Hope, not Death: Euthanasia is no response to sexual abuse

Culture of death“Reforms to allow euthanasia in Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria are likely to be debated this year, and Senator Leyonhjelm and the Greens want to give the Territories the power to legalise euthanasia. While suicide itself has long been legal throughout Australia – attempted suicide attracts no penalty or consequence – they want medical killing legalised. …

It is no stretch to imagine that a young woman with PTSD, a survivor of sexual abuse, might qualify for euthanasia in Australia in the future especially in an environment of over-stretched and under-funded mental health systems.”

– Read why in the full, troubling, article by Melinda Tankard Reist at ABC Religion and Ethics. (h/t SydneyAnglicans.net)

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Why I’m not planning my funeral

Adrian Reynolds“So, I’ve chosen all my funeral songs already” is a pretty standard refrain these days from believers. To which I always respond with the same question, “Why?” …

– The Proclamation Trust’s Adrian Reynolds  hopes you know what he would want.

The Church in the Furnace

David MansfieldDavid Mansfield follows up on his earlier article, ‘The Church in the Fridge’.

“Sometimes our thoughtlessness and insensitivity can seem cool and indifferent. At other time, as I mentioned in the last blog, in the story of the inveterate hugger of every newcomer and regular that he could get his arms around, our behaviour can be too intense. Rather than a church in the fridge, we may come across as a church in the furnace.

While extreme examples don’t apply to most of us, there may be more subtle ways that we do things that can also come across as a bit intense to the newcomer…”

– As someone who visits many churches, David spots sub-cultural quirks you might not notice. At SydneyAnglicans.net

Women teaching Men — How far is too far?

Mary Kassian“Where is the line when it comes to women teaching men? May women preach on Sunday mornings? Teach a Sunday school class? Lead a small group? Instruct a seminary course? Speak at a conference? At a couples retreat? Or on the radio?

May women ever teach from Scripture when men are in the audience? Should men even be reading this article? How far is too far?

It’s a question being asked by scores of women who want to be faithful to the Bible and want to exercise their spiritual gift of teaching in a way that honors God’s pattern of male headship in the church…”

– Mary Kassian outlines an answer at Desiring God. (h/t Tim Challies.)

Can we love our enemies in a godless world?

hugh-mackay-abc-news“At the Sydney Writers’ Festival yesterday, the much loved social commentator and author of The Good Life and Beyond Belief Hugh Mackay opined about the teacher at the root of Western ethics: ‘Jesus never told anyone what to believe in. He only spoke about how to treat each other.’…”

– At the ABC’s The Drum, John Dickson answers Hugh Mackay’s assertion. (Hugh Mackay photo credit: ABC.)

See also: You got that one wrong, Hugh Mackay. Jesus absolutely told people what to believe in. – Bible Society Australia.

“Exemptions” in discrimination laws applying to churches

Assoc Prof Neil Foster“Australia is in the midst of a Federal election campaign at the moment (thankfully, one which will end on July 2, unlike the one being endured by our friends in the United States, which seems to stretch on interminably!) But law and religion has now emerged as one of the election issues.

This time the question is not about same-sex marriage (SSM), although the various parties’ views on that topic are well-known (at the moment, the Australian Labour Party (ALP) has promised to introduce SSM within 100 days if elected, and the Liberal-National Party Coalition, currently in power, has promised to put the matter to a plebiscite after the election if they are returned.)

But the latest question has been raised by a minority, but increasingly influential, Greens Party, which has included as part of its election platform a promise to remove ‘religious exemptions to federal anti-discrimination law’…”

– Neil Foster, at Law & Religion Australia, looks at the background and some implications of election promises from The Greens and others. Very relevant.

‘The Wabukala Succession: Lessons from Past ACK Archbishops’

Archbishop Eliud WabukalaThe Anglican Church of Kenya is due to elect a new Archbishop today (20 May 2016). Please pray for the outcome.

The Kenyan newspaper, The Star, has published an informative history:

“The curtains are closing on the seven-year tenure of the fifth Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), His Grace The Most Rev (Dr.) Eliud Wabukala.

Archbishop Wabukala was elected and thereafter enthroned on July 7, 2009. He retired on account of attaining the age limit for serving in the office…”

Read it all here.

Earlier: Primate approaches retirement with call to trust. (Anglican Communion News Service.)

ack-tn“Six bishops are standing in the election to become the seventh Archbishop of Kenya: Joseph Masamba, of Mbeere; James Kenneth Ochiel, of Southern Nyanza; Joel Waweru, of Nairobi; Lawrence Kavutsu Dena, of Malindi; Jackson Nasoore Ole Sapit, of Kericho; and Julius N Wanyoike, of Thika.”

Click the image for the Anglican Church of Kenya website, which has profiles of the candidates.

See also: Anglicans get new archbishop today – The Standard (Kenya).

“By 2pm today, one of the six bishops will be declared the archbishop-elect and await the consecration and enthronement to be conducted on July 3, when he will officially assume the reins of the Archbishop of the Province of Kenya, who also doubles as the bishop of the All Saints Cathedral diocese. Speaking to The Standard yesterday, ACK Chancellor Tom Onyango, who also doubles as the Electoral College chairman, said the new archbishop could be known as early as 1pm.”

Obama Administration issues decree demanding total obedience to moral revolution

Albert Mohler, The BriefingIn the latest episode of Albert Mohler’s The Briefing (May 16, 2016), Dr Mohler looks at the tactics and implications of the Obama Administration’s latest moves in the areas of sexuality and gender identity.

He describes it as “the dissolution of a civilisation” and the “abandonment of moral sanity”.

Listen to the episode to see why. In time, a transcript will be added to that page.

He includes link to reports in US media.

Same Sex Marriage: Don’t wait till after the Election

kevin-murray-420Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in NSW, Kevin Murray, wrote this piece in the current edition of The Pulse, the NSW Presbyterian magazine.

Each of us should make the time to learn what each party is promising on this issue because it is one that could profoundly affect our life as a nation for many many decades.”

Full text below:  Read more

Voting on July 2 — David Cook

David Cook, Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, turns to the Federal election in his latest comment:

“It is rare for an election to have as a major issue, a matter of morality, as much as this forthcoming poll.

The single issue is Same Sex Marriage, the ALP has said, that if elected they will legislate in the first 100 days for SSM. The Coalition parties, if elected, promise a national plebiscite on the issue.”

Full text below:   Read more

Budget Considerations

Diocese of Armidale“With an election in the offing it is never surprising that the political rhetoric around the Budget indulges self-interest. While we might expect that, and while we are critiquing the Budget, should we not critique our self-interest and how we became so addicted to ourselves? Budget time seems like a great opportunity to consider our hedonistic materialism…”

– Bishop of Armidale Rick Lewers asks if we should ‘budget God back into our economy’.

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