An Evening with Charlie Skrine

Posted on April 25, 2024 
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From Moore College:

“Join us for an engaging evening with Charlie Skrine, Rector of All Soul’s Langham Place and passionate advocate for complementarianism.

With many years of experience and dialogue across viewpoints, Charlie brings a wealth of insight into the significance of complementarian roles for men and women. Serving in the heart of London and active in evangelical leadership, he continues the legacy of impactful ministry.

Charlie is visiting Australia to speak at EFAC’s National Evangelical Anglican Conference on the topic of “Evangelical Anglicanism—what sort of future?” And we are privileged to have Charlie presenting the Priscilla and Aquila seminar on Ephesians 5: ‘This is a profound mystery; How can something the Bible says is this good be the cause of so much division?’

Don’t miss his talk this Monday, April 29, from 7-9 pm!

Register today by clicking the link.”