What’s involved in being Archbishop of Sydney?

Archbishop Glenn DaviesIn the August and September 2015 issues of Southern Cross, Archbishop Glenn Davies writes about some of what is involved in being Archbishop of Sydney.

Both parts are now up on the SydneyAnglicans.net website and you can read them here – Part 1 (Leading in Truth), and Part 2 (Great Mission).

UK Christian leaders speak out on proposed Extremism Disruption Orders

United Kingdom“More than 50 Christian leaders from across England and Wales have written to The Daily Telegraph to warn that the Government’s proposed Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) would be a “disaster” for the church.

The initiative was backed by: Revd Tony Jones, Senior Minister of Christchurch Durham; Revd Dr Mike Ovey, Principal of Oak Hill College; and Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern [and Colin Hart Director of the Christian Institute]…”

– from Anglican Mainstream.

Prayers urged for Bishop Ivan Lee

Bishop Ivan Lee“The Bishop of Western Sydney, Ivan Lee, has been diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour.

He had been experiencing some lethargy and symptoms of jaundice. Scans revealed his bile duct was blocked by a tumour on the pancreas…”

– The Anglican Church League urges all members to pray for Bishop Ivan Lee (a Vice-President of the League) and his wife Virginia.

SydneyAnglicans.net has details to inform your prayers.

UK government backtracks on ‘sinister’ faith leaders watchlist

United Kingdom“A Home Office minister has signalled that the Government now has ‘no plans’ to introduce a ‘watchlist’ for faith leaders…”

– from The Christian Institute.

Abortion-by-phone is ‘commerce, not care’

Bishop Chris Edwards“The Anglican Bishop of North Sydney, Chris Edwards, says the proposal that Australian women would be able to access abortions by phone and mail smacks of a program driven by commercial concerns rather than by genuine care for people…”

– see SydneyAnglicans.net for more.

‘Anglican Church concerned gay marriage would force Christian wedding suppliers to cater for same-sex couples’

The World Today“Conservative elements within Australia’s Anglican Church want new laws giving devout Christians the right to discriminate against same-sex couples, as the Federal Government pushes ahead with plans to hold a national plebiscite on the issue of gay marriage. …

The synod of the Anglican Church’s Sydney diocese will next month consider a report from a senior bishop which argues that wedding service providers should have the “religious freedom” to refuse to cater for gay couples.”

– Report on ABC Radio’s The World Today.

‘Reserve Bank governor Sir Harold Knight offered distinguished service in war and peace’

Sir Harold Knight“Sir Harold Murray Knight KBE, DSC was an Australian economist, best known as the third governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, serving from 1975 to 1982. …

Though his career in central banking featured prominently in his life and demanded much of his time, “it was not what motivated him or gave his life meaning,” his son, Dr Andrew Knight, said. His strong, personal Christian faith drove his core values and led him to devote decades of leadership to the Scripture Union, the Crusader Union, the Bible Society and the Anglican Church.”

The Sydney Morning Herald has published this obituary of Sir Harold Knight.

(Image: Portrait of Sir Harold Knight by Bill Leak from the RBA Collection via SydneyAnglicans.net.)

UK Govt extremism plans ‘would target Christian charities’

United Kingdom“The Government could remove trustees from Christian charities, including schools, across England and Wales if they are deemed ‘extremist’, according to leaked Government legislation…

It comes after a proposal to enact a ‘national register of faith leaders’ was criticised as an attack on religious freedom not seen since the 17th century.”

– news from The Christian Institute.

International Women’s Consultation — report

Archdeacon Kara Hartley“In late June 2015, Caitlin Hurley, Emma Little, Jane Tooher and I headed to London at the invitation of the Proclamation Trust.

The Proclamation Trust has been a leader of evangelical ministry in the UK, through their training of men and women in expository Bible teaching; conferences for clergy, women in ministry, and ministry wives; their Cornhill course; and their many written resources.

The invitation included the opportunity to attend The Proclamation Trust’s flagship conference, the Evangelical Ministry Assembly (EMA), and after EMA to participate in an international women’s consultation organised by Carrie Sandom…”

at the Equal But Different website, Kara Hartley – Archdeacon for Women’s Ministry in Sydney Diocese – reports on a recent and strategic International Women’s Consultation.

Related: Audio of the EMA 2015 talks. (Proc Trust’s Adrian Reynolds says that the video files will be uploaded in coming days.) Photo by Sam Law.

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