Bishop Iker and Diocese win All Saints Fort Worth case

Bishop Jack Leo Iker, Fort Worth“News has just been received that Bishop Iker and his Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth are the victors in the separately-tried lawsuit to determine the ownership of the grounds and property of All Saints, Fort Worth…”

– A S Haley has some good news on the Diocese of Fort Worth. Photo: Bishop Leo Iker.

(This is referring to the real Diocese of Fort Worth, not the new one created by TEC – from the latter comes this news

Bishop Rayford B. High, Jr. , said, “…I am disappointed in the decision but I know this will be appealed…”)

‘815 in Transparent move to punish Fort Worth’

AS Haley“Episcopalians in non-litigating parishes and dioceses should be asking: Why the silence? Why is 815 being allowed to run amok with the Church’s precious resources? Who is really in charge? Where are those who helped put the Presiding Bishop into power, and who will act now to curb her irrationality and her grasping at straws?”

– A S Haley, the Anglican Curmudgeon (and lawyer), takes a look at the latest Episcopal Church legal manoeuvrings.

Diocese of Fort Worth: Living with litigation

Bishop Jack Leo Iker, Fort WorthBishop Jack Iker of Fort Worth reflects on the lengthy legal battle imposed on his diocese.

“Living with litigation has become a way of life for us as members of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. For the past 4 ½ years, we have been under the cloud of a lawsuit brought against us by The Episcopal Church and its local supporters, seeking to deprive us of our buildings and assets. Read more

No censure for “Fort Worth 9” in TEC House of Bishops

“The push by the provisional bishops of Fort Worth and Quincy to censure nine bishops for disloyalty to the Episcopal Church has failed in the House of Bishops and has likely sunk any attempt to discipline the accused through the church’s legal system. …”

– George Conger reports at Anglican Ink.

Fort Worth: Fourth lawsuit arrives

“With three suits pending in two Texas counties, members of the minority that chose to stay in The Episcopal Church (TEC) two years ago have launched another assault on much the same grounds as the first three. Today All Saints’ Episcopal Church on Crestline Road in Fort Worth has sued Bishop Jack Iker personally, in federal court.

There can no longer be any doubt that this litigation is intended to harrass, intimidate, bankrupt, and divert the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, its Corporation, and its leadership – particularly Bishop Iker – from carrying out the mission of the Church.

Ironically, only this weekend Bishop Iker made several comments in jest to a gathering of clergy and laity of the Church of England in London, saying that he had “not checked the Internet today” to see whether he had been sued again…”

– from the Diocese of Fort Worth.
(Bishop Iker has only just published his response to the third lawsuit.)

High Noon in Fort Worth

Christian lawyer A S Haley, who blogs at Anglican Curmudgeon, spells out the steps taken by TEC against any diocese that attempts to leave. (h/t Anglican Mainstream.)

See also the Fort Worth website for the latest on the court case.

Fort Worth Asst Bp Wantland ‘removed and released’ by TEC Presiding Bishop

Ft Worth bishops“Dr. Schori:

This will acknowledge electronic receipt on this date of a letter apparently not mailed to me, but dated January 15, 2009, purporting to ‘accept’ my letter to you dated November 15, 2008 as a Renunciation of my Orders.

As you must know, my letter specifically declared that ‘I am not resigning my Orders’. …”

– Assistant Bishop William C. Wantland of the Diocese of Fort Worth responds to a letter from the TEC Presiding Bishop. Read it on the Fort Worth website. (And here’s the Episcopal Life version.)

Fort Worth Bishop inhibited

Bishop Jack Iker, Fort WorthWhile the Nov 21 notice of inhibition came as no surprise to Episcopal Church watchers, internal church documents show a resistance by the review committee to punish Bishop Iker on the basis of his beliefs – resisting Bishop Schori’s push to discipline the Fort Worth bishop before his diocese quit the Episcopal Church. …

– George Conger writes at Religious Intelligence.

Fort Worth joins Southern Cone

Fort Worth voteDelegates attending the 26th annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth on November 15 overwhelmingly approved realignment with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone.

