Glenn Davies commissioned the Reverend Trevor Saggers as the pastor of Northern Hope Anglican Church and welcomed 120 people who gathered in a rented hall with their pastor to form a new Anglican congregation in Cairns, the third Member Church of the Diocese of the Southern Cross. …”

Read it all here.

The cracks widen in the Australian Anglican Church

“Archbishop Raffel’s ‘Do you see the crowds’ address at Oran Park was mission driven and gospel focused, particularly asking how to reach the new housing estates where 30 new churches are needed to reach the hundreds of thousands of people who are moving into the Greenfields areas to the west of Sydney.

There was no mention of Brisbane.

It was a stunning contrast to South East Queensland Archbishop’s Phillip Aspinall’s hand grenade presentation, attacking evangelicals and Sydney Anglicans, which has so far led to the resignations of two of his ministers and the splitting of two Brisbane congregations.

The second minister to resign in Brisbane is Peter Judge Mears. …”

At The Pastor’s Heart, Dominic Steele highlights Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s Synod Presidential Address on Saturday. He also speaks with Peter Judge-Mears who has just announced his resignation from the Diocese of Brisbane.


Archbishop Aspinall’s 2022 Presidential Address here (PDF file).

Bishop Glenn Davies’ Address at the ACL Synod Dinner 2022

The Rt Rev Dr Glenn Davies spoke tonight, 12 September 2022, at a packed ACL Synod Dinner.

His topic?  “Where to from now? The place of Sydney Anglicans in Australia”.

Dr Davies, former Archbishop of Sydney, is Deputy Chair of Gafcon Australia and also Bishop of the newly formed Diocese of the Southern Cross.

Speaking of the Anglican Church of Australia, he said there is a fracture in unity, holiness, catholicity and apostolicity – a tear in the fabric.

Take the time to hear his very informative address:


or download the 11.5MB / 23 minute mp3 file. (right click on the link to Save As.)

News from Brisbane: Peter Judge-Mears to resign and join the Diocese of the Southern Cross

Peter Judge-Mears, the Rector of St. John’s Wishart in the Diocese of Brisbane, has posted this announcement on the church’s Facebook page

“Dear brothers and sisters at St Johns,

It is with deep sadness that I announce my resignation as Rector of St Johns, Wishart. I have found it a great privilege to serve in this church over just under 14 years as Associate Minister, Priest in Charge and Rector. Sybil and I, along with our children, have been partners with you in proclaiming the gospel to the local community. As a family, we have been blessed by your generosity and friendships. Sybil and I have been privileged to walk alongside you through times of deep sorrow and times of great joy.

Sadly, over these 14 years, I have witnessed the increasing divergence between received Anglican theology and the theology of the diocese. This culminated in the Archbishop’s Synod address and the changes to Faithfulness in Service.

Although I have appreciated the time and graciousness that the Archbishop has extended to discuss my concerns, my concerns have not been allayed. Neither has the recent resignation of the Archbishop, who merely gave a clear voice to the theology now taught in our theological college and from the pulpits of our churches.

Most of you have known the struggle I have had since synod and are aware that this decision has been one I have wrestled long over. I am concerned that the mission of Jesus with which we are charged should be delayed no longer. I am grateful to the Archbishop’s Commissary (Bishop Cameron) who has allowed me to move far faster than the required 3 months. Accordingly, my final Sunday will be Sunday 18th of September, after which I intend to take a short break before commencing services on October 2nd under the Diocese of the Southern Cross.

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Please do pray for Peter and his family and for the church at Wishart.

Image from Peter’s announcement to the congregation on Sunday 11 September 2022. (video)

From the church website:

“Peter has been the minister of St John’s since 2010. He graduated from Moore College in 1997 and was ordained in New Zealand in 1999.”


In July 2022 Peter published an open letter to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall in response to his Address to the Brisbane Synod. Read the full letter here (PDF file).

And read Archbishop Aspinall’s Presidential Address here (PDF file).

Diocese of the Southern Cross.