What it means that one of our time’s greatest scientists is a Christian

“National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins — who knows the reference — is not prone to laying up treasures on Earth. But the Templeton Prize, which honors the role of science in the advance of meaning, is still a rather nice bauble to have. …”

The Washington Post has this piece on Dr. Francis Collins.

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Photo: National Institutes of Health.

Ravi Zacharias (1946–2020)

“Today Sarah Davis, the CEO of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, announced that God has called her father, Ravi Zacharias, to his eternal rest.

Today we affirm, as my dad recited and Baxter penned, ‘But ‘tis enough that Christ knows all, and I shall be with Him.’ My dad, at 74, has ‘join[ed] with the triumphant saints that sing [his] Savior’s praise.’ We who knew and loved him celebrate his life, and more importantly, his Savior. …”

News via Justin Taylor.

(Image: Ravi Zacharias speaking at Passion 2020.)

Mincaye is now with Jesus

“On Tuesday afternoon, Mincaye, the former warrior who in 1956 speared to death Nate Saint and Ed McCully, two of the five missionary martyrs in Ecuador, passed from this life to the next. A member of the once fierce Huaorani tribe, Mincaye had come to Christ, and was a transformed man, a delightful brother who was a joy to be with. …”

Randy Alcorn shares the news.

A man for such a time as this

“In his Easter sermon, the new Anglican Bishop of Bathurst, Mark Calder, spoke about his grief over what had been lost during the COVID-19 pandemic and how he yearned for the restoration of normality.

And yet at the same time, he can see how God has gone before him, preparing him for just such a time as this when churches across the nation are closed.

Before entering ministry, Calder’s professional background was as a video editor. …”

Eternity News has this profile of Bishop Mark Calder.

It’s a good reminder to pray him and also for the people of the diocese of Bathurst.

Mike Baird named as new HammondCare CEO

“HammondCare has today announced that Mike Baird has been appointed as incoming Chief Executive Officer and will replace Dr Stephen Judd who is stepping down on August 31, after more than 25 years in the role.

HammondCare Board Chair, John Kightley, said that Mr Baird had been selected after a rigorous search for the critical appointment, that commenced when Dr Judd announced in July 2019 his intention to stand down in 2020. …”

– Read the full news item at HammondCare.

Peter Jensen: Why I am still a Christian

“I still remember learning to swear. It was in my first year at secondary school. I was aged 13. My parents never used bad language – at least, not in front of their children. I did hear my father say “bloody” once, but that was when I brought him my final school report. But in order to impress my peers I had to speak their language and so I did.

Not the greatest sin in the book, and the experience of virtually all of us. Not worth remarking on, except for one thing. When, after a while, I tried to rein myself in and stop, I found that I was powerless to do so. It was not the fact of a relatively trivial sin but the power of sin which impressed itself on me. It was as if I had given up my freedom to join a club. When I read the words of Jesus, ‘Whoever commits sin is a slave to sin,’ I understood them at once. …”

– Dr Peter Jensen, now Editor of Churchman, shares his story – at Church Society.

Most encouraging and good to share. (Image from The Pastor’s Heart.)

Hamlin Fistula Australia Newsletter — Tribute to Dr Catherine Hamlin

The latest (Autumn 2020) newsletter of Hamlin Fistula Australia Limited is a special tribute to Dr Catherine Hamlin.

It’s a 5.5MB PDF download from their website.

Archbishop Glenn Davies’ term extended to March 2021

“Archbishop Glenn Davies will continue to lead the Sydney Diocese until March next year, after his term was extended in the emergency circumstances of the Coronavirus.

Archbishops must retire at age 70. Dr Davies turns 70 in September and in order to allow a smooth transition had given notice that he would retire two months early, in July. This would have allowed an election Synod in August and the new Archbishop to chair the next Synod in October. The COVID-19 emergency means that the election synod will now not be held as scheduled.

