Anglican Aid’s India COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Posted on April 29, 2021 
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“Anglican Aid is responding to the COVID-19 crisis in India by supporting Herbertpur Christian Hospital with essential supplies and equipment.

We have received urgent requests for help to provide equipment like ventilators, monitors, PPE (personal protective equipment) kits, and food for the COVID patients.

The hospital is being overwhelmed with cases after being designated a COVID hospital in response to the crisis. They currently have a total of 30 beds for COVID treatment and are working to bring that number up to 50. The hospital services an area with a population of 2 million people, serving anyone regardless of race, caste, creed, or religion.

It is the only COVID hospital in a 20km radius. …”

Read more from Anglican Aid (Diocese of Sydney) and help as you are able.

Photo: Herbertpur Christian Hospital COVID beds, via Anglican Aid.