Canadian Bishops explain why they are not pushing for a vote to change definition of marriage

Archbishop Fred Hiltz“We spent a considerable amount of time discussing the theology of marriage and our episcopal role and responsibilities as chief pastors, and as guardians of the Church’s faith, order and unity. …

… it became clear to us that the draft resolution to change the Marriage Canon to accommodate the marriage of same-sex partners is not likely to pass in the Order of Bishops by the canonical requirement of a 2/3rds majority in each Order. Some of us talked of being mortified and devastated by this realisation…

… we feel a responsibility to convey our inability to come to a common mind in discerning what the Spirit is saying to the Church.”

– The ‘chief pastors, and guardians of the Church’s faith, order and unity’ of the Anglican Church of Canada explain why they are not pushing to change their definition of marriage at this year’a General Synod. They don’t yet have the numbers.

Update: The American Anglican Council’s Canon Phil Ashey has this commentary.

Canadian Primate reponds to criticism

Archbishop Fred Hiltz“I am aware of sharp criticism over what some regard to have been a failure on my part to stand in solidarity with The Episcopal Church in openly rejecting the relational consequences it bears as a result of The Primates’ Meeting, or in accepting similar consequences for our own Church.  Allow me to comment on each of these matters. …

I was not and am not prepared to take any action that would pre-empt the outcome of our deliberations at General Synod in July. As the report ‘This Holy Estate’ declares, ‘It is for the General Synod to decide the matter’ in accord with the jurisdiction given it regarding ‘the definition of doctrine in harmony with the Solemn Declaration’.’

– Anglican Church of Canada Primate Fred Hiltz speaks about the fallout from the Primates’ Meeting.

Related: Review of the Report (This Holy Estate) from the Marriage Commission of the Anglican Church of Canada.

From the Vault: Are we stronger then He?


Review of the Report from the Marriage Commission of the Anglican Church of Canada

Archbishop Fred HiltzThe Church of England Evangelical Council has commissioned a Review of the Report (“This Holy Estate”) of The Commission on the Marriage Canon of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Commission was established in 2013 by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, with consideration of the report (including a motion ‘to allow the marriage of same-sex couples’) to come at their 2016 General Synod.

The Review of the Canadian report, made for the CEEC by Dr Martin Davie, complements earlier reviews of similar reports by The Episcopal Church of the USA and The Scottish Episcopal Church.

Read his full review here. (PDF file)

Related: The American Anglican Council’s Canon Phil Ashey writes:

“[The Canadian report] follows exactly the pattern we saw in the United States in TEC: create facts on the ground in violation of the Bible, and then call for ‘theological reflection’ upon those facts-that-you-have-just-established. In this case, the theological reflection in ‘This Holy Estate’ presents only three possibilities for the General Synod, none of which affirms a Biblically faithful understanding of marriage and human sexuality…

Read it all here.

Photo of Archbishop Fred Hiltz: Anglican Church of Canada.

‘Supreme Court of Canada deals final blow to Anglican parishioners’

St. Aidan’s, Windsor, Ontario“A breakaway group of Anglican parishioners has been dealt a deathblow in their legal battle over ownership of a Riverside church.

The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to grant St. Aidan’s parishioners leave to appeal, dismissing their case with costs.”

– report from The Windsor Star, Ontario. (h/t Anglican Essentials Canada blog.)

Niagara Bishop to get public apology from blogger

Bishop Michael Bird“The legal squabble between Niagara Bishop Michael Bird and an Oakville blogger who criticized him is over. The Diocese of Niagara says the pair has reached a settlement. …”

– Story from The Hamilton Spectator.

Apology and Timeline from David Jenkins (Anglican Samizdat).

(Photo of Bishop Michael Bird from the Diocese of Niagara.)

Also from Anglican Samizdat, The Diocese of New Westminster sells a church to make way for a mosque.

‘Bishop’s consecration: The power of sacred objects’

Melissa Skelton“The Anglican diocese of New Westminster… will install its new bishop at 1 p.m. Saturday in an elaborate centuries-old ceremony set in a contemporary West Coast urban culture. …”

The Vancouver Sun previews this weekend’s consecration of Melissa Skelton.

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