Norwich Cathedral erects 50 foot helter skelter in Nave

Posted on August 11, 2019 
Filed under Church of England

Not to be outdone by Rochester Cathedral’s indoor crazy golf course, Norwich Cathedral has built a 50 foot (15 metre) helter skelter in its Nave.

To be fair, the helter skelter is part of the Cathedral’s strategy to connect with the community and to open up conversations about the gospel:

“Could the playful presence of a helter skelter help to open up conversations about the building, help open up conversations about God? This unexpected presence in the Cathedral would act as a draw. Climbing to its top, the visitor will literally see the Cathedral differently. They will also come closer to the roof bosses and to the story they tell, the story of Salvation. …

in the South Transept will be a Bible Box, offering the opportunity to literally sit inside the Word of God. Surrounded by all the words of Scripture, and the story of Salvation …

And in the East end of the Cathedral will be displayed stories from individuals explaining how Jesus has helped them see life differently. …

The fun comes in the shape of a helter skelter. The serious comes in creating opportunities for reflective, God-shaped conversations. It is playful in its intent but also profoundly missional. It is the Cathedral doing what it has always done – encouraging conversations about God. By its sheer size and grandeur it speaks of the things of God; it points beyond itself. Its sheer presence helps to keep the rumour of God alive and plays its part in passing on the story of Salvation.”

Image: Norwich Cathedral.