GAFCON Reflections from the UK

Posted on July 10, 2018 
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“I’m not a GAFCON cheerleader. Or, at least, I wasn’t.

Though, given the ‘presenting issue’ that birthed GAFCON, I have always been theologically sympathetic to this movement of fellow conservative Anglican brothers and sisters, I have been, am, and likely will be again from time-to-time quietly critical of some of GAFCON’s decisions, statements, and actions. And my time in Jerusalem last month as part of the UK delegation was not one of unabated joy and optimism from start to finish. GAFCON – like every Christian body this side of the eschaton – is far from perfect.

But if I was doubtful of this before, I am now no longer…”

– At Church Society’s blog,Tom Woolford, a curate in Blackburn Diocese, offers his personal reflections from GAFCON 2018.