The Standing Committee of the Diocese met on Monday night and voted unanimously to ask Dr Davies to withdraw his resignation to allow him to continue until March 2021.

Several Standing Committee members spoke strongly in favour of the move, saying it would allow stability of leadership through troubled times and help the Episcopal team remain at full strength to care for their regions.

Dr Davies absented himself during the debate and returned to applause as the decision was announced.

‘My wife and I have served Christ together in ministry for many years and are happy to continue to serve wherever we are needed,’ Dr Davies said. ‘I am humbled and grateful for the support of the Standing Committee. More than ever, I am thankful for the many people who uphold us in prayer.’ ”

– With thanks to Russell Powell at SydneyAnglicans.net.

Please continue to pray for Archbishop Davies and the members of his team as they preach Christ, and encourage churches to continue to be faithful in these trying times.

Women’s health advocate Catherine Hamlin dedicated her life to preventing birth trauma and maintaining dignity and hope

“At a time when the world is facing uncertainty and fear, the remarkable compassion of this selfless Australian woman’s life shines a light into the darkness.

Gynaecologist and obstetrician Catherine Hamlin dedicated more than 60 years of her life to the care of vulnerable and marginalised Ethiopian women suffering horrific birthing injuries. …”

– Jennifer King writes at ABC News.

Dr Catherine Hamlin: A Beautiful Life

“In all the media turmoil surrounding COVID-19, you may have missed the passing of Dr. Catherine Hamlin, aged ninety-six.

Dr. Hamlin’s gynaecological work in treating Ethiopian women suffering from obstetric fistula was so remarkable that even The Sydney Morning Herald referred to her as ‘the saint of Addis Ababa’.”

Mark Powell gives thanks for Dr Catherine Hamlin.


“In 1959, Drs Reg and Catherine Hamlin arrived in Ethiopia, intending to spend three years there, helping in any way they could.

In May 2019 Dr Catherine celebrated 60 years in that country as a pioneering surgeon and humanitarian, who has seen the scourge of obstetric fistula significantly reduced, and the lives of thousands of women and their families changed for the better.”

– from the Christmas 2019 newsletter of Hamlin Fistula Australia. (PDF file).

Thanksgiving service for Dr Noel Weeks

Dr Noel Weeks, well-known to many in Sydney and around the world, was called home to be with the Lord on Sunday March 8th, 2020.

Dr Weeks had a very long association with the Christian Schools movement in Australia. He was the founding Chairman of the Sutherland Shire Christian School’s board from 1971.

He also had a lifelong interest in the Ancient Near East and the Akkadian language. Dr Weeks had been a senior lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Sydney, and continued as an associate in the Department of Classics and Ancient History.

A Memorial Service was held last Saturday at Shire Christian School.

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Old, Bewhiskered Wimp Who Cannot Stand a Little Pain or Beloved Christian Mentor: Stumbling Through the Valley of Death – Noel Weeks.

Photo: Presbyterian Theological College of Victoria.

“A woman of profound faith who has left an indelible mark upon modern medicine

“World-renowned Christian obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Catherine Hamlin AC has passed away at her home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the age of 96.

Dr Hamlin, together with her husband, the late Dr Reg Hamlin OBE, created a network of treatment centres for women suffering from obstetric fistula. The crippling condition results from complications in childbirth and leads to social isolation in poor African communities. …”

– Story from SydneyAnglicans.net.


Hamlin Fistula Australia Limited.

COVID-19: Thanksgiving Service for Bishop Ivan Lee cancelled

Archbishop Glenn Davies has written to Western Sydney churches with the sad news that the Thanksgiving Service planned for Bishop Ivan Lee on Saturday March 28 has had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus. He also asks all to continue to uphold Virginia and her family in prayer.


With thanksgiving for Bishop Ivan Lee – ACL President’s tribute.

“We have lost a great champion for the gospel” – SydneyAnglicans.net.

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