The deep limitations of digital church

Posted on April 21, 2012 
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“There is something good, healthy, and Great Commission-minded about the eager use of new communication technologies.  …

At the same time, there are dangers. … Christ clearly intends for his people to be gathered together into congregations. The fellowship of the saints is a vital means of grace for the disciple of Christ.”

– Albert Mohler warns against ‘doing church’ on the Internet.

In a similar vein, Carl Trueman has been writing about ‘multi-site’ churches –

Multisite, the Poker Tell and the Importance of Presence
“Presence is important. In a world where it is easy to simulate presence, even visible presence as by television, webcam or skype, it remains the case that actually being in the immediate physical proximity of somebody is important…”

No life in the Moon but is that necessarily a problem?
“Moments after finishing my piece on the importance of presence for Ref21, a reader emailed me a link to a quite bizarre story: Olympic organisers in London had apparently been hoping to have Keith Moon play at this year’s opening ceremony…”