Canadian Primate reponds to criticism

Posted on January 20, 2016 
Filed under Anglican Church of Canada, Anglican Communion

Archbishop Fred Hiltz“I am aware of sharp criticism over what some regard to have been a failure on my part to stand in solidarity with The Episcopal Church in openly rejecting the relational consequences it bears as a result of The Primates’ Meeting, or in accepting similar consequences for our own Church.  Allow me to comment on each of these matters. …

I was not and am not prepared to take any action that would pre-empt the outcome of our deliberations at General Synod in July. As the report ‘This Holy Estate’ declares, ‘It is for the General Synod to decide the matter’ in accord with the jurisdiction given it regarding ‘the definition of doctrine in harmony with the Solemn Declaration’.’

– Anglican Church of Canada Primate Fred Hiltz speaks about the fallout from the Primates’ Meeting.

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