Keeping up with General Synod

Australian dioceses (image: Anglican Church of Australia)As General Synod meets in Adelaide, here are a few ways you can keep up, if you so desire –

Biblical Theology and the Sexuality Crisis

Albert Mohler“As the church responds [the current moral and sexual revolution], we must remember that current debates on sexuality present to the church a crisis that is irreducibly and inescapably theological.

This crisis is tantamount to the type of theological crisis that Gnosticism presented to the early church or that Pelagianism presented to the church in the time of Augustine. In other words, the crisis of sexuality challenges the church’s understanding of the gospel, sin, salvation, and sanctification.

Advocates of the new sexuality demand a complete rewriting of Scripture’s metanarrative, a complete reordering of theology, and a fundamental change to how we think about the church’s ministry.”

– Albert Mohler writes at the 9Marks blog.

Chaplains in Schools Song by Colin Buchanan

SoundcloudYesterday’s “Thank God it’s Friday” with Richard Glover on ABC 702 Sydney had Colin Buchanan as one of the studio guests.

The outcry over a topic for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House and the High Court Challenge to School Chaplains came together in Colin’s song.


Phillip Jensen“Hello, my name is Bill, and I’m an alcoholic.”

– Dean of Sydney Phillip Jensen asks us to consider our identity.

Andrew Symes on the ACNA Assembly

The Rev Andrew Symes“The Anglican Church in North America exists as a kairos response to a crisis in a mainline denomination.

The leadership of the official Anglican denomination in the USA and Canada became more and more liberal. Bishops regularly pronounced that Jesus is one of many possible Saviours , that the Bible contains some of the word of God, that Christian mission is to help fulfil the Millenium Development Goals of the United Nations. It became commonplace to have multifaith services where occult pagan practices would be celebrated in Cathedrals as part of Holy Communion Services, as ‘the Spirit’ can apparently be discerned in all faiths and none…”

Anglican Mainstream’s Andrew Symes reflects on the just-concluded Assembly of the Anglican Church in North America.

God made me this way

Phillip Jensen“The nature argument is expressed: ‘I was born this way.’ ‘This is how God made me.’ ‘I can’t help it; it’s not my fault; it’s in my DNA.’ …

The nurture argument is expressed: ‘I am free to do whatever I like, however I like to do it.’ ‘You mustn’t restrict me from, or require me to do, anything because of my race, sex, or biology.’…”

– Phillip Jensen writes in his weekly column for the Cathedral newsletter.

The Pen is mightier

mightier“A student entering a lecture room today would consider taking notes on a laptop entirely natural. Why would anyone in their right mind question that activity?…”

– a thought-provoking piece from George Whitefield College.

Committed to actually reading the Bible?

NCLS 2011 Bible Reading statsIn an article at, Archbishop Glenn Davies observes,

“It is a strange phenomenon that we Sydney Anglicans, who are so devoted to our commitment to the teaching of the Bible, do not appear to be as devoted to our personal reading of the Bible…”

– Read his article, and then check out these resources –

Permanence before experience — the wisdom of marriage

Albert MohlerRightly understood, marriage is all about permanence. In a world of transitory experiences, events, and commitments, marriage is intransigent. It simply is what it is – a permanent commitment made by a man and a woman who commit themselves to live faithfully unto one another until the parting of death. …”

– Albert Mohler writes at Southern Seminary’s blog on the wisdom of marriage.

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