New book on The Thirty-Nine Articles

Posted on November 16, 2010 
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Available now from Moore Books.

A new book: Defining Convictions and Decisive Commitments: The Thirty-Nine Articles in Contemporary Anglicanism – by Michael Jensen of Moore Theological College and Tom Frame St Mark’s National Theological Centre in Canberra, is now available.

They write:

“We firmly believe that the Articles have a continuing place in the life of the Anglican Church of Australia because they deserve such a place. In our view the Articles are a treasury of wholesome doctrine and ought to serve as the basis for assessing new thinking and novel customs. We are convinced that the Articles point to a distinctly Anglican approach to theology and ecclesiology, and are worthy of close attention and sustained study. Rather than have the Articles overlooked in the hope that they might quietly fade from view, we argue that Anglicans ought to pay closer attention to the Articles.  

In relation to disagreements about their meaning, Anglicans ought to engage in discussion about where and how they might be amended. Ultimately we might achieve a new consensus or see new articles added in relation to matters that presently divide Christians – and even Anglicans. Pretending the Articles do not exist is not a long-term solution or an attractive option in any sense. The longer the task of reviewing and revising the Articles is delayed, the more imposing will be the scope and substance of matters requiring clarification and codification.

This small book is part of our effort to revive interest in the Articles. It reflects our commitment to an expression of Anglican mission and ministry that honours the past, engages with the present and anticipates the future, for the sake of Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God.”