Dying with Dignity?

Canon Sandy Grant“Here’s the submission I made to the relevant committee of the Senate of the Australian Parliament regarding Senator Richard Di Natale’s private member’s Exposure draft of the Medical Services (Dying with Dignity) Bill 2014…”

– Sandy Grant at St Michael’s Cathedral, Wollongong, shares what he’s written – at The Briefing.

Dear prime minister: what is the UK government’s strategy in Iraq and Syria?

bp-nicholas-baines-leedsDear Prime Minister …

The focus by both politicians and media on the plight of the Yazidis has been notable and admirable. However, there has been increasing silence about the plight of tens of thousands of Christians who have been displaced, driven from cities and homelands, and who face a bleak future. Despite appalling persecution, they seem to have fallen from consciousness, and I wonder why…”

– Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, writes to Prime Minister Cameron.

Christian spirituality, British values, and contemporary teachers

The Rev Andrew SymesIn his latest essay, Andrew Symes, Executive Secretary of Anglican Mainstream, reflects on the place of God’s written word in the Christian’s life – with reference to a recent story in the (UK) Telegraph about former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, “How Buddhism helps me pray”.

‘The West must face the evil that has revealed itself in the Iraq genocide’

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali“A beautiful mosaic of ancient religions, cultures and languages in the Middle East is being systematically destroyed. Until now, the world has watched mutely. …

So will the world just stand by and watch this unprecedented onslaught on freedom or will we do something beyond airdropping food and medicines and protecting our own personnel who may be caught up in the conflict?…” – Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali writes in The Telegraph.

A Christian response to the distressing news

Phillip Jensen“I awoke on Friday morning to the news of Christians fleeing for their lives in Iraq. Over the last couple of months in Iraq, there has been mounting pressure on Christians to convert to Islam. Now, whole Christian townships have been conquered and the people are fleeing to seek Kurdish protection.

In a world riddled by war, revolutions, violence and ever increasing numbers of displaced refugees it’s strange how distressing I found Friday’s news. It’s not simply because the people are Christians, though no doubt that’s part of it. I suspect my distress is that we are being plunged into the kind of war that we do not want to have and that we have eschewed – a religious war.

As I write, I am still struggling to come to a considered response to this terrible news. Here, in point form, are some things that go towards working out an appropriate Christian response.…”

– Dean of Sydney Phillip Jensen sets down some helpful thoughts – and calls for prayer.

See also: Murder of Iraqi Christians – second appeal for prayer from Archbishop Glenn Davies.

Are Christian Missionaries narcissistic idiots? (Quick answer: No)

Albert Mohler“In Ann Coulter’s view, Kent Brantly should never have gone to Africa in the first place. He should have spent his time and energies saving America…”

Albert Mohler responds to an opinion piece by columnist Ann Coulter. While the context is US-based, the command of Christ is the same.

‘Get with the Program’ — The Church of England votes to ordain Women Bishops

Albert Mohler“Writing about the age of John Milton, the British author A. N. Wilson once tried to explain to modern secular readers that there had once been a time when bishops of the Church of England were titanic figures of conviction who were ready to stand against the culture.

‘It needs an act of supreme historical imagination to be able to recapture an atmosphere in which Anglican bishops might be taken seriously,’ he wrote, ‘still more, one in which  they might be thought threatening.’

Keep that in mind as you read the news that the General Synod of the Church of England voted yesterday to approve the consecration of women as bishops of the church …

Ruth Gledhill is profoundly right about another aspect of Monday’s vote as well. It won’t stop with women bishops. ‘Now the church can move into the 20th century, although perhaps not the 21st,’ she wrote. ‘A change on gay marriage would be needed to do that.’ Well, stay tuned, as they say”

Albert Mohler writes on what happens when bowing to the spirit of the age is more important than a serious commitment to biblical Christianity.

‘Anglicans mad only if they ignore Bible’

NZ SRTM derived“Amid the swirl of opinion around the Anglican General Synod’s decision to commit to finding a way to bless gay couples, the epithets for orthodox Anglicans have mounted: anti-gay, homophobic, wrong, immoral, betrayers of Jesus, unloving, judgmental, intolerant, bigoted, ostracising, unjust and hypocritical. Doubtless an incomplete list, but enough to paint a nasty picture…”

– In this opinion-piece for the New Zealand Herald, Michael Hewat (Vicar of the West Hamilton) argues that the NZ Anglican General Synod has failed ‘the LGBT community’.

Related: Same-Gender blessings: NZ General Synod votes. (May 14 2014)

Caring or Killing

Phillip Jensen“‘Is the baby normal?’ is one of the first questions parents ask the doctor and that’s the last time the parents are happy that their child is only normal!

We don’t want our children to be abnormal or have any abnormalities but we do want them to be above average. We don’t want them to be the high achievers who crash and burn in the blaze of celebrity magazine publicity, but nobody wishes their child to be below average. Everybody’s child is above average in their parents’ imagination, and even higher in their grandparents’ estimation.

However, it is very important that our pursuit of excellence and perfection should never be applied to our humanity…”

– Phillip Jensen looks at some implications of being human.

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