Albert Mohler on Martin Luther King Jr.

Last week, on his The Briefing podcast, Albert Mohler spoke about Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, on the 50th anniversary of his death  –

“For Christians trying to understand the historical significance of a figure like Martin Luther King Jr., we have to bring all the tools of historical evaluation to the fore.

We have to understand the man in his time. We have to understand the crucial role that a singular individual can play on the world scene and some of the great moral affairs of humanity. We also as Christians, however, must think in a providential understanding of history. History according to the biblical worldview is not just one event after another …”

Listen, or read the transcript, here.

Albert Mohler gives thanks for Billy Graham

In today’s issue of The Briefing, Albert Mohler gives thanks for Billy Graham – and also shares some personal reflections. (Billy Graham spoke at Albert Mohler’s inauguration at Southern Seminary.)


The text of Dr Mohler’s tribute is now online: The Preacher: Billy Graham and American Evangelicalism.

Albert Mohler on the Australian Plebiscite

In his daily commentary, The Briefing, for 17th August 2017, Albert Mohler speaks about the Australian plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

Worth hearing an outsider’s perspective.

Related: ABC offer helpline to staff distressed by same-sex marriage debate – Nine News.

Albert Mohler speaks with John Anderson

In his latest ‘Thinking in Public’ series of conversations, Albert Mohler speaks with former Australian Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson (mp3 audio).

Well worth hearing.


We Cannot be Silent — new book from Albert Mohler

We Cannot Be Silent, by Albert Mohler“We are now witnesses to a revolution that is sweeping away a sexual morality and a definition of marriage that has existed for thousands of years. This is the morality and understanding of marriage that has been central to societies shaped by biblical witness and the influence of both Judaism and Christianity. But, it is important to note that marriage has been understood throughout human history – in virtually all civilizations – as the union of a man and a woman.

We Cannot Be Silent is a book about that revolution, how it happened and what it means for us, for our churches, and for our children…

Every Christian church – and every Christian – will face huge decisions in the wake of this moral storm. When marriage is redefined, an entire universe of laws, customs, rules, and expectations changes as well.”

– This looks to be an important book. Just released.

Richard Phillips has a review at The Gospel Coalition –

Chronicling how marriage was critically undermined over several generations through birth control, no-fault divorce, and cohabitation, Mohler – president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky – notes that the silence of Bible-believing churches helped facilitate the fall of marriage. Now, with our backs against the wall, he sounds an urgent plea: the one approach Christians cannot afford to adopt is silence. We must speak.”

And Tim Challies also has a review –

The chapters that may bring the most unique value are the ones that trace the history and growth of this revolution. Most of us see how it is playing out around us today, but few understand how we got to this point.”

Albert Mohler on John 15:18-27

Albert MohlerIn a recent sermon on John 15:18-27, Albert Mohler reflects on what it means to be hated by the world.

Listen here, or watch here.

Albert Mohler: Developing a Christian response to Islam

Last week, Dr Albert Mohler spoke at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky, on ‘Developing a Christian Response to the Challenge of Islam’.

The very helpful and informative 71 minute talk is available from the iTunes Sojourn Church podcast – link here. (Photo by Chuck Heeke, h/t Justin Taylor.)

Albert Mohler on the Future of the Southern Baptist Convention

Albert MohlerPresident of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Albert Mohler, last week spoke at The President’s Forum at the seminary. His topic was “The Future of the Southern Baptist Convention”.

Interesting listening and an insight into growing up as a Southern Baptist, US culture, and whether the Southern Baptists will be mission-minded or bureaucratic. While the culture is different, listeners will pick similar challenges for Sydney Anglicans.

Worth hearing. The 57 minute audio file is available at the SBTS website.

Mohler: The Secularization of the West and the Rise of a New Morality

Albert Mohler“The claim that humanity can only come into its own and overcome various invidious forms of discrimination by secular liberation is not new, but it is now mainstream. It is now so common to the cultures of Western societies that it need not be announced, and often is not noticed. Those born into the cultures of late modernity simply breathe these assumptions as they breathe the atmosphere, and their worldviews are radically realigned, even if their language retains elements of the old worldview…”

Albert Mohler publishes Part 2 of a four part series on Secularisation and the Sexual Revolution. See also Part 1.

Mohler & colleagues publish important response to ‘God and the Gay Christian’

God and the Gay Christian? A ResponseAlbert Mohler and four colleagues at The Southern Baptist Seminary have published an e-book in response to “God and the Gay Christian”, which was also published today.

It can be downloaded here.

Mohler explains why a response is important:

“The church has often failed people with same-sex attractions, and failed them horribly. We must not fail them now by forfeiting the only message that leads to salvation, holiness, and faithfulness.”


Sexegesis: An important contribution to a vital debate.

Justin Taylor: Why book-length responses to other books can be helpful.

Mohler on Spurgeon

Albert MohlerAlbert Mohler delivered the annual Spurgeon Lecture at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Florida last week. He looks at Spurgeon in his intellectual and cultural context.

See it here via the Gospel Coalition.

(From 23:20, there’s mention of Bishop Colenso, whose actions precipitated the first Lambeth Conference.)

Mohler on the Boy Scouts of America

Albert Mohler“The announcement this week that the Boy Scouts of America may soon rescind its national policy prohibiting the participation of openly homosexual members and leaders fell like a thunderclap. The B.S.A. national board is expected to approve the change early next week, just six months after that same board had announced that no change would be made…”

Albert Mohler writes on the capitulation of the Boy Scouts of America.

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