Abp of Melbourne on ABC News 24

Archbishop of Melbourne Philip FreierThe Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr. Philip Freier, was interviewed on ABC News 24 this morning – on the meaning of Easter and a compassionate society. Watch it here.

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The Most Dangerous Idea

Phillip Jensen“Which dangerous idea has the greatest potential to change the world for the better?

This was a question put to the panellists at the end of a QandA show during the “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” last year.

One of the panellists asked time to think of an answer. That, in itself, is an extraordinary event in a show that censors anything above a sound bite…”

– Dean of Sydney, Phillip Jensen, points to the most dangerous idea of all.

Mike Baird elected Premier of New South Wales

Mike Baird“Committed Christian and father of three, Liberal MP Mike Baird has been elected Premier of New South Wales.”

– Story from Eternity Newspaper.

and Miranda Devine at The Telegraph gives some background –

“[Mike Baird] became involved in Anglican church fellowship, where he met his wife, Kerryn, whom he married at age 21. …

His investment banking career was flourishing at Deutsche Bank when he began to wonder: ‘Is that all there is? Should I be just about accumulating money?’ So in 1994 he told Kerryn he wanted to go to Bible college and within a year they were in Vancouver at Regent College…”

(Photo: Parliament of NSW.)

The Final Days of Jesus: Palm Sunday

Douglas MooJustin Taylor introduces the first of a series of videos to be released this week on the theme of “The Final Days of Jesus”.

Professors Douglas Moo (pictured) and Andreas Köstenberger provide valuable background to the events of Holy Week.

They are an accompaniment to the book “The Final Days of Jesus”. (Availability.)

A Season of Intolerance

Bishop David Anderson“As the leaders and foot soldiers of the gay agenda push forward, they intend eventually to deprive those who won’t sign on to their cause of their jobs and ability to earn a living as well as their freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It is figuratively a picture from the Bible’s book of Revelation when you will need to have the number ‘666’ stamped on your body to buy or sell or conduct everyday life. Will it really get that bad?…”

– Bishop David Anderson, President of the American Anglican  Council, writes in his weekly newsletter.

Bullies and Censorship

Phillip Jensen“The fear of words is rational because words are powerful. But censorship is generally the response of irrational fear by powerful people.

The powerful person who is fearful is the person most to be feared. Out of fear they attack any perceived threat, as they use their power to protect themselves. They fear others and do not understand how powerful they are, or how other people perceive their power or how they are misusing their power in self-interest. Sadly, even Christians have misused power for self-protection.

Censorship is one of the tools of powerful people or groups. History is replete with tyranny-censoring criticism, for censorship is the tool of fear: fear of ideas; fear of truth; fear of words…”

– Phillip Jensen writes in his weekly newsletter for the Cathedral.

News this week from the UK

David Cook“The state of things in the UK is primarily then, a theological problem and only the theological antibiotic of the gospel can provide the solution…”

– David Cook, former SMBC Principal and now Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, sends a report from the UK. (Posted 8 April 2014.)

The weekend when Britain changed

The Rev Andrew Symes“Saturday 29th March will go down in history as the day when same sex couples exchanged marriage vows on live TV and radio, and when a large proportion of the debate was taken up by what Christians believe. The official voice of the Church of England, and the establishment-leaning voice of evangelical and catholic orthodoxy were virtually silent on the weekend itself and in the days leading up to it. …

My own article of two weeks ago, suggesting that Christians disturbed by current developments at this time could turn to prayer, was picked up by veteran Guardian religion correspondent Andrew Brown as an example of swivel-eyed loony reactionary opposition to the march of progress and civilization. I was grilled about my article on Premier Christian Radio, formerly a strong voice for evangelical Christianity but now sadly increasingly a mouthpiece for the views of Steve Chalke and Brian Maclaren. …”

– The Rev. Andrew Symes writes at Anglican Mainstream.

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