What is the role of culture and culturalism in evangelism?

“Christians today are engaged in cross-cultural evangelism. In the past it was only missionaries going overseas to preach the gospel who had to understand cross-cultural evangelism, but today most of us do not have to go that far to encounter other cultures. Most English-speaking countries have the great joy of people from all over the world moving into their neighbourhoods.

But what does a post-Christian multicultural nation involve? Is it any different to evangelising a Christian monocultural nation – and if so, how? …”

– At GoThereFor.com, Phillip Jensen provides some good questions to think about – along with a reminder that they will be addressed at the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Conference on 11th June. (Register here.)

Doing Outreach — for a Change

“Sorry about the whole Hell thing. I wasn’t real comfortable talking about Jesus. Hey, but at least you weren’t as hungry before you died.”

– The American Anglican Council’s Canon Mark Eldredge challenges Anglicans to share the gospel, and not just be nice people.

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John Lennox reflects on Stephen Hawking’s Life and Beliefs

“In the wake of Stephen Hawking’s death, fellow scientist Professor John Lennox reflects on Hawking’s life, work, and beliefs.

In 2011, Lennox wrote ‘God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design Is It Anyway?.”

– Professor John Lennox is well worth watching.

25 minutes, from Fixed Point Foundation. (Link via Anglican Samizdat.)

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