An evangelical Rector quits apostate denomination – with Andrew Pearson

Posted on July 13, 2021 
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From The Pastor’s Heart:

“The resignation of Rev Andrew Pearson as rector of the 11-hundred strong Advent Cathedral in Birmingham, Alabama has come as a shock.

The conventional wisdom had been that Advent could ride the storms of liberalism surrounding it, despite many other evangelicals being gradually forced out of America’s Episcopal Church over the last decade.

However, the Cathedral’s vestry has recently capitulated to the demands of the new Alabama Episcopal bishop.

Andrew says an ultimatum was put to him by two successive bishops, ‘change or leave the denomination.’

Andrew speaks about how he reluctantly came to realise there was no future for him in the Episcopal denomination, and that he needed to leave.

He speaks about joining the Anglican Church in North America, what it’s like now serving under a bishop he can trust in Foley Beach, and his plans for a new church plant in Birmingham.”

– A very sobering reminder of the choices facing the remaining evangelical pastors in The Episcopal Church and other denominations on a similar trajectory.

He also reminds Australian Anglicans of what the real issues are – but do watch it all, and do pray.

For some of the background:

‘The Advent has changed’: Andrew Pearson on why he left Advent Cathedral –

The Anglican Debacle: Roots and Patterns – by Dr. Mark Thompson, March 2008.

The Sydney Lambeth Decision Briefing – March 2008.

A Crisis in Koinonia: Biblical Perspectives for Anglicans – David Short, May 2004.