The dangerous calling of Christian missions

Albert Mohler“America’s evangelical Christians are facing a critical time of testing in the 21st century. Among the most important of the tests we now face is the future of missions and our faithfulness to the Great Commission. At a time of unprecedented opportunity, will our zeal for world missions slacken?

Just as doors of opportunity are opening around the world, the church seems to be losing its voice. A virtual re-paganization of Western culture is occurring around us at a velocity unprecedented in human history. At the same time, we are also witnessing the rise of militant Islam…”

Albert Mohler reminds his readers that the dangerous nature of Christian missions is just as the Lord Jesus predicted.

‘I thought Planned Parenthood protected family values’

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield“Abortion steals praise from God by denying image-bearers the opportunity to live through and for him. Abortion despises and attacks and destroys the image of God…”

– Rosaria Butterfield asks how our worldview affects our view of humanity.

Planned Parenthood, Abortion, and the Conscience of a Nation

Albert Mohler“Yesterday’s release of a video showing the senior medical director of Planned Parenthood casually discussing the sale of organs from aborted babies is a moral challenge thrown right in the face of all Americans…”

Albert Mohler writes about the video which has exposed the depths of human depravity.

Russell Moore also writes about it, and Carl Trueman congratulates Planned Parenthood “for having so perfectly summarized the spirit of our age.”

‘Will the same-sex marriage push destroy the right of churches to dissent?’

paul-kelly-opinion“This raises the question about the real ideology of the same-sex marriage campaign. Is it merely to allow gays to marry? Or is its ultimate purpose to impose ‘marriage equality’ across the entire society, civil and religious. Ideologies do not normally stop at the halfway mark…”

Andrew Bolt at The Herald-Sun quotes from an important article by Paul Kelly in The Australian (which requires a subscription to read in full).

How should we then live — in Babylon?

Canon Phil Ashey, American Anglican Council“Back in the late 1970’s when I was an undergrad at Stanford, our Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship chapter sponsored lectures by Dr. Francis Schaeffer to the whole university. In the wake of the Obergefell decision legalizing same-sex marriage, and its ramifications for the constraint of our religious freedoms, I am reminded of the question Dr. Schaeffer posed in those lectures (and in his book) How should we then live? 

I’m a pastor by first calling (an attorney by second), and I’ve been prayerfully reflecting on the answer to Dr. Schaeffer’s most relevant question. So let me respectfully offer some thoughts as we look over the cultural, spiritual and legal landscape we know face…”

– Phil Ashey at the American Anglican Council, has some advice for US churches.

The success of the Left

david-cook-on-galatians“There are now fewer in our denomination who remember the way the church was pre 1977.

I began to teach Sunday School at Waverley Presbyterian in 1968. The curriculum consisted of situational ethics. There was no gospel being taught, indeed, in the wider church, those who refused to use the imposed Sunday School material were hounded out of the church. Liberalism in the majority is always thoroughly intolerant!

These were the days when our training institutions imposed a deadening liberalism by training clergy with no gospel to preach, no propitiatory sacrifice, no substitutionary atonement, no bodily resurrection, and no new life…”

– In one of his recent opinion pieces, Presbyterian Moderator-General David Cook reminds us of the ever-present danger of theological liberalism.

(Image: St. Helen’s Bishopsgate.)

Trouble ahead for U.S. Churches?

AS Haley“The problem is that with this decision, the not-Supreme-and-not-a-court has set the stage for a monumental conflict between two constitutional rights: the right to exercise one’s religion under the First Amendment, and the right to marry (which soon will have to be extended to polygamy and polyandry, since there are no limiting principles to the new “right” just discovered).

And the worst part is that the only umpires for this impending conflict will be: you guessed it — unelected lawyers in black robes.

What may come as news to some is that the United States has been there before — and the results were not pretty…”

Christian lawyer A S Haley comments.

Related: American Tragedy: Now Gird Up Your Loins.

Robert A J Gagnon“… this will turn out to be the greatest American tragedy for the civil liberties of persons of faith, for the cause of sexual purity… and for the lives of persons struggling with same-sex attraction…”

D A Carson on the US Supreme Court decision

Dr Don CarsonOn Desiring God’s Ask Pastor John podcast, Tony Reinke asked Prof. D. A. Carson for his response to the US Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision.

Runs for 18 minutes. Worth listening.

Responses to US Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision

Albert Mohler“The threat to religious liberty represented by this decision is clear, present, and inevitable.

Assurances to the contrary, the majority in this decision has placed every religious institution in legal jeopardy if that institution intends to uphold its theological convictions limiting marriage to the union of a man and a woman. This threat is extended to every religious citizen or congregation that would uphold the convictions held by believers for millennia.”

Read it all – at the SBTS website.

Russell Moore also has wise words in this video. via Justin Taylor.

russell-moore-us-supreme-court“This is not the time for Christians to panic. We have a God who is sovereign. The Supreme Court can do many things, but the Supreme Court cannot get Jesus Christ back into the grave.”

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