Newcastle Election Synod this Saturday — 25 November

“This coming weekend the Synod of the Diocese will gather for the purpose of electing its new Diocesan Bishop.

The Synod will be using the new process passed in at the May Synod, by which the Board, having received nominations from Synod members, now presents a short list of those nominees to the Synod for its consideration.

Members of the Board are agreed that we have three very good people before us for our consideration. They have been impressed, particularly, with the openness of these nominees to reflecting on what God’s call to them is at this time, and their generosity with us testing this call. …”

Read it all here, and be encouraged to pray for the Newcastle Synod as they meet.

Gospel Ministry and the “Nowhere” Generation

John Chapman said, “the first 50 years are the hardest” – Phillip Jensen has been at it for more than 50 years!

Now, with Two Ways Ministries and focussing on young adults, his fresh vision connects the permanent gospel with the changing social dynamics of Sydney’s growing “Nowhere Generation”. Few people have such experience or freshness of vision for today and the future.

If you want to be involved in reaching the coming generations with the gospel of Jesus, this is an evening not to be missed.

Moore College, Thursday 30th November 7:00pm – 9:30pm. Book here.

WA Anglican Bishop says ‘no’ to same-sex church weddings

“A WA Anglican bishop has declared he will not allow same-sex couples to marry inside Anglican churches, regardless of the consequences.

Gary Nelson, the bishop of North West Australia, was a vocal No campaigner during the postal survey.”

– Story from The West Australian.

See also: Same-sex marriage Yes vote threatens to cause rift in Anglican Church — ABC News.

Archbishop Glenn Davies on the same-sex marriage vote

Archbishop Glenn Davies has released this video statement on the same-sex marriage vote.

Watch and share.

A transcript has now been released.

Marriage vote returns Yes majority

Archbishop Glenn Davies –

“the way in which we have seen in other Western Democracies, the coercive effect of changing the definition of marriage has been to restrict people’s ability to hold a different point of view…”

Full story:

“Archbishop Glenn Davies says he accepts the outcome of the postal plebiscite delivered this morning but warns there must be freedom of speech, conscience and belief for Christians and others who disagree.

The national vote has been returned, with 61.6% in favour and 38.4% against. In New South Wales, the vote was 57.8% yes and 42.2% voting no.

‘Now that the outcome is that the yes vote is the majority vote on behalf of the Australian people – as I said to the Prime Minister 18 months ago on behalf of other religious leaders that if that’s what the Australian people want then we live in a democracy and I recognise and acknowledge that outcome. Therefore it is quite proper for the parliament to legislate for same-sex marriage in accordance with the will of the people – notwithstanding that it wasn’t a referendum which was compulsory voting, but almost 80 percent of people voting is a very high threshold and I accept that. That doesn’t mean I will change my views. I will still continue to teach that marriage is, in God’s plan, between a man and a woman. But I acknowledge that once the parliament passes those laws, that will no longer be the law of the land.’ Dr Davies said.

‘The consequences then are – what happens to people who want to hold to that truth. It is one thing to say, for example, we don’t have laws against adultery in this country, but I still want to say adultery is wrong – it is immoral. I want to be able to uphold that teaching without the law saying to me – no, it is not illegal, so you can’t say that. At the moment that’s not the case, but the way in which we have seen in other Western Democracies, the coercive effect of changing the definition of marriage has been to restrict people’s ability to hold a different point of view. And one of the outstanding points of democracy and human dignity – is the freedom of speech, the freedom of faith and the freedom of conscience. Therefore what the parliament needs to do now, in legislating for same-sex marriage, is to do so in a way which protects people’s liberties.’”

– Published at

Anglican Diocese of Sydney Media Statement — Manus Island

“Most Australians recognise the evil of unscrupulous people taking advantage of vulnerable people by offering to smuggle them into neighbouring countries. We now have a bipartisan policy on this issue. Yet for the vulnerable, dislocated victims of people smugglers, especially the hundreds of men who continue in limbo at the decommissioned Manus Island Centre, our hearts cry out. They have now been threatened with heavy-handed action if they do not leave. This is not the approach that should be taken for such defenceless people. We call upon our Government to act humanely in this situation and with the Government of PNG to find ways whereby these asylum seekers might find refuge and safety.”

Archbishop Glenn Davies,

13 November 2017.


Newcastle election synod set for Saturday November 25

“Over the weekend the Bishop Nomination Board advised parishes of progress leading up to the Bishop Election Synod, including indicating that they will be nominating three people to the Synod for consideration. …

This year’s Synod will open with a Synod Eucharist at St Peter’s, East Maitland, 7pm on Friday 24 November. All are welcome to attend this service of worship. The Election Synod will then gather the following day at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, with Synod commencing at 9.00am. Our ordinances direct that Election Synods are held in camera.”

News from the Diocese of Newcastle for your prayers.
(Nomination Board pictured.)

Sarah Macneil to resign as Bishop of Grafton

“The Anglican Bishop of Grafton, the Right Reverend Dr Sarah Macneil, has resigned, effective from March 3 next year. She announced her decision in a pastoral letter to her diocese, saying she had hoped to remain until 2020, when she turned 65, but questions of health had forced an early departure. …”

– News via Archbishop Philip Freier’s website.

Remaining faithful to the gospel in New Zealand

“Since 2013 civil same-sex marriage has been legal in New Zealand, and as has been the case elsewhere in the Communion, the New Zealand Anglican Church is committed to the blessing of same-sex relationships.

The journey towards this has involved both formal decisions of Synods, and the independent actions of bishops and clergy. Individual bishops have ordained people in homosexual relationships to the priesthood, and in recent months the Bishop of the Diocese of Waiapu has installed as Dean a man civilly married to another man. …

Should the Provincial church … continue on its stated course of blessing same-sex marriages, many associated with FCANZ will be left with no alternative than to seek new ways of being Anglican.“

At the GAFCON website, Dave Clancey, Vicar of St. Saviour’s and St. Nicholas’ in Christchurch, brings us up to speed on thinking among members of The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans – New Zealand.

Latest news from the Top End, November 2017

Top Centre, the newsletter of the Diocese of the Northern Territory, for November 2017 is now up on their website.

Download the 4.7MB PDF file and use it as fuel for your prayers for the churches and people of the Top End.

(You could also pray for Nungalinya College in Darwin.)

Purposefully porn-free

“The Archbishop’s Taskforce for Resisting Pornography is preparing an information website for those in the Diocese and further afield who need tools to help support the rejection of porn.

“Many Christian leaders today are declaring that pornography is the single greatest issue confronting the church,” the Rev Marshall Ballantine-Jones (pictured) told members of Synod. …”

– Story from

Archbishop Davies on Q@A tonight, 23 October

Archbishop Glenn Davies will be on the panel of Q&A tonight on ABC television –

“Joining Tony Jones for the Q&A Same-Sex Marriage debate: actress and author Magda Szubanski; Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies; Jesuit priest and law professor Frank Brennan; ‘No campaign’ spokesperson Karina Okotel.

Monday 23 Oct 2017, 9:34pm.”

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