Life and Ministry with Peter Jensen

Dr Peter JensenGeoff Robson has conducted a “sweeping conversation with Peter Jensen, former Archbishop of Sydney, about life and ministry – including his favourite book of all-time, how he became a Christian, why he wanted to be a stand-up comedian, why he tries to emulate Billy Graham, and how he has found spiritual refreshment for the last five decades.”

Take the time to read it here – and please remember to pray for Peter as he continues to serve Christ.

Moore College ends academic year

academic-year-ends“Dr Thompson encouraged the graduating students to hold on to Jesus as they go through changes in their lives,

‘When people go climbing, seriously climbing, they often use rope. But those ropes need to be tied to something: something that will not move, something that will still be there when they get to the top… There is only one properly unchanging thing in all the universe. Lash your rope to Christ and know he is the same, yesterday, today and forever.’…”

Report from the College.

Read the Principal’s Graduating Students’ Dinner Address.

Starting small: Phillip Jensen on starting The Briefing

Phillip JensenTony Payne asks Phillip Jensen about how The Briefing was started.

Bishop Ken Short obituary in SMH

Bishop Ken Short AO“Bishop Ken Short had a number of significant roles in his lifetime and made a deep impact in each of them. He served as Dean of Sydney and Bishop of Wollongong and Parramatta, but was probably best known as Chaplain-General of the army and first bishop to the armed forces, which he became in 1979.

Despite his name, Kenneth Herbert Short was a tall man with a big smile, handshake and voice…”

The Sydney Morning Herald has published this Obituary for Bishop Ken Short, written by Simon Manchester. (Photo: Ramon Williams.)

Simon Gillham to be Head of Mission at Moore College

The Gillhams“The Governing Board of the College has approved the Principal’s nomination of Rev Simon Gillham to join the faculty as Head of Department of Mission from 1 January 2016. Simon is a graduate of the College who is currently serving with CMS as Acting Principal of Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS)…”

– Read the full announcement from Moore College. And

Chappo’s contribution to the Anglican Diocese of Armidale

John Chapman“This weekend (8/11/2014) the good people of the Anglican Diocese of Armidale are celebrating their centenary.

Before 1914, the Armidale Diocese existed as the Diocese of Grafton and Armidale, which covered a huge amount of New South Wales from 1867 till 1914. Over the past 100 years the Diocese has undergone massive change, and as part of my 4th year program at Moore Theological College I had the opportunity to do a large research project on the diocese.

Specifically, I wanted to look into Chappo’s time in the diocese as I had hardly heard anything about his work there. What I found was deeply encouraging for my life and ministry. As the Armidale Diocese celebrates this weekend, feel free to get acquainted with our brothers and sisters of the north…”

– Tim Stevens writes on someone close to the heart of many in Australia and around the world.

Tears and Hope 2014

Tears and Hope 2014The annual ‘Tears And Hope’ service of healing for survivors of abuse is to be held at St John’s Darlinghurst, next Monday, November 3rd at 7:00pm.

Download a 1.3MB PDF flier to share with others, and pray that the service may help to bring comfort and healing.

The Briefing: The end of the beginning

the-briefing-issue-001“Back in issue #1 of The Briefing, in 1988, the feature article was entitled ‘Have Evangelicals lost their way?’ With this being our final edition ever, readers may be wondering: ‘Has The Briefing lost its way? Is there nothing left to say?’

To quote Romans 3:10, ‘By no means!’…”

– Sam Freney and Tony Payne on winding up The Briefing. What’s next?

Senator encourages involvement in Solidarity Sunday

Senator David FawcettSenator David Fawcett spoke yesterday about the persecution of religious minorities, particularly Christians, under ISIL, and informed the Senate of Solidarity Sunday. (YouTube.)

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