Happy 95th birthday to Dick Lucas

Today marks the 95th birthday of Dick Lucas, born on this day in 1925.

Dick served as Rector of St Helen’s Bishopsgate in London from 1961 to 1998.

We can be thankful to God for using Dick to help so many preach God’s Word faithfully.

St. Helen’s has more than 1700 talks by Dick available on their website.

Bishop of Armidale flags return to parish ministry — at Shoalhaven Heads

“This has not been an easy decision but nor was the call to be a Bishop, but what a privilege it has been to serve among you.

In my time as Bishop I have watched the suffering of a drought affected rural diocese and stood beside and with you in such suffering. I have ordained and appointed many of you to positions. Like yourselves, I have lived with the frustrations of what can and can’t be done and been forced, like all of you, to fall back on our great God in faith. …”

– from Bishop Rick Lewers’ message to the clergy and parishes of the Armidale Diocese.

Please do pray for Rick and Janene, for the parish of Shoalhaven Heads, and also for the saints in the Diocese of Armidale.

Archbishop Glenn Davies on being a father

For his online service for Father’s Day, Bishop of Bathurst, Mark Calder, spoke with Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies.

He began by asking Glenn about how he felt when he learned he would become a father for the first time.

Claire Smith interviewed on The Lydia Project

On the latest edition of The Lydia Project podcast, Tori Walker speaks with Claire Smith.

In the 30 minute conversation, Claire shares how she came to Christ.

She also speaks about how important it is for Bible-believing Christians to serve on committees, about the Gospel Coalition Australia, culture wars, and – most encouragingly – how good it is to know Christ.

Take the time to listen.

Archbishop Glenn Davies shares his personal response to COVID-19

In this weekend’s online service for the Diocese of Bathurst, Bishop Mark Calder asks Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies about how COVID-19 has impacted him.

And Glenn shares a familiar, but wonderful, verse for your encouragement.

It’s also available here as a standalone video.

J.I. Packer: A Personal Remembrance

“Shortly after the death of Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981), Dr. Packer delivered a lecture-sermon at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary entitled, “Martyn Lloyd-Jones: the Greatest Man I Ever Knew.”

It says something important about Packer that despite the sad falling-out of Lloyd-Jones and the Anglican Calvinists in October 1966, he paid such a glowing tribute to “the Doctor.”

A number of men of my generation will want to join me in saying that J. I. Packer was the greatest man we ever knew. …”

– Terry L. Johnson adds his remembrance of J. I. Packer – at Reformation21.

David Short remembers J I Packer standing for the gospel

As part of an online GAFCON tribute to Dr J I Packer, Canon David Short in Vancouver remembers and gives thanks.

David’s contribution begins here. He goes on to recall the crisis in the Diocese of New Westminster from 32 minutes – but watch it all. Archbishop Ben Kwashi, Dr. Leslie Thyberg and Dr. Joel Scandrett also take part.

David mentions Packer’s essays “Why I walked” and “Speculating in Anglican Futures”.

Most encouraging.

A chat with Bishop Gary Koo

Recently, Tom Harricks (Rector of Penrith Anglican Church, and also Secretary of the ACL) chatted with Gary Koo, Bishop of Western Sydney.

Gary shares something of his background, how he became a Christian, and what it’s like to be a new bishop in the era of COVID.

An interesting and very encouraging video.

An Evening Conversation with J. I. Packer – A 1999 Interview by Mark Dever

In October 1999, Mark Dever interviewed Dr J. I. Packer in an event at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

The 59 minute video from 9Marks is a very worthwhile use of your time.

Remembering J I Packer — GAFCON Live event

GAFCON is holding a live event to remember, and give thanks for J I Packer.

It starts at 6:00am Eastern Australian time, tomorrow (Thursday 30th July 2020).

Memorial service for J I Packer now online

After some technical problems with the livestream, St. John’s Vancouver has now posted the video recording of the Memorial Service for Dr. J. I. Packer.

Even though, due to COVID-19 restrictions, only a relatively small number of people were present, many around the world continue to thank God for Dr. Packer.

Canon David Short (pictured) delivered the sermon.

Watch here.

Funeral Service for J I Packer — 4:00am Friday 24th July Sydney time

The Funeral Service for J I Packer will be held at St. John’s Vancouver (his church for 37 years) at 11:00am Thursday 23 July 2020, Vancouver time.

That’s 4:00am Sydney time on Friday 24th July.

The order of service can be downloaded here.


Memorial service for J I Packer now online.

Wallace Benn’s Tribute to J. I. Packer

“It was announced on Friday 17th July that Dr. Packer had passed away.

It is a sad day for Reformed Evangelicals because we have lost our champion, but not for him as he is now with the Saviour he honoured throughout his life.

He was the best Anglican Evangelical theologian of his generation, and a brilliant communicator of warm-hearted and big-minded classical evangelicalism. His wonderful books will live on, and as they are read by a new generation, will, please God, give them a deeper and more profound understanding of the Christian Faith, and deliver them from a weaker and more muddled modern version…”

– Bishop Wallace Benn shares his tribute to J. I. Packer, and Lee Gatiss links to many of Packer’s articles in Churchman – at the Church Society website.

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