Unborn children need your help

In an e-mail, the Australian Christian Lobby is encouraging people in NSW to contact their MPs to ask them to vote against a bill which is scheduled to come before the Lower House tomorrow (Tuesday 6th August 2019).

In his e-mail, NSW Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Kieren Jackson, writes:

“What is in the bill?

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Contact details for Members of the Legislative Assembly.


Religious leaders to lobby MPs ahead of abortion vote

“Religious leaders will lobby MPs ahead of a vote to decriminalise abortion, after the historic bill was introduced into NSW Parliament with support from across the political spectrum. …

‘This bill allows late-term abortions up to a week before birth, indeed, a day before birth,’ Dr Davies said.

‘When people realise that, I can’t believe for the life of me that these respected parliamentarians would ever put their name to a bill which would kill an unborn baby the day before birth.

‘And I don’t think anyone in NSW would think that is a good idea and why they would promote a bill like beggars belief in my view.’ …”

– Story from The Sydney Morning Herald.


Barnaby Joyce weighs in on NSW abortion decriminalisation bill debate – ABC News.

Abortion: Life or Death – Martyn Iles.

Contact your local MP.

Law allowing late-term abortions will pass – unless voters call their MPs

“Reader straw-poll: if the NSW parliament was poised to enact the most extreme abortion laws in the country (perhaps in the world), including unrestricted abortion until the moment of birth, should the people of the state be given the barest courtesy of an explanation – perhaps even a modicum of consultation?

That’s the question I have been forced to ask my colleagues this week, after legislators from across the political divide tried to ride roughshod over parliamentary procedure and pass abortion laws that barely anyone in the state has even heard of. If democracy dies in darkness, this week it is on life support in NSW. …”

– NSW Minister for Finance and Small Business, Damien Tudehope, writes an opinion-piece in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Contact details for Members of the Legislative Assembly.

Rochester Cathedral opens crazy golf course to tee-up younger generation

“Not content with offering a venue for weddings, baptisms and holy communion, Rochester Cathedral in Kent has added crazy golf to its repertoire. …”

– Story from Sky News. Image: Lesley Olley via Rochester Cathedral.

A Prayer for the Protection of Unborn Children

Next week, a new bill to make abortion more available in New South Wales will be debated in NSW Parliament.

Archbishop Glenn Davies has urged Christians to pray, and to contact local MPs, who will be in the process of deciding how to vote on the legislation.

Archdeacon Kara Hartley has written a prayer you could use at home, or in church:

Heavenly Father, Lord of life, We thank you and praise you that you are the author and sustainer of life and that every person is created in your image and is precious in your sight.

We pray today knowing that our Parliament is considering significant changes to abortion law in this state.

Father, we pray for those among us for whom this is a very personal issue and a source of deep distress. Strengthen and uphold those who grieve the loss of their child. May the love, forgiveness and hope found through Christ be their comfort. As a Christian community give us compassion and understanding for any among us who have faced this situation.

We pray for our politicians, as they come to vote on this issue next week. May they show courage and commitment to the dignity and sanctity of each human life.

We also pray for ourselves. Help us to speak with grace and sensitivity to one another, among our friends and neighbours and with our local MPs. Help us to be courageous and wise in defending unborn children. Help us not to shy away from our convictions, but boldly stand firm in the truth that all life comes from you and is precious in your sight.

For Christ’s sake and in his name, we pray.


Also available as a PDF file. (Photo of Kara Hartley courtesy Sam Law.)

O church of God – rise up and pray

“Pray for our brothers and sisters in NSW who are seeing diabolical legislation being introduced into state parliament this week – legislation that permits abortion, regardless of pregnancy term, with only the most generalised and barest of provisos to be met first.

Our church stands with the unborn child: ‘human life is a gift from God from conception’. That’s what’s being attacked – life in the womb. Hear the wailing voice of the unborn – give them a choice. …”

– Presbyterian Church of Australia Moderator-General, the Rev John P Wilson, urgently calls on Christian people to speak up, in prayer, and in messages to members of NSW Parliament, in behalf of the not-yet-born.

