After the betrayal of democracy in Afghanistan, will other countries in the region ever trust the West again?

Posted on August 29, 2021 
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“I was born and brought up in neighbouring Pakistan and ministered up and down the land during the first civil war in Afghanistan, when five million Afghans took refuge in Pakistan. I was involved in the Church’s efforts to relieve their sufferings and to provide educational and medical facilities for them.

As Bishop of Raiwind, though, I warned both Pakistan and the West that the arming and training of extremist groups, from within Pakistan and Afghanistan and from the wider world, to fight the Soviet presence in Afghanistan would lead to the emergence of groups like the Taliban and would internationalise extremist Islamism. …”

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali published this opinion piece last weekend.


The dangers facing Afghan Christians inside their country and escaping from it – Barnabas Fund.