My Bishop, a liar and a schemer

David Cook“The latest biography of the late B.A. Santamaria, by Gerard Henderson, records an interesting incident.

Santamaria had cooperated with the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Daniel Mannix, to see the successful establishment of the Democratic Labor Party in Victoria, but had less success with the church’s Sydney hierarchy…”

– Presbyterian Moderator-General David Cook on the foundation of the Christian faith.

Schools, same sex politics and religion in NSW

Assoc Prof Neil Foster“So there is no doubt the film is ‘political’, as dealing with a matter of highly charged debate in the Federal Parliament and in the public sphere. Yet the school was proposing to cancel classes and direct all students to attend, while also encouraging (if not directing) all of them to wear the colour purple as a mark of support for homosexuality…”

– at Law and Religion Australia, Associate Professor in Law, Neil Foster looks at the controversy over the planned screening of a film at Burwood Girls’ High.


Gayby Baby imbroglio – Denials, fear and a lack of tolerance – Miranda Devine, The Telegraph, 28 August 2015.

“A department spokesperson was quoted in The Guardian on Wednesday, saying: ‘The school has not received any complaints from Burwood High School parents.’

That just wasn’t true…”

Ashley Madison and the Death of Monogamy

Albert Mohler“I wrote an essay on Ashley Madison as ‘Adultery Incorporated’ back in 2011, after Bloomberg Businessweek published a cover story on the business. Back then, it was clear that many people saw Ashley Madison as a joke. No one is laughing now…

Given the numbers involved, the exposures are likely to hit nearly every community, millions of families, countless churches, and just about every major corporation and institution…”

– Albert Mohler on the sobering story of Ashley Madison.

End the SilenceAnd Village Church in Annandale is offering hope to locals:

“Annandale has 455 Ashley Madison accounts according to the Sydney Morning Herald, which the newspaper describes as being 6.27% of the postcode …

If you are struggling, either you have hurt someone or been hurt, and you would like to see if it’s possible to fix things with God and your spouse then it’s possible we can help.”

Shouting is not a debate

Mark Thompson“As the discussion around the proposal to change the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples is played out in the media and in the parliament, other larger questions have been thrown into stark relief.

Perhaps the most important of these is how we will deal with those with whom we disagree. Put in its starkest form, will we still allow our citizens the freedom to dissent without reprisal?

The signs at this stage of the debate are disturbing, to say the least…”

– Moore College Principal, Mark Thompson, has this opinion-piece in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

See also: Homosexuality: Jesus deeply loved ‘the sexually broken’ – Murray Campbell, lead Pastor at Mentone Baptist Church. (Brisbane Times. h/t

Russell Moore on the Planned Parenthood videos

Russell MooreLast week, Russell Moore spoke of what he hopes will be the end result of the release of the Planned Parenthood expose videos.

And today the seventh video has been released – Justin Taylor has the link and related material – however, please be warned that the subject matter is distressing and sickening.

See also:

When ‘discernment’ leads to disaster

Albert Mohler“The historic First Baptist Church of Greenville, South Carolina, announced in May that it would declare itself be ‘open and welcoming’ to all people and that it would allow same-sex marriage and ordain openly homosexual ministers.

The move came after the church had undergone a ‘discernment’ process under the leadership of a ‘LGBT Discernment Team.’ That team brought a report to the church’s deacons, who then forwarded it to the congregation. The church then approved the statement by standing vote…

The lesson – once a church or denomination is untethered from the inerrancy of the Bible, there is no brake on the relativizing effects of cultural pressure.”

Albert Mohler writes an important essay on the slide into liberalism of a historic US church.

Reading the Newspaper

David Cook“At Theological College it was suggested that we students read the newspaper, standing up, giving it a cursory reading. I have never followed that advice, I enjoy the daily paper in a comfortable chair, newsprint and all, no online version for me!

Last week, I was asked to speak to a group of men about ‘how Christians read the newspaper’.

The news is usually confronting: ISIS, travel entitlements, single gender marriage, human trafficking as well as the natural disasters of fire and drought.

The starting point for the believer is the sovereign rule of God over all things…”

– a very helpful comment from Presbyterian Moderator-General David Cook.
(Image: St. Helen’s Bishopsgate.)

Church Leaders’ views on Marriage

David CookPresbyterian Moderator-General David Cook, along with Roman Catholic spokesman Brian Lucas, were interviewed today by Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty programme.

The topic: the proposed changes to Australian marriage laws.

The 47 minute segment can be downloaded here as a 19MB mp3 file.

The dangerous calling of Christian missions

Albert Mohler“America’s evangelical Christians are facing a critical time of testing in the 21st century. Among the most important of the tests we now face is the future of missions and our faithfulness to the Great Commission. At a time of unprecedented opportunity, will our zeal for world missions slacken?

Just as doors of opportunity are opening around the world, the church seems to be losing its voice. A virtual re-paganization of Western culture is occurring around us at a velocity unprecedented in human history. At the same time, we are also witnessing the rise of militant Islam…”

Albert Mohler reminds his readers that the dangerous nature of Christian missions is just as the Lord Jesus predicted.

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