Learn biblical Hebrew?

Why learn Hebrew?Why learn Biblical Hebrew?

“The job of a pastor-teacher is to be gripped and transformed by God’s word, and so to speak God’s word faithfully and appropriately into the various life situations of those under your care. If you are serious about devoting your life to the ministry of God’s word, you can’t afford to be shallow in your engagement with it.” – Lionel Windsor at Moore College. (And see his interview with Michelle Philp.)

and George Athas, also on the Faculty at Moore College:

“I’m often asked by people going to theological college or seminary, “Why should I study Hebrew?’ Less often, they ask, “Why should I study Greek?”

They’re good questions. Vital questions. To answer, I want you to imagine this scenario…” Read it all here.


How to destroy freedom one wedding cake at a time

wedding cake“Those Christian bigots are at it again. And this time it’s those Gun-Lovin’, Bible Thumpin’, Cousin’ Marryin’ conservative rednecks over in Indiana.

On March 26th, Mike Pence (the Governor of Indiana) signed into law the state’s  Religious Freedom Restoration Act (or RFRA as it’s known). Many people got quite upset by this new law, and immediately both mainstream media and social media went beserk…”

– At Thinking of God, Akos Balogh provides some background to help understand what’s been happening in the US.

‘If I had to choose only one book to recommend…’

What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?“If I had to choose only one book to recommend to someone (whether a Christian or non-Christian) who wanted to read a basic overview of what the Bible says about homosexuality and what that means for today, this is it.”

Andy Naselli on “What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?” by Kevin DeYoung.

You can download a 36 page sample (see the commendations on pages 2 and 3) and study guide via Andy’s site, and pre-order a copy (to be published 30th April) from various booksellers.

Update: See Kevin DeYoung speak on this topic last month at a special event at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois. (63 minutes)

Panel Discussion with Kevin DeYoung, Justin Taylor, Jackie Hill Perry, and Josh Moody after the address (54 minutes) with thanks to Crossway.

The Empty Tomb and the Risen Christ — The Centrality of the Resurrection to the Christian Faith

Albert Mohler“The pattern of the Christian year is an exercise of the Church’s annual remembrance and proclamation of the Gospel. The annual celebrations of Christmas and Resurrection Day help the Church to ponder again the truths of Christ’s incarnation and resurrection from the dead.

Christians understand that every Lord’s Day is Resurrection Day, but this Sunday is the festival which draws all Christians face to face with the empty tomb and the truth of the resurrected Lord…”

– Albert Mohler reminds us that “Christianity stands or falls with the empty grave”.

Why the Creeds are good

from the Book of Common Prayer 1552“To too many the creeds are a dusty vestige of a happily distant past. They were written centuries ago, born out of abstract battles whose players we can’t even name. Isn’t it just better to love each other and not get caught up in all those silly questions?…”

– In an age where creeds play little part in many church gatherings, R.C. Sproul Jr says that creeds are good guards of the faith. (h/t Gary Ware.)

When to make a stand

Detail from Luther at the Diet of Worms, by Anton von Werner, 1877“Three great ‘stands’ in the history of the church:

Being prepared to make a stand has characterised genuine Christian leadership throughout the last two thousand years. But why? And when? And how?”

– Moore College Principal Dr Mark Thompson gave this talk at a seminar during the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans Conference in Melbourne last week.

Very helpful. Download it here as a PDF file.

(Picture: Detail from ‘Luther at the Diet of Worms’, by Anton von Werner, 1877.)

‘The Presbyterian Church (USA)’s long and boring shuffle out of Christendom’

pcusa-interreligious-gathering“The drift from biblical orthodoxy to spiritualized leftism has profound real-world consequences. The church isn’t just shuffling out of Christianity, it’s shuffling out of existence. The church has lost 37 percent of its members since 1992, and the trend is accelerating.”

National Review. Photo: PCUSA.

Related: How to tell the difference between The PCA and PCUSA – Joe Carter.

How can we pray for terrorists?

Canon Phil Ashey, American Anglican CouncilCanon Phil Ashey of the American Anglican Council writes to encourage Christians to pray for those involved in terrorism.

What is the gospel? — An appeal for clarity

Dr Mark Thompson“I remember, more than twenty years ago now, an international visitor to Sydney being asked this question. Throughout the week that he had been here, the speaker had appealed to the gospel many times.

Clearly in a part of the world well-known for the strength of its evangelical witness, such an appeal was essential if he was to get a hearing. But the appeal had not been convincing and it had become increasingly obvious that at this most basic level our guest had a very different idea of what exactly it was that he was appealing to repeatedly throughout the week. So some brave soul — someone braver than me — publicly asked him the question. What is the gospel?…”

– Dr. Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore College, tackles a crucial question in a new essay.

Take the time to read it all here. [Slightly updated version.]

You can also download it as a 240kb PDF file.

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