It was the fourth time within 12 months that members of a diocese severed ties to the Episcopal Church, which has a total of 110 dioceses…

– An Episcopal Life Online report. (Image: Results posted on the Fort Worth website.)

Bishop Jack Iker’s Address to the Diocese of Fort Worth

Bishop Jack Iker, Fort Worth“We here in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth intend to be who we have always been, to believe what we have always believed, and to do what we have always done.

We are not going away, nor are we abandoning anything. We are not leaving the Church – we are the Church. We will remain an orthodox diocese of catholic Christians, full members of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Above all else, we remain committed to serving and obeying the Lord Jesus Christ, upholding the authority of the Holy Scriptures as the revealed Word of God and our ultimate authority in all matters of faith, morals and doctrine.”

– Read Bishop Iker’s full address at the Diocese of Fort Worth.

Watch the Fort Worth Convention

Bishop Jack IkerAs the Diocese of Fort Worth’s convention meets this weekend to vote on leaving The Episcopal Church, video of the proceedings will be streamed live on the internet.

See it at

We are contending for the Faith: Fort Worth

Bishop Jack Iker, Fort Worth“Contending for the Faith” is the theme of this year’s Diocesan Convention, and it aptly describes what lies at the heart of the controversy that surrounds us.

Others have argued that it is a matter of contending for property, or contending for the authority of The Episcopal Church over us, or contending for homosexual rights in the church. But these are simply some of the side issues confronting us.

The real issue is the faith. We are taking a stand for the historic faith and practice of the Bible, as we have received them, and against the continuing erosion of that faith by TEC. This Diocese stands for orthodox Christianity. TEC stands for a revisionist and compromised version of what the Church has always taught..…

Bishop Jack Iker writes as the Fort Worth Convention on November 14 and 15 draws closer.

Fort Worth Standing Committee recommends joining Southern Cone

Diocese of Fort Worth“On Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008, the Executive Council of the diocese adopted and endorsed – with only one dissenting vote – the following report and recommendation of the Bishop and Standing Committee. …

…that this Diocese affiliate with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone as a member diocese, on a temporary, pastoral basis, until such time as an orthodox Province of the Anglican Communion can be established in North America.”

– Read the full report from the Bishop and Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.

Fort Worth FAQs on ‘Fiduciary Duty’

Fort Worth crest“As we approach the time of decision concerning our continued affiliation with The Episcopal Church (TEC), one of the issues raised by those who desire to maintain affiliation with TEC concerns the legal question of the existence of ‘fiduciary’ relationships.

The issue seems to have been raised as a veiled threat against those who would vote to disaffiliate with TEC. Accordingly, it would be helpful for anyone who is concerned about this issue to understand what a fiduciary is and how fiduciary relationships are created in order to evaluate the credibility of the threat. …”

The Diocese of Fort Worth provides guidance for its members in the light of statements in recent months from TEC Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori (here’s one) and echoed by others.

Fort Worth Bishop Iker to Schori: It’s you who are meddling

Bishop Jack Iker, Fort WorthBishop Jack Iker of the Diocese of Forth Worth has responded to TEC Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori’s letter to Archbishop Greg Venables.

Bishop Iker points out that Archbishop Venables is in his diocese by his invitation.

And he has more to say –

April 30, 2008

The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori
815 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Dear Katharine,

I am shocked and saddened by the rude letter you released yesterday to Archbishop Greg Venables, concerning his visit this weekend to the Diocese of Fort Worth. Far from being “an unwarranted interference,” he is coming at my request as an honored visitor and guest speaker.

You should know that under the canons this does not require either your approval or your support. You have no say in this matter. A diocesan bishop is free to invite other bishops to visit and speak in his diocese.

There are no efforts at reconciliation proceeding within this Province, which is one reason why faithful people continue to leave TEC in droves. Your attitude and actions simply reinforce alienation and bring further discord.

Once again, you are the one meddling in the internal affairs of this diocese, and I ask you to stop your unwelcome intrusions.

Faithfully in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker
Bishop of Fort Worth

cc: The Archbishop of Canterbury

See the PDF file. (Photo: Diocese of Fort Worth.)

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