Abortion bill to be introduced into NSW State Parliament this week — Public Statement from Archbishop Glenn Davies

Anglican Diocese of Sydney

Public Statement

I appeal for a respectful debate concerning abortion and I urge MPs to use their conscience vote to reject this bill. It is not appropriate to rush this bill without widespread community consultation.

Abortion is available in New South Wales and the criminal code provisions have not prevented women from seeking abortions. Rather, the law strengthens the protection of women from pressure, medical malpractice and safeguards the consciences of doctors. In the rare cases that criminal sanctions have been applied, it was clear the circumstances warranted prosecution.

Further, the laws are being proposed at a time when those who wish to speak against abortion, including many women, are being denied that opportunity.

In particular, signs sponsored by the Emily’s Voice group were recently ordered off buses for simply stating a medical fact – that an unborn child’s heart is beating at four weeks.

When has a democratic society prevented the publication of facts?

A respectful debate needs to hear all sides of the issue, including those who wish to speak on behalf of those yet to be born.

Dr Glenn N Davies, Archbishop of Sydney, 29 July AD 2019.

Source: SydneyAnglicans.net.

See also: ‘Speak on behalf of those yet to be born’ – SydneyAnglicans.net.


Controversy surrounding Emily’s Voice billboard.

The last death throes of cultural Christianity and what’s next — with Phillip Jensen

“Former Anglican Dean of Sydney Phillip Jensen says to understand the issues fronting Christians today we will best start with understanding the history.

Phillip, who now heads up Two Ways Ministries, takes us on a helicopter journey through fifty years of cultural and Christian history…and considers where to from here?”

– Whether you were there, and remember it, or weren’t and don’t, this is a fascinating overview of the last 50+ years, with gospel encouragement for the future.

Watch Phillip at The Pastor’s Heart with Dominic Steele.

Proposed Victorian Bill is likely to harm not help women

“The State of Victoria wishes to be at the vanguard of the sexual devolution. Sadly, Victoria is already becoming an unsafe place for vulnerable children who struggle with gender dysphoria.

Just as with the recent passing of euthanasia laws, concerns expressed by the medical fraternity were overlooked in favour of radical political and gender theorists…

In their latest effort, the Victorian Government has decided that transgender women are being discriminated against under current laws.”

Murray Campbell in Melbourne warns about the proposed Victorian legislation.

The State of Biblical Orthodoxy in the Anglican Church of Canada

“The Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) was in the news last week. Most reports missed the big story. That the forces of biblical orthodoxy narrowly won a battle was correctly reported. What was missed was that those same forces lost the war. How they lost the war is significant for those of us in orthodox denominations. …”

– At The Gospel Coalition Canada, George Sinclair, one of the first ministers to join the Anglican Network in Canada, explains how the Anglican Church of Canada has moved further and further away from Christian orthodoxy – and how your denomination can do the same.

From our website, March 2008:

“The Rev George Sinclair, despite relinquishing his licence for ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC), has been issued a Notice of Presumption of Abandonment of the Exercise of the Ministry according to ACoC Canon XIX by the Bishop of Ottawa.

He joins good company with Dr J I Packer and the rest of the Vancouver-area ANiC clergy who received the same notice earlier from the Diocese of New Westminster. …”

Advocating for the suffering church

“80% of the people who are persecuted in the world today are Christian,” stated Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali.

This astounding statistic echoed throughout the week in meetings held around the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. The U.S. State Department held the 2nd annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom around the world and Bishop Michael and Bishop Andudu were asked to participate in Ministerial side events to help shed light on the worldwide persecution of Christians. …

– Read it all, with more videos, from GAFCON.

Diocese of the Arctic now in “impaired communion” with other Canadian dioceses

“To all people in the Diocese of the Arctic,

Greetings in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ, who is God Almighty.

General Synod 2019 has just finished. After taking time to meet as bishops, to seek the Lord’s will for our Diocese, to pray, listen and talk, we have prepared this statement for our Diocese and for the Anglican Communion at large. …

We understand that many have walked away from our Anglican Church of Canada’s doctrine, but we have not.”

– Bishop of The Arctic, David W Parsons, and his fellow bishops in that diocese, have released a statement in which they take a stand for the truth.

Read it all, with a clarifying statement, at Anglican Samizdat.

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